What I Listened to in 2008

I have mentioned Last.Fm previously in my blog, and I'm about to mention it again, and show you one of the awesome things it can do.

It is human nature to document our lives, I learned last week in Visual Communication class, and last.fm is the perfect way to document one's musical life. On the first day of 2009, I did a screen capture of my last 12 months of listening as documented by last.fm, and it gave me an overview of what kind of person I was musically in 2008.

It's a little blurry, so I'll translate it for you: I listened to a LOT of My Chemical Romance, about half as much Alkaline Trio, got really into Billy Talent and Drive-By after having seen them live, and kept it old-school quite a bit. XX Teens, Amanda Palmer, and Anthony Green had the only new releases that I liked. 2008, I feel, was a sad year for music, so I'm looking forward to 2009 immensely.

EDIT: That thing that appears to say "Wall Skye" is actually "Matt Skiba"-- but if there were a band called "Wall Skye," I would listen for sure.



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