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Taking Back Sunday and Envy On The Coast [Part Two]

In my previous TBS/EOTC blog , I described the trials endured before the show, and now I’ll get to the real meat (soy, of course) of the concert experience, the performances themselves. So, let me set the scene for you again: it is December 12th and the show is the Louisville, Kentucky stop on Taking Back Sunday’s winter tour with Envy on the Coast. Frontier(s) First on the bill was a local band, Frontier(s), which also happens to be the title of disastrous French horror film I was recently hoodwinked into viewing- that the names are connected, I am unsure. The set-up time prior to their performance seemed to drag on forever, probably because it did. For whatever reason- it may have been that the crowd was let in too early or that the venue was having technical difficulties, or a member of Frontier(s) was late- there was an unusually long wait before the first band began playing. And the crowd felt it. Impatience was the vibe among fans as the locals performed; the mood wasn’t set well

Taking Back Sunday and Envy On The Coast [Part One]

On December 12th, 2008 at 7:30 in the morning, two souls found themselves alone and freezing on the carpeted front steps of The Oasis bar and concert venue in Louisville, Kentucky. The only company they shared was that of cigarette butts, foreign newspapers, and forgotten and molding cheese and crackers. Having suspected similar souls would be partaking in the same activity, the two had set their hotel alarm for the “wee hours” and rushed to the bar, which faintly resembled a run-down mosque. Those foolish two were my friend and I, and the more intelligent concert-goers did not start showing up until we had been there two hours, much to the relief of their toes and other freezable appendages connected to them. It was 30 degrees, but concert-goers are strange specimens who are willing to cope with the elements, and even build up an adrenaline-fueled tolerance of them. It’s a sacrifice that is nothing when compared to the reward of clutching the barricade and being nearly close enough

Merry [Creepy] Christmas!

Hey, guys. 'Tis the day all this mistletoe and wrapping paper has been leading to, 'tis the day of giving and gorging, of family and friends, and of creepy Christmas videos, of course. "Wait, what?" Yes, that's right, creepiness. For your viewing pleasure, I give you a "X-Mess Detritus" , a short film directed by Voltaire and narrated by Gerard Way, the singer of my favorite band: "X-Mess Detritus" is the 18th short film of an online film festival put on by Glass Eye Pix. The "film festival" features a daily short film for each of the 25 days leading to Christmas. All of the films have a horror-holiday theme. You can view more by visiting . Cheers, my dears... XoXo c.

Reality Killed the Music

Today, December 24th, 2008 is a miserable day for music. Today an era ends. Today music loses just a bit more heart as "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" airs its last episode at 2:00 PM on Fuse. "SURS," as it came to be called over the years, began in late 2004 when FUSE saw a growing demand for "the kind of bands that would play Warped Tour." Remember that heartfelt blog I posted about the first time I saw the My Chemical Romance video for "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)"? Well, I saw that video on the show from which SURS stemmed, "Warped Wednesday." I still remember my excitement for the then doubly-untitled show to air for the first time; Steven Smith was my favorite VJ from IMX, so I knew the show would be great. After its premier, I watched every single episode- I watched the show double in length from a half hour to the hour of air time it deserved, I watched the show before it had a title- I even submitted a title when a co

Becoming Little Miss Slack-y Pants.

So, about that promise I made to blog more frequently, and moreover - to even match the massive amount of blogging My Chemical Romance now do on their website... Yea, I lied. You can go ahead and call me a liar. Excuses are lame, but I have them. The week I made that promise, my father suffered a heart-attack, then I got super-busy. Currently, I have writer's block, and have been focusing on my art and "creative writing" as a means to focus my emotions. I am also busy helping pick the new round of MCRmy Medics- an anonymous group who work through e-mail and the My Chemical Romance street-team to help those who are in emotional need. This time around I'm even more involved with the medics than I have been in the past. I couldn't be happier about my position, because I love helping, but it does take a lot of my time and attention as it should. Despite my other obligations, I will pick things back up on here. I have a list of topics I have been planning, and -not to

I Have a WONDERFUL Week Ahead of Me.

So, about that challenge I made to myself about doing a blog-for-blog with the MCR site... I'm a bit behind, but I will catch up. I just needed to do a little living to gather blog-worthy materials. Now that I have them, you can expect those promised extra blogs, but maybe not this week, for; I have busy and exciting times ahead of me, friends. Here's the schedule: Tomorrow (Monday, December 8th): Shopping for my mother's Christmas presents and drinking the hell out of a lot of coffee. You can probably expect a few late-night/ early tomorrow morning blogs for this reason. Tuesday (at midnight): The Dark Knight , obviously. Thursday: Leaving for Louisville, Kentucky ---MOST IMPORTANTLY--- Friday: SEEING TAKING BACK SUNDAY IN Louisville, KY. Blogs of elaboration will follow.

Becoming Little Miss Bloggy-Pants

I realized something as I went to bed last night at 6:30 pm- I'm not very productive as of late. It was like a slap in the face this morning when I looked at the clock and it said 11:30 am. That sealed it, I need to get on this blogging thing. Yesterday, the rubbing-in started as I watched a great VH1 feature from a couple years ago about media and the young, out-of-control Hollywood scene. My first response to it was, "Wow. I want to be a member of the paparazzi," then -more logical- "I want to work for TMZ," then I lost the stars in my eyes and realized who I was, thinking, "That's just creepy," and went on with my half-attentive watching of the show until The Queen of All Media cropped up his pretty, little head. Ah, Perez Hilton , I'd be lying if I said you didn't inspire me. Sometimes you thoroughly gross me out-- well, that was just one time when you said that the singer of my favorite band "[makes your] manties moist." But