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Interview: Hurting, Healing and Living Music with Andy Six of Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy Six wants his band to be the biggest in the world and wants to experience it all with a fanbase that has become a family to him... Read my full Q&A with Andy Six for ACRN.Com Here's blog-exclusive outtake that word limits prevented from showing up in the article: Me: I love Alkaline Trio, and I know that you tweet their lyrics at, like, 3 in the morning-… A6: I do! Honestly, Alkaline Trio are really the only thing that kept me going. And that’s why I want to be, if I can be, I want to try to convey the same message that that did to me. If it wasn’t for that band, I probably wouldn’t be alive today. When kids say that kind of stuff to me today, that’s more heartfelt to me than anything else to me—to know that I’ve had the impact on someone that the lyrical content of Alkaline Trio did on me. Me: That’s exactly why I want to be a writer because my favorite band, My Chemical Romance, literally saved my life, and I know how that feels; so, I’m li

Album Review: The Gaslight Anthem - 'American Slang'

The Gaslight Anthem American Slang SideOneDummy June 15, 2010 TRACKLISTING 1. American Slang 2. Stay Lucky 3. Bring It On 4. The Diamond Church Street Choir 5. The Queen of Lower Chelsea 6. Orphans 7. Boxer 8. Old Haunts 9. The Spirit Of Jazz 10. We Did It When We Were Young "It’s the scene of rusting away and nostalgia that American Slang’s sound evokes: a sound both expected and unexpected from the New Jersey band that worked with producer Ted Hutt on Slang and whose previous album paid a more punk-marinated ode to the past." Read my full review for ACRN.Com! XoXo c.

Black Veil Brides Premiere Video for 'Perfect Weapon'

A couple weeks ago, I posted the teaser of the video for "Perfect Weapon," the first single from Black Veil Brides' upcoming release, We Stitch These Wounds At midnight PST, the 'Brides premiered the video in its entirety. I really have a feeling about this band... XoXo c. PS: My potential interview with BVB vocalist Andy Six is STILL a possibility. I'm crossing my fingers that it will finally work out this week! Again, if you have questions you'd like me to try to squeeze in for you while I have the chance, let me know in a comment!

Album Review: Against Me! - 'White Crosses'

Against Me! White Crosses Sire June 8, 2010 My Rating: 8/10 TRACKLISTING 1. White Crosses 2. I Was a Teenage Anarchist 3. Because of the Shame 4. Suffocation 5. We're Breaking UP 6. High Pressure Low 7. Ache With Me 8. Spanish Moss 9. Rapid Decompression 10. Bamboo Bones "White Crosses" is a decent release carried by its lyrics but without many surprises. Read my full review for XoXo c.

Interview Quest: Update Three

Some scheduling issues caused a couple fall-throughs this past week, but I'm still working with publicists to try to get things together. I'm holding off on sending out more interview requests until I get William Control and Black Veil Brides sorted out. I'll let you know when I know anything for sure. :] XoXo c.

Black Veil Brides Release Teaser for Upcoming "Perfect Weapon" Video

At midnight PST, Black Veil Brides released a teaser for their upcoming "Perfect Weapon" video. The video for the first single off the band's upcoming album We Stitch These Wounds was directed by Patrick Fogarty and filmed in Los Angeles at the end of May. According to the BVB YouTube page, the "Perfect Weapon" video will function as a sequel to their 2009 cliffhanger "Knives and Pens" video. The video's release is set for June 15 and the album's release for July 20. A time has yet to be set for that interview with BVB frontman Andy Six I told you guys about . I'll let you know as soon as I get more information. XoXo c.

Album Review: Hawthorne Heights - 'Skeletons'

Hawthorne Heights Skeletons Wind-Up June 1, 2010 TRACKLISTING 1. Bring You Back 2. Nervous Breakdown 3. End of the Underground 4. Drive 5. Gravestones 6. Broken Man 7. Last Few Words 8. Abandoned Driveways 9. Picket Fences 10. Here I Am 11. Hollywood & Vine 12. Unforgivable 13. Boy My fellow Ohioans Hawthorne Heights certainly have not pigeonholed themselves with their latest release. Read my full review for XoXo c.