My Chemical Romance Interview on XFM

Yesterday, British radio station, XFM, premiered MCR's "Desolation Row," and followed today with a wonderful interview with My Chem's lead-guitarist, Ray Toro.

The guitarist commented on his watching VH1's "Confessions of a Teen Idol" and expressed concern that the band, while on break, would become like the miserable subjects of that show. So, does this mean he will be compelled to stop sitting around and watching TV to get busy with the band? Toro said that the band had begun "early discussions" and did some "preliminary writing" recently. He says that the band are focused on "having a good time" at this point, but they will be getting together in February to begin seriously plotting the next album.

He also had this to say to fans: "Thanks to them for continuing to listen, and we really appreciate that. I know we've been off for a while and we're definitely going to come back soon. I mean, we can't wait. As much as they miss us and want to hear what we're doing, we can't wait to see them and can't wait to play for them."



Anonymous said…
ahhh yea i missed the excitment when it happened, but I got to listen when I got home!
Too bad that guy didnt tell the mcrmys message but it was still great listening to Ray! and the dog barking made me laugh so hard!
MCRmy huggs Holly
PS: Me n Ray have the same bday, makes me wonder just how much like me he is! haha (random i know, sorry)
Ha-ha! I know, right? The dog was so distracting. Hilarious!

*hugs right back*
Ally said…
Haha, thank you.
And thanks for posting this. I just recently started to listen to them again (I was a fan for a few years, but then started to listen all these different bands... and just sort of forgot about them x-x) so I've been a bit lost xD
I have listen the live version of the song found that it's kinda awesome. I'm from Malaysia so I've never listen to the recording version yet. Well, MCR rocks!
Oh, it's AMAZING! I saw them do it live last April, then I got the track on vinyl a couple days ago. You can download it from iTunes right now, though:


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