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My Chemical Romance Digest: October 8-25

Here's an outline of what's been going on in the My Chemical Romance world since my previous "MCR digest" post on October 8. Note: Apologies for having not updated sooner. Things have gotten much, much busier on my end. More details on that at a later time! --- October 13 Gerard Way, Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan reveal Killjoys details at New York Comic Con  Check out Becky Cloonan's awesome artwork for the comic to the left! (And the pre-coloring version and this awesome Draculoid drawing .) October 15 The Killjoys crew appeared in this Artisan News Comic-Con recap video , briefly. Check out a more extended interview below: October 19 Hot Topic posted a new Conventional Weapons t-shirt! (pictured right) October 23 So, FRANK IERO decided he was a barber...Or something. Can't wait to see what comes of this! What do you think he's up to? I need a few bravesouls. if you are 18+, live in the northern NJ area & will let me c

Gerard Way, Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan reveal Killjoys details at New York Comic Con

UPDATE: October 13, 2012 @ 7:08 p.m. Though we were once told that Killjoys began as a project stemming from authors Shaun Simon and Gerard Way "growing up being in the van," much has changed since its inception. A far cry from the '90s-inspired, American comic-book feel they had originally intended , the Killjoys of now, according to Gerard Way, Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan in an interview with Newsarama that was streamed live, is more inspired by the Killjoys world MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE created with their videos for Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys . ("...the comic informed the album, and then the album refined the idea and what the comic would become." - Gerard Way) According to Way, it is "basically the 3rd" Killjoys video they would have made had they not run out of money, and it's an "expansion on the record." When Way received a sketch from Cloonan of "The Girl" in the Danger Days videos, g

Live Review: Taking Back Sunday's TAYF10 Tour / October 4 and 6 / Cleveland and Chicago

Before you read any further, if you plan to attend TAKING BACK SUNDAY 's TAYF10 ( Tell All Your Friends ' 10th anniversary) tour and do not want to see spoilers, TURN BACK NOW! This review is for the first 2 dates, and there will be spoilers! October 4, 2012 - Cleveland, OH - House Of Blues October 6, 2012 - Chicago, IL - The Riviera Theater --- This has been the year of TBS birthday shows for my best friend Emily and I. At the end of February, 2 days prior to my birthday, we had managed to weasel our way into a show meant for Ohio State students only (Ha! Suckahss!), and the band managed to play 2 days after Emily's birthday at the House Of Blues in Cleveland a few days ago. Pretty cool coincidence, right? What better way to spend my best friend's birthweekend than following her favorite band on the first couple dates of their tour? Before I get into the details of how shows are going down on TAYF10, I just want to gush briefly about the amazing peop

My Chemical Romance Digest: September 25-October 8

Here's an outline of what's been going on in the My Chemical Romance world since my previous "MCR digest" post on September 23. Note: I'm going to try to start making these posts a bit closer together. Say, every 5 days? ---   September 28 GERARD WAY performed with GRANT MORRISON and JAMES DEWEES on the opening night of Morrisoncon in Las Vegas, then spoke on a music panel the next day. From fan accounts, I gather that the 'con was very intimate, Gerard was extremely friendly and it was an all-around awesome time. Check out videos below of the performance and part of Gerard's panel. Thanks to Paloma Perez, the lovely lady I interviewed for my review of MCR's Chicago show in December, 2010! See more at Paloma's Youtube channel ! October 1 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 's FRANK IERO describes new MCR album as "bleak" and "elaborate" -- He also talked about his Phant-o-matic guitar and the MCR songwriting

My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero describes 5th MCR album as "bleak" and "elaborate"

In a new interview with Alternative Press , guitarist FRANK IERO revealed that MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 's still-in-progress 5th album is turning out "fucking elaborate " and says, "There’s a bit of bleakness to it..." He also makes it clear that the album "isn’t going to sound anything like" his recent contribution to the Frankenweenie: Unleashed! soundtrack; though, that song was the first piece of music recorded in the band's new studio ! In the new interview by (one of my favorite humans in the world) Jason Pettigrew, Iero reveals how he got involved with the Frankenweenie: Unleashed! soundtrack and the inspiration behind "This Song Is A Curse," effectively puts LeATHERMOUTH to rest and semi-reveals what he may be up to at North End Studio these days: "Last week, I was in a studio in New Jersey that’s owned by a friend of mine. I just went over to hang out, but we ended up having a couple of beers and doing a song. It