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"You Cannot Destroy Me:" A reflection on life and My Chemical Romance

I couldn’t find words for this for so long. I think I’ve finally accepted that it’s because I’ve said all that I need to say already. I’m not interested in sweeping statements or writing a memorial piece. For the past 8-and-a-half years, I’ve spent nearly every waking moment living My Chemical Romance , honoring and praising them daily. At first, I wanted to do those memorial things. Finding some perfect way to sum up and honor something I’d been actively immersed in and loudly appreciative of for years was impossible, because—as I’ve realized—I’ve already done it. I have no regrets, nor confessions nor treasures I feel the need to share. I searched for the right words to suspend the magic that surrounds My Chemical Romance, and they don’t exist. What does is the music that awakens and stirs it, makes it swirl around and engulf us again and again, forever. It’s in that feeling—those moments of possession at the live shows, the smell of honey and powder, crossing countl