Taking Back Sunday and Envy On The Coast [Part Three] (Pictures)

Finally, my internet is fast enough to give thought to posting pictures. So, here are a few from the Taking Back Sunday show on December 12th in Louisville, KY.

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I apologize for the quality of these pictures, as; they were taken old-school style with a Kodak disposable camera. Ha-ha! I'm very old school, as you know.

Adam appearing to be falling.

Adam doing the old sing-and-dance while Fazzi does the old sing-and-guitar. My scanner cut off the poor guy's head.

Adam hiding his face.

The Matts- Fazzi and Rubano

Eddie offering the dehydrated mass in front of him water.

A bad-quality picture of Adam that I felt I needed to upload, because he's looking at my camera.

Adam aaaaannnddd...

Adam again.

Those are only a few of the pictures that I took, but most were far too awful to put up here. The venue's lights were behind the band-- no spotlights, so the lighting was pretty unfortunate for camera-work.

Thanks for checking out the pictures. I hope you have enjoyed my TBS tour blogs.




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Taking Back Sunday and Envy on the Coast...so much love in one room. I am amazed the universe didn't implode!
Ha-ha! That would have made for one epic show!


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