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My Chemical Romance Madness

So, as some readers know, this past weekend I was on vacation and in an area where there was no signal. It was pure torture, mostly because My Chemical Romance has changed their entire website. The band has a new logo font, which has a very "Clockwork Orange" vibe, and their background for the site is a dark picture of recording equipment, but -beyond the aesthetic differences- there are much, much bigger changes. Among the navigation tabs at the top of the page, there is a section labeled, "members." When one attempts to register to be a member, one bumps into a slight problem- there is a "secret password" one has to use to register. These lucky people somehow already got their password, but how? Luckily, you have yours truly to explain these things. California-area members of MCR's street-team, the MCRmy (of which you all know I am a proud member) began getting the following e-mail, which was accompanied by their secret code: Members of the MCRmy,
Lots of MCR news including 2 shows at The Roxy in L.A. THIS week! I'll give the details later. Warped tour tomorrow! XoXo c. PS: Sorry for the txt update.

Gerard Way Announces "KillJoys": New Comic Series

Many months ago, fans were spun into a frenzy of excitement when Gerard Way announced via twitter that he would be coming out with a new comic series. We were excited, yet clueless until this point, having previously known only that it would be "very different" from The Umbrella Academy and that Way would be collaborating with Becky Cloonan. Thanks to a Dark Horse panel at Comic-Con, we now have a title, prospective release-time, artists, and a general concept idea. So, here's the deal: Gerard announced at a Dark Horse panel at San Diego Comic-Con earlier today that his new series is titled, Killjoys . Written by Way, the comic will feature the talents of Shaun Simon as a co-writer and of Becky Cloonan as an illustrator. The six-issue series, which is set for release in 2010 will, indeed, be different from Way's previous work, The Umbrella Academy . According to an interview Gerard did with Comic Book Resources , the series will be more realistic, set in modern times

MCR Post In-Studio Footage

As predicted in my previous blog, we have seen updates from MCR in the studio this week. I hate to say I told you so, but-- I totally did. This week we were graced with two videos. The first, titled "Siren Song," is an 11 second clip (which makes my dial-up VERY happy) of Gerard and Ray recording back-up vocals. Viola! There's our first glimpse of a recorded song from MCR's upcoming album. Ray's and Gerard's harmonies are haunting yet energizing, and I can't wait to hear exactly what they are backing. Judging by the rate at which Gerard is nodding his head, I'm guessing whatever it is will be fast. Brilliant! The second video shows studio workers and the album producer goofing off as Ray Toro speaks to them teasingly from behind the camera and we are given a 360 degree view of their recording space. We get to see the environment in which the guys are recording-- a room stacked wall-to-wall with guitars and equipment along with a few miscellaneous items

The Perks of Being an MCRmy Soldier (And A "Thank You")

In a recent blog highlighting my first year of college, I mentioned briefly that I had won a contest for promoting MCR, but had yet to receive my prize. Well, no more! Yesterday my prize came: two large, heavenly boxes sat glowing on my porch... Okay, that's an exaggeration. They were normal boxes, and to further disprove my earlier description, were actually soggy from the rain-- not at all glowing. Anyway, the contents of this box and my prize for promoting my face off were: - A poster of a 2006 Alternative Press cover - Life-sized versions of "The Black Parade" promo posters, each signed by the the shown member. - Two wicked-awesome MCR stencils, which have me dying to go out and buy spray paint Ah, the countless joys of being a part of My Chemical Romance's street-team, The MCRmy . Having recently celebrated my 3rd "'Rmyversary," I could not be more proud to be an MCRmy "soldier." I have met some of the most wonderful people through the MC

My Chemical Romance Studio Update

According to a blog posted on the My Chemical Romance website yesterday, the band seem to be moving along quickly with the recording process. The image to the left shows pieces of tape which the studio engineers use to help sort out the tracks. Each segment shows an element of a song. If you look closely, you can see writing such as "toms" and "hat," indicating, obviously, drum tracks. If I am interpreting this correctly and each line of tape represents a song and each section of writing represents a finished part, My Chemical Romance have begun work on at least 17 songs, many of which appear to be completed or close to completion. There are two colored strips that obviously stand out. Perhaps these are finished songs? Perhaps one of them is the "The World Is Ugly" that Mikey has been bragging about, or "the greatest song [they've] ever written," that Ray Toro has boasted in the past? Only time will tell, and it may tell sooner than we think

The Summer of Bands' Discontent

I am so sorry to have posted so little during my summer break. This whole “living with dial-up” problem is getting pretty brutal. But, let us forget about the slowness of my blog as-of-late, we have some serious issues to discuss. An epidemic of sorts seems to be spreading through the land of bands lately: it’s the strange virus of members’ quitting and dismissals. Bands including Against Me!, Senses Fail, and the Matches have fallen victim to this virus, and all during these spring and summer months! Is it the summer heat messing with their heads? Here are a few cases of this rapidly-spreading disease: Chiodos announced in mid-May that they were parting ways with their drummer, Derrick Frost. The band are currently on Warped Tour with a replacement drummer. Chiodos’ fellow 2009 Warped Tourmates, Senses Fail, announced that after Warped tour their guitarist, Heath would be leaving the band. Two bands that I had recently seen live have replaced a part of their live show that I witn

MCR & Reading and Leeds?

My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has made another cryptic twitter post: "Reading/Leeds" Does this mean I should start saving for tickets to the UK? One can only hope this confusion is cleared soon so that fans such as I can stop spazzing. XoXo c. EDIT:: The official Reading and Leeds twitter has posted that My Chem's playing is a mere rumor. Everyone can breathe again.

How to Do “Gerard Way Hair”

I usually don’t post too many personal blogs here, but I have had so many comments and questions about my hair that I have decided to divulge to you, my trusted readers, my secrets. As most of you know, my hair style is modeled after the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. First appearing with a red patch in the back of his hair in an issue of Spin magazine, he shocked and intrigued many fans with the style that he maintained throughout spring 2005. That is, of course, until he stunned us all by chopping his long hair off completely for the music video for “The Ghost of You,” but that is a story for a future blog: "A History of Gerard Way’s Hair (So you People Never Have to Annoyingly Ask Him About it Again)” . So, how do you obtain Gerard Way’s red-and-black “Taste of Chaos” hairstyle? Here’s how I do it: Step One: Okay, pretend my hair is completely black for now. You must first part off a section at the back of your hair. So that you can re-dye this area mo