EXCLUSIVE Watchmen Update: More "Desolation Row"

"Gerard and the boys were very cool.
This was my first time meeting and
working with MCR. I had a blast!" -Joy

When Joy Villa of Los Angeles (pictured right with Gerard Way) posted a casting call notification she had received in mid-December on her Myspace blog, a few My Chemical Romance fans got a chance of their lifetimes! A video was being shot for a new My Chem video in support of the upcoming movie release of The Watchmen, and punk-rocker extras were needed!

"Two of my new friends came down from up north just to come to the video shoot," Villa, an aspiring model, actress, and singer said. The two friends to whom she is referring came all the way from Washington and Canada, showing just how dedicated MCR fans are, and I'm sure there were others who traveled even farther for the opportunity. Had I known about it, I would have drug myself from Ohio without hesitation.

The extras auditioning for the part were to dress in period-correct '80s punk garb, look the part, and convincingly be the part. Based on the '80s punk scene, this music video is surely going to be a riot! Literally.

"I'm in the mosh pit [quite heavily,] kicking ass with the rest of the stunt guys; MCR is playing their song, and it starts a riot," said Joy of her role in the video and of the general plot.

British music magazine, Kerrang! announced earlier this month that the single is set for release tomorrow (January 9th), but if you're worried that you wont be able to see the video, worry not, friends. Joy disclosed to me that the music video will be a DVD extra, and it is to be run on MTV, and we all know it will find its way to the internet.

As soon as I can get my hands on the video, it will be posted here.



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