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Album Review: 'Taking Back Sunday' - Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday Taking Back Sunday Warner Bros. Records June 28, 2011 TRACKLISTING 1. El Paso 2. Faith (When I Let You Down) 3. Best Places to Be a Mom 4. Sad Savior 5. Who Are You Anyway? 6. Money (Let It Go) 7. This Is All Now 8. It Doesn't Feel a Thing Like Falling 9. Since You're Gone 10. You Got Me 11. Call Me In the Morning _______ Rating: 7/10 Key Tracks: "This Is All Now," "Best Places to be a Mom," "Money (Let It Go)" ______ Last March, Taking Back Sunday’s line-up took the least expected turn. Matt Rubano, their bassist of seven years, and Matt Fazzi, their guitarist for the short New Again era, were suddenly out. I doubt a single fan expected then that those members would be replaced by Shaun Cooper and John Nolan, the bassist and guitarist/vocalist respectively, from TBS’s Victory Records debut Tell All Your Friends . It wasn’t an early April Fool’s joke as many fans had assumed. The old TBS

Cassie's Recommendations: Version Four

1. "This Could Be Love" ( Damnesia version) - Alkaline Trio A short story about "This Could Be Love" before I praise this particular version of it. The first times I saw Alkaline Trio live were when they opened on My Chemical Romance's 2005 headlining tour with Reggie & The Full Effect. At that time, they were not yet my second favorite band, but seeing them live then sealed it, and this song in particular hooked me. At the shows, though I didn't know many of the words to their other songs, I knew I could sing along when they commanded the audience to at "This could be love/ Love for fire." After seeing them twice on that tour, I went out and bought Good Mourning and was fully equipped to sing along when I saw them a third time. The crowd was dead that particular night, and Matt Skiba pointed me out because I was so into it, and dedicated a song to me. Amazing! Story aside: Holy SHIT! This version sounds beautiful! Damnesia comes

Cassie's Recommendations: Version Three

As it turns out, that weekly recommendations series I started became a bit not-so-weekly with the onset of finals and my moving back home from college for the summer. But now, I am home and have more free time. I have titled this post a bit differently from the others; as, yunno, the series clearly shifted away from being a weekly thing. However, I can say that it will now revert to its weekliness! That aside, I will be posting more in general as well. I have a handful of shows lined up to attend over the summer about which I will write, and -- if interviewers start asking MCR about things we don't already know -- I'll have the usual in-depth MCR posts! For now, here's my life in music. 1. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" - The Smiths "Driving in your car/ Oh, please don't drop me home/ Because it's not my home, it's their home/ And I'm welcome no more." Have you ever felt mildly love-nauseated and out-of-place in the