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Lyrics of the Week: "Demons Away"

Some of you may have noticed that I neglected my lyric segment last week, and my lyric choice today will provide some explanation for that. Every once in a while, I go through phases where I hit an emotional bottom, and I have to struggle to bring myself back to some sort of relative surface. This last struggle I had lasted for almost a month, and I could hardly bring myself to move, let alone share lyrics, but I'm back, and the lyrics I am providing this week are from one of the songs that helped me through. Written by Matt Skiba for the compilation "Protect: A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Children" , which features 26 songs by various punk artists; such as, NOFX, Against Me!, and The Ergs, "Demons Away" is the first track and a very touching one. The song shows a sympathy for anxiety that many face, and makes a point to show that one is not alone in the horrors, sadness, and panic we must often face in our lives. I've decided to embed au

"Sink into Me" - Taking Back Sunday

Those of you who were not fully satisfied with TBS's promotional clip of "Sink into Me," the first single from their upcoming record, "New Again" can now download the song from their website. I, being adamantly against music downloading at all (yes, even the legal kind), have not done so, but I can still enjoy the streaming clip on their website with a satisfied smile. I'm predicting great things for "New Again" already. XoXo c.

Senses Fail Show Review [PART TWO] [Pictures]

As promised, I am now completing my Senses Fail review. I am sorry it took so long, but school has been dominating my life lately. Here are pictures from the show. Click Here to read my review of the show! You know you want the full story! Click the images for a larger view. The Crowd: now with 110% more testosterone! It was REALLY tough to get a shot of the whole band. Buddy knows how to make the audience (and himself) laugh. INTENSE! Keep an eye open for Part Three-- the video section! XoXo c.

Full Version of "Safe And Sound" featuring Gerard Way [HQ Video]

As I mentioned in the blog directly below this one, Gerard Way of MCR penned this song for Final Fantasy VII with Japanese artist Kyosuke Himuro. Credit to Heather from the MCRmy for having a vigilant eye and finding this! I'm not huge on J-Rock, and I think you kind of have to be to fully appreciate this song, but I think it's pretty progressive for a video-game track. Pretty rad. Still loving the "whoa-hoh"s. XoXo c. PS: Video is back up!! Magic!

"Safe And Sound" - Kyosuke Himuro Featuring Gerard Way [Video]

A while ago, I mentioned that Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance, was working on a song for Final Fantasy VII with Japanese artist Kyosuke Himuro from the band Boøwy. Gerard wrote the song, and that was all I knew about it then. I had assumed the English lyrics would be written by Gerard and that would be the extent of it, but no- Gerard actually sings the majority of the song! Check out the video: Video is a bit generic for my tastes, but Gerard sounds great and the song is catchy (anything featuring "whoa-ohs" is- Fact). XoXo c. PS: I see that Youtube has taken the video down. It was only a matter of time...

Music Saves Lives (The Point of it All) [Part Two]

I was browsing blogs earlier today when I came across an entry entitled MCR=LOVE written by a user named Roslyn . In it, she highlighted a few stories from the website I had mentioned in my first "Music Saves Lives (The Point of it All)" post, She also had embedded this video, which I had never seen before. If you want to know why I am "obsessed" with My Chemical Romance, this video explains it precisely: This past month as been a very hard one for me emotionally, and sometimes I need a reminder that I am not alone in what I face; My Chemical Romance has always been there to show me exactly that. I think that's a pretty positive thing to "obsess" over, don't you? " get despressed; you get really desperate; you get really hurt; you feel like an outsider, and one of the only places- maybe- you feel like you can fit in is right here at this show." XoXo c.

Text Test

Apparently, I can now update my blog via text message. Check, 1 2, check... XoXo c.

Tres Vivas Por Venganza Dulce! [My Chemical Romance Review]

Strutting onstage in character at the beginning of The Black Parade is Dead! , The Black Parade started the Mexico City show saga, and later My Chemical Romance ended it with the characters left behind and band-mates walking, with exhaustion, to a backstage retreat at the end of ¡VENGANZA! . A celebration of the death of an alter-ego and a dual theatrical event, this show is certainly worthy of its two-part show release. The first part of the 2007 show, The Black Parade is Dead! , is the segment of the show where My Chemical Romance, for the last time, perform as their alter-egos, The Black Parade. The newest release and second half of the performance by MCR sans the TBP is scheduled for "street-release" tomorrow, and I was fortunate to have obtained my copy early. Where to start? Well, first of all-- ¡VENGANZA! is an awesome package, The performance itself comes in the form of a bullet-shaped USB device. For the ghosts of us MCR fans from the past, the package pays homage t

VENGANZA! Has Arrived!

You know that fabulous My Chemical Romance bullet-proof vest/ USB video footage package I have been rambling on about for about a month now? Guess who got it this morning?! Yours truly. I just had to express my excitement here. I am getting ready to check out the footage from MCR's "Revenge" section of their performance from Mexico City and will have a review soon! You can still order this package by going here ! XoXo c.

Taking Back Sunday "Sink Into Me" Preview!

Curious what Taking Back Sunday's upcoming "New Again" is going to sound like? Well, you have a couple options: A.) 703-286-2371 You can call this number and hear a snippet of the first single from the album, "Sink Into Me" or B.)You can check out this video from MTV News from the set of the video-shoot for the song. The video was shot on April 8th in Brooklyn, New York. A casting call went out to fans, asking for their participation in the video, so there is a whole other element that this sneak-peak is hiding from us. In the casting call, it warned that extras would have to be willing to get covered in that same black goo in which the band is wallowing. Yum. XoXo c.

Senses Fail Show Review [PART ONE]

Artists: Senses Fail, The HiFi Horizon, The Promise Estate Date: March 12, 2009 Venue: The Basement: Columbus, Ohio Long-overdue is the perfect adjective for this review; I would say. I apologize for the extreme lateness, but here it is, as I promised. The day of March 12th was filled with much anticipation as I struggled through my Philosophy and Visual Communication classes, watching the clock for the moment I would be released and could be on my way to Columbus. This wasn't a show for which I needed to line up 20+ hours ahead of time, so it wasn't at all stressful when my friend and I arrived at The Basement and the entire line had already made its way into the small, crowded venue. The Basement itself isn't a place where one necessarily needs to wait a ridiculously long time in line to procure a decent spot in the crowd (to obtain tickets that have yet to be distributed; however, you BETTER be there early). See, my goal when waiting in line for a ridiculous amount of