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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus to headline Cleveland Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour stop

Journeys has announced via twitter that The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are to headline the Cleveland stop of the 2010 Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour . Also playing the show are my friends in Springfield, Ohio's own Callahan . Also announced are Forever the Sickest Kids , who will be playing the Dallas stop of the tour. The Journeys Backyard BBQ Tour is an annual event that features performances from musical artists as well as displays of action sports. Oh, and did I mention it's free . Yea, that's pretty cool. Check out The Journeys Backyard BBQ at these locations/dates: Sacramento, CA - May 8 Dallas, TX - May 15 Cleveland, OH - May 22 Boston, Mass. - May 29 Nashville, TN - June 5 XoXo c.

Classic MCR Live Review: 2008 Theatre Tour | 4-17-08 | Chicago, IL

The 12th installment of my 14-part MCR concert reviews series. My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, Drive By and David Costa at the Congress Theater in Chicago. This review was written at the time of the show and has received only light editing. --- It is April 16th, 2008, and I'm at school staring at the clock all day, just waiting for the moment the final bell will ring so that I can hurry home with Emily, meet Joey and we can head off to the Windy City... So much terrible luck has slapped me in the face just before the trip that I can hardly believe we were actually going, and I know at this point that MCR shows are the best therapy... We headed out that day, drove through the vast savanna that is Indiana and finally found civilization in the Chicago skyline at night. Somewhere in the midst of our drive, the clock had turned back; so, we were a bit more tired than the early world around us when we arrived at the City Suites Hotel and got settled in. First of all, let me tell you

Album Review: Alkaline Trio - 'This Addiction'

Alkaline Trio This Addiction Heart & Skull/ Epitaph February 22, 2010 TRACKLISTING 1. This Addiction 2. Dine, Dine My Darling 3. Lead Poisoning 4. Dead On the Floor 5. The American Scream 6. Off The Map 7. Draculina 8. Eating Me Alive 9. Piss And Vinegar 10. Dorothy 11. Fine Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks 12. Kick Rocks 13. Those Lungs 14. This Addiction (acoustic) 15. Dine, Dine My Darling (acoustic) 16. Dead On the Floor (acoustic) 17. Fine (acoustic) 'This Addiction' proves that the men of Alkaline Trio can both stay true to their original style and take risks. Their hearts and livers have yet to dry up, and -- judging by this album -- the trio still has plenty more blood, heartache and booze-riddled lovesickness to offer. Click here to read my full review! XoXo c.

Album Review: Story Of The Year - 'The Constant'

Story of the Year The Constant Epitaph Records February 16, 2010 TRACKLISTING 1. The Children Sing 2. The Ghost Of You and I 3. I’m Alive 4. To The Burial 5. The Dream Is Over 6. Remember A Time 7. Holding On To You 8. Won Threw Ate 9. Ten Years Down 10. Time Goes On 11. Eye For An Eye Click here to read my full review! XoXo c.

Buy your own Say Anything song

For a limited time, Say Anything will be offering fans the chance to get a song written specially for them for only $150. Inspired by the shifting media landscape, Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis decided to take advantage of the internet and the closeness it brings fans to the musicians they love by offering his song-writing talents directly to them. Fans can submit one to two paragraphs around which Bemis will create a custom song for each individual. "I'm really hoping that the songs actually help you guys and that they make a difference to you; because, I was inspired by the idea that if I was young and I had someone who was in one of my favorite bands write a song just for me, it would be something I'd be so stoked on that I'd pay a million dollars for it, but we're obviously not going to ask a million dollars." XoXo c.

They call us crazy: An ode to fans

Illustration by Matt Anderson To everyone who has found a home in, has been inspired by or has felt a part something through it, music is more than just notes: it’s worthy of being a lifestyle. Check out my full feature article for XoXo c.

Check out Alkaline Trio's "This Addiction" video

Check out the video for the first single from Alkaline Trio's upcoming release! Alkaline Trio - "This Addiction" Alkaline Trio | MySpace Music Videos XoXo c.

[UPDATED!] My Chemical Romance Announce North American "World Contamination" Tour Dates

Originally posted: November 15 @ 12:37 p.m. Second Update: November 30 @ 2:19 p.m. Third Update: February 7 @ 10:45 p.m. _____ My Chemical Romance's World Contamination Tour will be coming to North America this Spring, according to a new blog post on the band's official website! A special pre-sale for registered members of MyChemicalRomance.Com will begin this Wednesday, November 17. The North American dates listed on the band's tour page span from the beginning of April to the end of May and include both Canadian and American tour stops! --- Fri, April, 1 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre MORE INFO Sat, April 2 - Vancouver, BC, Canada @ Center for Performing Arts MORE INFO Sun, April 3 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox Sodo MORE INFO Tue, April 5 - Edmonton, Canada @ Edmonton Event Centre MORE INFO Wed, April 6 - Calgary, Canada @ MacEwan Hall MORE INFO Fri, April 8 - Salt Lake City , UT @ In the Venue MORE INFO Sat, April 9 - Denver, CO @  Fi

Classic MCR Live Review: Projekt Revolution | August 13, 2007 | Raleigh, NC

Note: This was originally posted near the time of the show, and I have edited it only slightly. Much of the post alludes to the previous Projekt Revolution show I had gone to. I apologize for this post's briefness, but -- to make up for that -- I have added a video of Gerard going off on his pre-"You Know What they do to Guys like us in Prison" tangent!! August 13th, 2007- Projekt Revolution: Raleigh, NC. Because of my mother's wanting to mess around all day, Emily and I arrived at Projekt Revolution at about 3:30 p.m., just before the main-stage opened. I got posters from The Street Network's booth and hung them up all over the place and bought merch, then we decided to go find our seats (Yes, the horror, Cassie didn't have floor!). We had been expecting to have to go up a ton of stairs toward the back of the amphitheater, but that was not the case. We were directed DOWN stairs and into the equivalent of a pit with seats. A total waist of pit-space, I say,

My Chemical Romance cancel Soundwave Festival appearance

“We are really sorry that we’ve had to cancel this tour, and apologize for any inconvenience it has caused,” says singer Way. “The last thing we ever want to do is cancel shows, but we’ll be back to Australia to make it up to the fans as soon as possible.” A post from the Soundwave festival site has confirmed that My Chemical Romance will cancel their appearance on Australia's Soundwave Festival. Jimmy Eat World will replace them. My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero posted a blog entry explaining that while in the studio, singer Gerard Way had started to have vocal problems that did not go away. Way's doctor advised the singer to forgo the upcoming tour and to receive treatment. Iero assured fans that Way is "getting the best treatment possible and is going to make a full recovery." The Soundwave website encourages fans holding tickets to the MCR / Get Up Kids show in Sydney "to contact their point of purchase to arrange a full refund of their tickets.&qu