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Thanks to amazing donations from readers and MASScanvas, I am so thrilled to be able to start off 2012 with a contest for my fellow My Chemical Romance fans!

Pictured left are the prizes:
  • FIRST PLACE: A full set of My Chemical Romance action figures
  • SECOND PLACE: A MASScanvas t-shirt [better picture] signed by all four members of MCR.
  • THIRD PLACE: A MASScanvas "Reflection" t-shirt (Note: not signed.)
How to win:
I know that for many of us, MCR's songs evoke a certain feeling or conjure imagery that flashes before us when we close our eyes while listening to the music.

Choose an MCR song (Not a cover, please) for which the imagery in your head or for which your feelings are strongest, and describe what you see and feel when you listen to it in a comment below of 200 words or less (please adhere to the word limit!).
*Note: I mean ANY form of writing. This could be a poem, a narrative, a small essay, anything--as long as it is within the word limit, it counts!

Please include the following before your writing:
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: (If Twitter, make sure you're following me [@PoisonAndFire] so I can contact you via message if you win)
Which song you're writing about:
-ONE ENTRY per person-

Since I have saved blogger donations for shipping, the contest *IS open internationally!

Happy writing! If you have questions, just ask in a comment!

Thanks, as always, for reading and for being so supportive!



Anonymous said…
Name: Mallie
Location: Sweden
Twitter name: @maybegasoline


”They’re not like tremors, they’re worse than tremors. They’re these terrors.”

I suffer from insomnia, and when I do sleep I have nightmares. ‘Sleep’ is the song I sing myself to sleep with, ‘Sleep’ is the song I turn to for comfort. The whole message behind the song, wanting to sleep but not being able to, or not being able to wake up from the horrible dreams, just strikes a chord within me and I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I recognize myself in the song, I feel for Gerard and somehow it feels like he feels for me as well, and in his agonized screams in the instrumental part I hear myself, all the times I’ve cried myself to sleep and all the times I’ve woken up in a cold sweat. ‘Sleep’ is the soundtrack to my life. I get all shaky now just writing about it, I seriously can’t type because my hands are trembling. All I can say is that Sleep is the most gorgeous, heartbreaking lullaby that has ever been written, and it’s what I’ll sing my children to sleep with.

“And I can’t, I can’t ever wake up.”
Joanna Williams said…
Joanna Williams
London, UK

To The End –
This song always puts strong ideas in my head – it always makes me envisage a wedding in a haunted house, and the guests at the wedding are all dead. They’re all splayed over the chairs in their suits and dresses with wide eyes and open mouths. He’s marrying this woman and he doesn’t really want to, because she’s mad, it’s like he’s marrying into death, or death itself. She's a cunning and greedy thing, driving by the 'barbies and kens', the real couples, wanting a husband of her own. She’s unstable and that’s the ‘cyanide you drank’ line, like the wine that they drink together as a couple, it isn’t wine at all. It’s cyanide. It’s like they invited death itself to their wedding, they’re marrying death too. In sickness and in health, until death do them part. Except death is there, because she is death herself, and by marrying death in a physical female form, they will never be able to part. Death cannot separate them, because he has married it. They are together forever, to the end.

I just love this song, and I love the idea it gives me, it just seems so morbid and typical Gerard to be writing it at that time.

7 words over on the limit, please don't discount this entry because of that :c I'd love to win those items!
thank you for holding the competition c:
Krisi said…
Name: Krisi
Location: Austria
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: Twitter: iamthekrisi, email:

It was very hard to pick a song for this, but I'm going with "Famous Last Words". I had never seen MCR live until the World Contamination Tour. At the time I was spending a year abroad in Lancaster, UK. EVERYTHING that could've gone wrong went wrong and I never felt so isolated, sad and hopeless in my life. But I was fortunate enough to know people online to go the MCR gigs with, and they have become some of my best friends.

Whenever I listen to FLW I flash back to the gig MCR played at Wembley. I had gotten my wrists tattooed a few weeks earlier (Awake and Unafraid) because that was my mantra. I didn’t want to be afraid anymore. I was going to make it through the year.

When MCR played FLW at Wembley I screamed my heart out and at the "Awake and Unafraid" part the friend who was standing behind me took my hands and we held them up together in the air, wrists facing the stage. So the picture I see now when I listen to FLW is the stage at Wembley, bright lights, our band playing, my tattoos, and the presence of a friend. It was a moment that gave me so much strength and so much hope that sometimes I can't even think about it because it’s completely overwhelming.

Emma Ming said…
Emma Ming
Atlanta, GA
For me, The Ghost of You brings the strongest feelings to life. The song really means a lot to me because I, too, have lost my grandmother(s). I am, currently, 16 years old and I have lost both sets of grandparents. I never met my mother's father. My mother's mother died when I was five. My father’s parents died in 2010 (mother) and 2005 (father). I used to be really awkward around my other grandmother when we would go and visit her. I guess I thought that she would be still there the next time. I wish that I had asked about how my father and his brother were like as children, but by the time that I had really thought about it, she had Alzheimer's and couldn't remember any of us.
The lines And all the things that you never ever told me
And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me
are what really speak to me. They bring up the image of seeing my father’s mother for the last time.

(word count 191)
Name: Charlotte Grace McKenna
Location: England
Song: Headfirst for Halos
This is an Acrostic (I’m not the best at literacy for my age, so I’m just doing what I can!)
This is my favourite song because:

My favourite band wrote it when they first started
Yeah’ that first lyric just fills me with hope

Connections behind this song mean a lot to me
Halo’s makes me think of my Nan who is now an Angel
Every day this song wakes me up
My mum likes this song!
“I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling”
Can any other lyric explain such feelings?
A friend told me to listen to this
Lots of memories are incorporated

Ray,Franks, Gerard and Mikeys Riffs are AMAZING!
Only this song has made me “think happy thoughts”
My Chemical Romance talk about how they believed they could make it after this song
Any one I can think of can get something from it
Not many people can make stuff like this anymore
Can any band make me feel so good in myself?
Every MCR song is good, but this is my favourite!
Roni said…
Name : Amandine
Location : Durham, UK
Twitter : @X_Roni_X
Tumblr : bequietyoumightpisssomebodyoff

Song : Zero Percent

It was in my third year of studies, I had to start a new part-time job to be able to live. I was hired as a waitress in a very fancy restaurant which was reputed for its high standards and the toughness of the job.
At the time, Danger Days had not come out yet, but Zero Percent had leaked. I was immediately blown by this song, and I would listen to it all the time, particularly before going to work. This was the most stressful time of my life, and naturally putting much pressure on myself to succeed in everything I do, I would feel extremely uneasy before going to work. Listening to the speedy beat of this song, the tense of the guitars and the electronical noises put me in excellent conditions to confront my demanding boss - but I think it was the words more than anything that helped me get through it.
"Don't need this sytem/we can kill it if we try/shoot up everything we see/And we'll find it on the wall/I hope you die" meant to me that everything was going to be okay, that I was allowed to hate the hypocrisy of this job, that I was allowed to be revolted by the way my boss treated me, and that in the end I could send them all to hell and I'd still be better than them.
I realise it's a far streched interpreation, but to me it was what the song meant, and it called to mind that I should "never let them take me alive, and never take anyone's shit".
Anonymous said…
Caitlin Elliott
Glasgow, UK

Famous Last Words is the most special song for me, it always gives me the courage to stand up against everyone who's constantly dragging me down. Everyday, when I'm getting called names, or getting harassed, listening to My Chemical Romance keeps me going. Famous Last Words is also the song that I listen to when I feel like I need to cut, and it always stops me.
The end of the song, "I am not afraid to keep on going, I am not afraid to walk this world alone" is the part that helps me the most. It tells me to live by their examples and put down the razor, because if they can, there's no reason I can't. The song is the reason I'm here today and the reason I can hold my head high.

(Word Count - 135)
Alice said…
Alice Rossi
Florida, USA
I chose “Heaven Help Us”

He could feel himself choking, and when he heard the wet sound of coughing issuing from his own throat he knew he was choking on his own blood. The world was ending around him in fire and brimstone, and he could hear the screams of the innocent and the guilty alike. Stone and mortar that had broken off from the church lay strewn around him, and his eyes widened when he saw them. The angels were coming. Their wings were bright and made of gold, and they were heartbreaking in their glory and beauty. He reached out a hand to them, and it was covered in blood.

One landed softly beside him, not making a sound. He couldn’t tell the angel’s gender, but the angel smiled at him all the same. It knelt, pushing his hair back and he felt ashamed that his blood was staining the angel’s robes. “Shhh,” it said. “You’re saved now.” And without warning, the angel broke his neck.

He screamed himself awake, sitting up. But he collapsed back against the bed when he realized he was in the same shabby hotel he’d ended the night in. “Oh fuck… Just a dream,” he said to himself.

(Word count is exactly 200)
patricia rey said…
Patricia Rey
Aragua, Venezuela
Twitter: @PatySalamy , e-mail:

Many of their songs mean much to me, but the song that makes me remember past pictures, like flashbacks is Cancer.

My mother died of cancer. When I hear that song, I close my eyes and I see her like when she was in her last days of life, weak and without hair.
When I hear Gerard singing "And baby I'm just soggy from the the chemo but counting the days to go" I remember the last day I spoke to her, and told me that, that she was tired of pain and she knew she would die soon.
And when I hear "That if you say goodbye today I'd ask you to be true 'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you" I close my eyes and I can see her, telling me that words with a big smile and then, she goes.
Anonymous said…
Amy O'Neal
Swindon, England

Welcome To The Black Parade.

I don't really tell this story because it makes me seem as if all I was is pity. Anyway, I remember finding out
My Chem would be playing at wembley for a football game. My best friend who i have known since i was just a little girl was going and he begged his parents to let me join them. In the end my mum said no, but when my chem came on stage, my friend called me just so I could hear my favourite band play one of my favourite songs.
A few months ago he died and we still don't know what from but that song still helps me remember him, and it never fails to make me happy.
Lily said…
Name: Ida
Location: Finland
Twitter: @NyaanLily
First of all I'd like to thank you SO MUCH, youre an amazing person for doing this! :')
So I chose The Kids From Yesterday. I chose it because everytime I close my eyes and listen to it, I feel okay. I feel accepted. I feel like I belong. It gives me the guts to be myself, no matter how fucked up that person may be. Cause I know I'm not alone anymore.
I'm a part of something big, a famliy. A family where every single one is as vitally important. Its probably one of the friendliest, most un-judging fan bases in the world!
The Kids From Yesterday always manages to give me a grip of whats really important in life. And during the 5:25 minutes I'm listening to it, I actually accept myself. Its just a really amazing feeling and these 185 words dont even do it justice. All I can say is I'm so incredibly thankful My Chem are in my life, I honestly dont know where I'd be without them!

(word count 185)
Lana Burns said…
Lana Burns
Twitter name @LanaxoNBC
Song Head First For Halos
I live in my head. I put my headphones in and daydream. In my head I can be anything I want. But for some strange reason something always goes wrong, someone dies or I fall out with someone I love. But I prefer my dreamland to my utterly boring reality. Then one day I realised I spend more time in my head than reality. That's why my lifes boring I waste away the hours alone in my head and that scares me. That really scares me. I daydream so much I forget to live. To me head first for halos is about living in your head. I understand it has different meanings but that's what I take away from it. No good ever comes from living entirely in your head. " I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling." No one knows about my dream land. It's my safe place but even in my safe place dark things happen. No ones ever had their brains against a ceiling but stuff like that happen. But with the help of this song I'm going to face reality. Think happy thoughts is my new motto!
Anonymous said…
My Favorite song by MCR is Teenagers.
It to me describes my life.
The lyrics "darken your clothes, and make a voilent pose, thell leave you alone,not me"
Because I've had many people in have tried to tell me what to do in the past.
This song shows that I should make a stand and not get told what to do.
MCR are my favorite band because they sing about things that we can relate to.
This song shows ho me and I'm saure many other teenagers have felt sometime in their life.
Rachael said…
Rachael Quick
Richmond, VA
I've written about a lot of their older songs before, so today I'm going to write about S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W.

Everything is hazy. Oranges, yellows, and reds cover the land, along with a deep fog that carries each color farther than ever before- it’s sunset. You’ve been running all day, trying to find the perfect hiding spot, just so you won’t be found while you sleep. It’s become a daily routine for survival. Once you’ve decided on a spot, you lay down, and a piece of cloth on your arm slides off a bit, revealing skin. It burns like hell. You quickly cover it up. You just keep telling yourself that one day, you’ll get away from all of this fallout. Across from you, your part time lover, part time partner in crime is staring right at you. You hold hands, and reassure one another that everything will be okay. Darkness is slowly approaching, and with it comes the fear that you might not wake up tomorrow. No matter how well you hide, there is always the possibility of being found. Each breath stings your lungs, so you try to calm down. You try to find some sort of serenity, so that you may fall asleep. Slowly, but surely, you drift off- hopefully not for the last time. Good luck.

(exactly 200)
Anonymous said…
Name: Bre
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Twitter: @MsBreMouseKat

CHOSEN SONG: I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

I first wanna say this song saved my life, because they're basically saying, from my perspective that they've been in our shoes and they know what it feels like to be alone, scared, curious, angry, and all the million other emotions we have. They know what it feels like to be different and feel like know one cares. And they didn't talk down to us like adults to children they talked to us as peers. That song changed my outlook on life and it kept me from committing suicide. They didn't give us the typical "I was a teenager once too, I know what you're going through it'll get better" they brought out their drums, and guitars and Gerard sang it out in a song. Its my song I go to when I need a boost on life.
Somer said…
Name: Somer
Location: Tennessee
Twitter: @horror_junkie

My song is Famous Last Words. Now, I have often said that The Black Parade was not my most favorite album, but there is just something about this song that sends shivers down my spine. The song to me is about moving forward, no matter what obstacle has been placed before me. It is about being strong enough to carry on.
When I heard this song live for the first time in Atlanta, it was like a tidal wave of emotions hitting me in the face. “I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.” It was like a reminder that even though I have been through some unsavory things in my life, I am still here to keep going, and I will continue to keep going.

Thanks for the consideration.
Noelle Park said…
Name: Noelle Park
Location: Land O Lakes, Florida
Twitter: @firestarlight

Which song you're writing about: It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Fucking Deathwish

This song has helped me through many difficult points in my life: breakups, the lose of a close family member, and my second battle with cancer. To me, the portion of the song that claims that we'll all fall apart just like the leaves change in colors symbolizes reality. It's terrifying, but it can't be avoided. This straightforward symbolization led me to accept the fact that, yes, my relationships were over, yes, someone who was an important part of my life has passed, and yes, I will also pass someday. While these thoughts may frighten some people, I found comfort in how absolute they were, because by being able to accept that each of these things were a reality, I was able to accept that I must enjoy what I've been granted- life- while I still can. This single line in the song has had such a deep impact on my life that I plan on having fall leaves tattooed on my left ankle to remind myself of this fact whenever I may be feeling down in the future.
Lexari said…
Name: Ariel
Location: Chicago (Illinois)
Facebook URL:
Email address:
Song: Cemetery Drive

Nearly every song invokes strong feelings for me, but for this song I actually have an entire animated video planned out (I haven't made it because I can't find a cheap/working video program). The video pretty much follows the lyrics and it's particularly deep, but it's still vaguely beautiful. It starts by looking at the stars, then moves down and shows a car in the cemetery gates. A girl in a white dress gets out. The next shot has a search light which finds her and a guy in black drinking by the mausoleum. The next shot shows house with crime screen tape and you can see the police lights reflecting off of it. The boy sits on a cliff and remembers holding her. Then he's behind a bar, “singing songs that make you slit your wrists” when suddenly a gun's pointed at him. He's shot and tears fall as he does. From the ground, he looks at who shot him, but the frame only shows a familiar boot. Despite this, he still remembers holding her. And as he fades into darkness, a single tear falls past all his memories, his body and into the abyss. (It looks cooler than it sounds)

(My word count is 203. Sorry, i'm a really wordy person.)
Theidy. said…
Name: Theidy.
Location: Venezuela.
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: or @Teyatipica
Which song you're writing about: IT'S NOT A FASHION STATEMENT, IT'S A DEATHWISH.

I first wanna say: My english is really bad.

So, "We never got that far, this helps me to think all through the night. Bright lights that, won't kill me now, or tell me how..."

This song mean so much to me because I live my life depressed. Many times I thought that I was not good enough for anything, that my family deserved someone better than me... I don't know why, but people make me think that I don't deserve to be here, maybe because I'm ugly, or I am not smart enough. They think they're better than me and say I'll never be like them.

But they're wrong, because I'm special.

"I will avenge my ghost with every breath I take. I'm coming back from the dead, and I'll take you home with me.

I'm taking back the life you stole..."

I'm young, and live my life as I want. I'll eat whatever I want, I'll be what I want to be, not what they say. I know I'll be proud of myself.

"This hole that you put me in wasn't deep enough and I'm climbing out right now..."

I don't need the stupid comments from anyone else for trying to be happy. I don't need them to be happy. I just need to regain the life I was losing for follow the steps that the others did for me.

I need to get back on track again. For me and my happiness, not for others.

"I lost my fear of falling. I will be with you... I will be with you"

And maybe one day see the persons face and say "I'm happy on my own."

I survived.
Unknown said…
Name: Kristen Thompson
Location: Aurora, Colorado
@Howl_Kristen or
Song: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

It's always the orange yellow hazy glow
that the world dresses in.
A light frost rims the windows and cars, reminding me of the time of year, despite the last rays of warmth
The sun reaches and caresses my skin.
Clearer is the air to see
the rocky mountains
the mountains I call home.
No money, no matter. We can walk forever into the night, chasing these early sunsets.
We never could've known the horrors that will haunt us as soon as Holloween, that one precious day, is over. You and I. That song keeps us together. Nobody will ever feel such a heartbreaking feeling of nostalgia and casual,but never ending love, like we did. The song that reminded us of how we can save each other's lives, if only we stand as one. The song that gave us a reason to live, after all the death and trauma that cold winter decided to bring. Our last bit of sweet innocence and happiness. No one will feel that. You and I.

173 words.
mcrswsmiw said…
Name: Leah Marlowe
Location: Crown Point, Indiana
Which song you're writing about: I'm Not Okay

Well, if you wanted honesty...The first song I heard by My Chemical Romance was I'm Not Okay. When I first heard it, I didn't like it at all. But then the song got stuck in my head, and I would listen to it over and over again. Eventually, I loved it. Then I started to listen to all their songs and now I love them to death. And I don't just love their music, I love their personalities, the message of the band, how they make their fans feel.. They have saved so many lives, including my own, and whenever I listen to I'm Not Okay it brings back the best memories. I've seen them live twice, which were the best moments of my life. I got my friends obsessed too, and we would sing/talk about them non stop. If My Chemical Romance never exsisted, I don't think the world, (including me) would have been the same...Trust Me :)
Anonymous said…
Name: Anais P.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Twitter: @lonelydays17
Song: Summertime

As I'm reading some comments, I realize that there are so many songs that evoke painful memories, but personally, I think none hits me harder than Summertime.
It's possible that it could be because I was falling in love when I heard it for the first time. It reminds me of the good times I had with my boyfriend, reflections of the song.
But it mutated. It became something I didn't want, but was inevitable.
During that last chorus, it breaks me down, makes me realize he was no longer mine. I'd hoped, and begged, and cried my soul out, but when it was all said and done...that want of love in the song was lost to me, made foreign, leaving a bitter taste after the dust settled and the song ends.
Mariana Cortez said…
Name: Mariana Cortez
Location: Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela.
Twitter, Facebook URL and email: @Marianacortez,,
Song: It's not a fashion statement, It's a deathwish. (P.S - English is not my mother language, but I hope you enjoy it!).

When I close my eyes and hear this song, I imagine the couple in the “Revenge” album, but from a different angle. To me, this song is deep and powerful, and has a Bonnie and Clyde vibe. It’s about lovers that had blazing fights but at the same strong love for each other. The man suffered a lot because he felt that he loved the woman with all his heart, but she didn’t love him as much as he did, he suffered and felt that he had a miserable life, filled with disappointment, depression and drug abuse. The cops were after him, many people wanted him dead, and had issues with the woman he loved. He started threatening the woman, and telling her that he was going to kill himself. She didn’t pay attention to that, and later he did. His ghost starts to haunt her, tormenting and forcing her to live his same destiny regardless of how difficult their relationship was. Later on, the woman starts getting more into illegal substances, and didn’t have enough money to pay for them, so she gets murdered by his enemies. Now both of them are dead, but together will seek vengeance.
Anonymous said…
The Ghost of You, 'And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me'

When I was 10, my sister was diagnosed with a one in a million type of cancer; she survived, but came close to the brink of death and has never been the same again...
One month ago my granddad died, suddenly and unexpected...
Both of them were such happy people and hearing this song allows me to remember their beautiful smiles how they once were; memories i cannot access through anything else.
I believe that this means so much and can inspire so many people who have gone through grief to understand that they are not alone in their struggle.
Although my greatest weakness is my lack of emotion, i often feel the tears falling as i listen to it or think about it, i know that it will lift me up and help me win my battle against grief.

Anonymous said…
Name: Anna
Location: US
Your Twitter handle: OurLadyOfSporks
Which song you're writing about:
I Don't Love You.

Every time I hear this song, I picture my ex boyfriend and I laying cuddled in his bed.

We dated for a year before his drug problem became so out of control that he went to rehab. The day he left, he told me not to wait for her. He said he couldn't ask that of me. When he left I cried. The whole time he was gone I refused to go out, not with friends, not with other boys, not by myself. They day he came home his parents had a party for him. I remember being so happy he was finally back and we could be together again. After the party we curled up together in his bed and we talked about what we wanted for our future. His words made such a happy picture in my head that I drifted off in his arms dreaming of how amazing our future was going to be.

When I woke up in the morning it was completely different. I don't know what happened but I suddenly realized that I just didn't love him anymore. I didn't know how to tell him that so I just left.

As I walked out the door, I remember looking in the mirror and wiping smudged eyeliner and mascara from under my eyes.

"So fix your eyes and get up better get up while you can."

Sometimes I swear that song was written about me.
EllieKilljoy said…
Ellie Clarke
I am writing about Cancer.
This song has a deep meaning to me. When i was 8 my dad was diagnosed with Cancer. Listening to MCR and this song in particular helped me get through it... even when he got weaker from all the chemo. One night the doctors thought he would now make it. SO when i went into say goodbye i played him a bit of this song. He did survive, it all and i have to thank MCR for helping me and my dad
Anonymous said…
Name: Michelle Kunimoto
Location: Vancouver, Canada


When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in April 2011... it really hit me too. I'm half-Japanese; I had friends and family in Sendai and by the Fukushima plant. Thankfully I didn't lose anyone, though they lost much. Especially because of my ties to Japan, whenever I hear #SINGItForJapan, I think of all that I could have lost, and MUCH more importantly, all that people in Japan lost; their homes, their loved ones, their lives. And yet I also think... that My Chemical Romance put such an inspiring version of Sing together just for their cause, to help in any way they could; and I think of all the people who aided Japan, who reached out across the world.
Strongest of all, I think of hope.
nicolaptv said…
Name: Nicola
Location: England
Twitter: @nicolaptv
Early sunsets

Affection. The never ending inner conflict. She's flawed. She used to be genuine...She's conformative. She used to be perfect...

One taste of the world and you're dead forever. Not knowing you'd change from just one bite. Gone. Your personality, your disposition; warped into something unthinkable. Compliant. She's just like the rest of them. Same. The things that used to be so distinguishable about her. Gone. Ripped from her being as if were nothing.
What am I left with? Nothing. Not her.

Your just like the rest of them. Clones of one another.
Would anyone notice...
One less clone wouldn't hurt.
Would anyone care...
She's a million in a million.
If I had the guts to put this to your head...
She'd be gone without a trace.
But would anything matter if you're already dead...
She lives for nothing other than to fit in. Dead behind the eyes. Her eyes vacant and stained.
And there's no room in this hell,
There's no room in the next...
No one needs another duplicate of what society consists of now. She is nothing to this world. Nothing to me.
But does anyone notice, there's a corpse in this bed?
Kelvin Gonzalez said…
Name: Kelvin Gonzalez

Location: Long Island, New York

Twitter handle: @KellyRiot

Facebook URL:

E-mail address:

Which song you're writing about:

DESTROYA is what I feel to be the most vengeful, anarchistic, and despairing of all of the songs on Danger Days. I believe this song would be the perfect ending to the "fabled" Killjoy trilogy. It would serve as either the ultimate comeback or last stand story.

Listening to this song, I think of sacrifice, blood, and of a final opportunity. I feel anger and excitement in the midst of battle. However, most importantly... I see the always ensuing battle between possibilities and the ultimate truth.

The blanket of night covers a vast desert. The only light than can be seen for miles is that of a fire burning. A bonfire, to be exact. Huddled around it are the colorful desert rebels known as the Killjoys. They seem to be shining their rayguns and preparing for an assault, when suddenly, bright lights start to brighten up the desert. It is a barricade of BL/ind cars. Suddenly, troops of Draculoids come out of their respective cars, ready to trump the Killjoys.

What ensues is a war. A war between art and conformity. The result is better left to the imagination.

I, being the optimistic person I am, choose art.

Thank you!

(word count, not including this parenthesis is: 200)
Kayla McKay said…
Name: Kayla McKay
Location: U.S.
Song: I Don't Love You

"And after all the blood that you still owe, another dollar's just another blow"

This song shows a great resemblance to my experiences in 2011. In February of last year my uncle passed away. He had been sick for years and it all just came crashing down on us. This hit me especially hard because he was the only one in the family who truly understood me. On top of everything else, my dad’s pay has been reduced to half of what it used to be. Money is just money, but when you don’t have enough to live on, that’s when things get tough.

“Sometimes I cry so hard from pleading, so sick and tired of all the needless beating”

I seem to beat myself up constantly over these things that, in reality, I have no control over. I always seem to find something I did wrong, and make everything that happens my fault. As I’m sure any MCR fan would know, self-hatred soon leads to depression. I discovered myself again, however, a new me who is much stronger and wiser than the old me. MCR saved me from myself, and I’m forever grateful, whether I win or not.
Toni DiGiacomo said…
Name: Toni DiGiacomo
Location: Farmington, NM
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Which song you're writing about:

when i listen to this song i always have a powerful image of a guy that has a lot of anger. During world war 2 II and i started picturing this before i had even heard the ghost of you. This guy's mom is so proud of him being in the war and loves what he's doing, and he is just so angry that she doesn't understand. I always see him telling her the brutal honest truth and flashes back to how many people he's killed, children, woman, innocent people he killed in the war. And sort of mocking her and asking her if she's still proud of him. He's telling her of the friends he's lost, the people that are hurt, and how she thinks simply just being a mom and supporting her son is going to make it all better. I see him telling her that if she had raised a daughter she wouldn't have to hear this or eventually mourn his death. I see him telling her in a mocking way that if they just celebrate the victory they can forget all the deaths and horrible things he had to see. And if she really knew all the things he had done she wouldn't be so proud after all. I see this every time i listen to the song, i can feel the anger that this guy portrays as he tells her. So this is the little image i have in my head when i listen to Mama, i also was seeing this before i really even began to like MCR which i do now and i love them, and it makes the image a lot stronger now.
Shoy said…
Name: Shoy Mohr
Location: Oregon, USA

Which song you're writing about:
I'm Not Ok (I Promise)

I've been pretty messed up most of my life. Finding My Chemical Romance at all was like a miracle, discovered by accident, loved on purpose. IMO (IP) to me embodies everything about my life: That I'm not normal, not 'acceptable' to most, I have problems within problems within problems but you know what? Someone loves me. And this song is what brings that home for me. That I can be as screwed up as possible but still be a human being, loved and loving. This song give me a hope I have not had for a very long time. Each song of theirs hits me hard, and makes me think, but this is the song that keeps me going, that makes me know I matter, and that others are going through just what I am. The fact that this comes from MCR just makes this realization that much more special.
Caitlin said…
Name: Caitlin
Location: England, UK
Twitter: @LexieRose11
Song: I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

All my life I've never really had anyone to protect or to understand me. I'm the eldest sibling; I'm always the strong, mothering one in my friendship group. I was always the one that any abuse we ever got was directed at. I was swallowed up by the black pit with no escape. So when I first heard this song, to hear someone insisting to me that they knew exactly what I was feeling, that they knew I wasn’t okay, was incredible. It struck me as incomprehensible that maybe I didn’t have to collapse and I could come out stronger. I felt like Gerard was telling me exactly what I had to do. He told me to forget everyone who hated me, everyone who made my life hell because they didn’t matter. It’s my turn-to song when I need comfort. In a weird way, it makes me feel beautiful for a few moments every time I hear it. I have the greatest amount of respect for them. I feel like they watch out for me. They’ve never hurt me. They’ve never made me cry. They’ll be there no matter what happens. (I Promise.)
Jacki StarSurfer Maw said…
Name: Jacki Maw
Location: Norfolk, UK
Song: You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison.

I took my son (then nearly 12 years old) to his first ever gig, MCR at Hammersmith Odeon, London, October 2010. He'd got into MCR that year, starting with Black Parade & working backwards! We were eagerly awaiting Danger Days and he had just started playing drums, so when I heard they were playing UK, I knew I had to take him. I wanted him to experience how music could unite people & where music could maybe take him some day. When MCR started this song, Gerard said that any guys in the audience who'd never been to an MCR gig had to take their shirts off and wave them around. Within seconds, my son was spinning his tee around his head in the air, everyone around was cheering and clapping. The expression on his face was priceless - he was totally into the whole experience and not at all embarrassed. Whenever I hear this song, I think of that gig & it makes me really happy to know how it’s changed his life. He's now started a band & is writing songs - the gig really was an inspiration for him & this song represents that turning point.
Anonymous said…
Name:  Olivia
Location: New York, USA 
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address:
Which song you're writing about: I'm not Okay. (I promise)

What I see when I listen to this song is so many things that went wrong in my life, it's insane. Me, sitting on my windowsill, just thinking, "No one will miss you. C'mon, Jump. Do it, you coward." The inside of the cat-scan machine, my mom's sobs still audible, even over the loud beeping. My brother, passed out in his own vomit, the smell of Jack Daniels still in the air. My body shaking as I clean it up, hoping that, dear god don't let my dad find out, as my cousins watched TV. The tears and muffled screams that haunt me, even now, late at night. 

Finally? The happiest moment of my life comes to mind. Me, in third grade, staring at the TV screen, mesmerized by a bunch of strange guys wearing makeup and singing about not being okay. And, for some strange reason, I believed them. And everything felt alright, for the first time in awhile. 
Anonymous said…
Name: Letícia La Rocca.
Location: Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Twitter: @OceanOfSecrets_
Song: Sleep.

I get into the bathroom, facing myself in the mirror; expressionless, dazed eyes.
The truth’s that I wanted to scape. I tried so many times to fight it; God knows how I did. But I was getting weak, tired of facing my demons. I was scared from the awful things I had been seeing my entire life. These were ghosts that never let me sleep.
I get into the bathtub, clothes on. Some minutes later, the water’s covering all my body. I let myself sink into it, holding the cold air inside my lungs. Suffocation begins on its worst meaning, I feel like I used to in my worst nightmares; somebody was gripping my throat. Flashes from my dreams start to shuffle with real life. I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t anymore, what was good and what wasn’t.


I feel every single beat of my heart pounding against my chest, and then I realize: I’m still alive. Instinctively I open my mouth, the water getting inside of me. I gather the strength to get my head out of the water, pushing the air like it was the first time in my life. Alive. Awake.

(Word count: 199.)

I wrote this because it’s how listening to “Sleep” is to me. Suffocation. And I did this once, hold my breath under water while listening to it. When Gerard starts to scream, I catch my air and I feel something that I cannot describe.
It’s an incredibly beautiful song.

Good luck y'all! xo
Rhiannon.A.S. said…
Name: Rhiannon
Location: Minnesota, United States of America
Twitter: @TownScar
Song: The Kids From Yesterday

I'm in the desert. My hair is blue, so therefore I must be Town Scar. My knees are bloody. My denim clothing is coated in a thick layer of dust. But I couldn't be happier. Things are riskier than ever, but it doesn't matter. It's good being at risk. Being in a high danger zone. I grew up when it was most needed. I can live off my own grit now. I can be alone and deal with it, no matter how temporarily. The sky is turning black and I see a rocket blasting across the stars. The glow of it makes me think of Hiroshima. What was that place anyway? What was a city? What was a country? Doesn't matter now, that's for sure. If it explodes my world in ten seconds from now, that's just how it was meant to be. It'll be okay. I'll always be okay now.
Anonymous said…
Name: Rachel Estes
Location: Texas
Song: Welcome to the Black Parade

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard Welcome to the Black Parade. It never fails to give me chills. There isn’t another song that speaks to me in such a way as it does. A lot of things tend to go through my mind within those five minutes. The words “carry on” carry a lot of weight for me. The line “And though you’re dead and gone, believe me. Your memory will carry on” reminds me of my grandmother. She died ten years ago and while I think of her from time to time, nothing really gives me the sense of having her still around like that line does. “Carry on” also hits home for me personally. This past year I lost my best friend and getting over losing him has been a really hard task. This song reminds me that things will happen. Life will take unexpected turns, but it’s all about how we carry on from the little setbacks is what matters. I actually plan to have “Carry On” tattooed on my wrist soon as a reminder that when you’ve been knocked down, that the only way to go is up.
Anonymous said…
Name: Louise
Location: New York/New Jersey

Song: Disenchanted
Everything about this song is beautiful, the guitars, the drums, the meaning, the lyrics. Right before I started high school my best friend in the whole world moved away from me, I spent a long time wallowing in self pity. I'd always been the ungrateful rich girl. I hated myself. One day after a particularly awful day of school I came home and accidentally discovered the song Disenchanted. I was memorized it was such a deep meaningful song I just couldn't help but cry, I couldn't express my emotions any other way especially to the lyric “You’re just a sad song with nothing to say” Ever since, whenever I feel depressed or alone I just listen to Disenchanted and realize that I'm not alone. Through my dad’s anger issues, the loss of my friends, rejection, everything. Now my old friend has changed into a different person but I’m not going to turn back into the selfish person I was. Whenever I hear Disenchanted I hear the voices of 4 amazing men telling me to stay strong.
Taylor O'Connor said…
I know I’m not alone. Sometimes, you just can’t help but feel like that. Would you rather be in a room full of people that you hate, or be in a room full of people that you like, and yet still feel alone? I say neither. I would rather be by myself, blasting "FLW". Now that sounds perfect. It’s so weird. Before, I would cling onto friendships because I was so afraid to be the girl who has no friends, who is weird, who likes different shit than everybody else. I wanted to fit in. Fuck fitting in, it takes too much effort to try and fit in than trying to not fit in. I’m perfectly content with being an outcast. I see myself happier while listening to this song. I see me liking myself FINALLY. I feel that Gee is talking to me, directly to me, that he wrote this for me. I cry every time it plays. "I am not afraid to keep on living/walk this world alone." "Famous Last Words" helped me to say all this. Without that song, I don't think I'd be sitting here writing this.
Dillon Tomasino said…
"The Only Hope For Me Is You" is the song that I get most emotional. My Chemical Romance is the only hope for me; to remain true to myself, to remain alive, to remain happy. I feel like My Chemical Romance has saved me from getting myself, from becoming something I'm not, from doing bad things. They saved me when life got in the way and I lost sense of who I was. When I'm listening to that song, all I can see is my past self and my "new" self in comparison, how much I've grown for the better and how I've risen from the ashes and destruction that I've endured in my fourteen years of life. They give me hope that my future years will be better than the ones I've lived so far, they give me hope in this world even when there's no other signs of hope. This song makes me think positively, that I can, too make a difference and help kids because when there was no one to help me, this song and MCR was. I wanna do that. I wanna say that I saved someone. This song gives me hope to do that.
Dustin Tomasino said…
Name: Dustin Tomasino
Location: New York, United States
Facebook URL:
Song you’re writing about: Sing

“Every time that you lose it, sing it for the world” Every time that I feel like throwing it away, giving it up, I should sing it out for everyone to hear, so they know what I’m feeling. “Sing it out, for the ones that’ll hate your guts.” For everyone I hate, sing out my hatred, just for them. “Sing about everyone that you left behind.” I think about my past. I think about why I left them behind, to sing about what I’ve done and thought to make me want to leave them behind and move on. “Sing it from the heart” This lyric brings the most emotion out of me. It says, “Sing it from how you feel, why you feel that way, because it means something to you.” “You’ve got to see what tomorrow brings” Until you feel like doing something you’d regret, see what tomorrow’s like. Maybe it’s better. “Raise your voice, every single time they try and shut your mouth” says that you deserve to be heard, just because someone doesn’t want to hear it, because someone tries to keep you quiet, you shouldn’t listen to them. Raise your voice, sing it out, be heard!

Word count: 200. o.o I had to do some cutting out, but oh well. Dx

(I hope it's okay that I'm entering even though my brother has too?)
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Anonymous said…
Name: Tarryn Humphreys.
Location: Melbourne, Australia.
Email address:
Song: Sleep.
This song inspired me to write down some of my thoughts. I felt a connection to it on a deeper level and it helped me work out some of the things going on inside my head.

I don't know who I am.
I'm not sure if I ever did.
All my memories are distorted, blurred around the edges,
like a memory of a dream.
I'm losing touch with reality.
I don't know what's real anymore.
Am I real?
Is my whole life some kind of twisted fantasy?
Am I just inside the mind of some sick kid in a hospital somewhere?
I don't seem to know the answers to any of my questions.
I'm not entirely sure I want to know.
I'm trapped inside my own body, it's like I'm here, but my mind is always partially somewhere else.
Like a part of my soul is lost in purgatory.
I'm confused, and constantly feel like screaming until my vocal chords snap.
I don't even know what I'm screaming about.
I can't move, I can't speak, I can't think, I can't breathe.
I'm drowning in the darkness of my own mind.
I just want to give up.
There's no hope for me.
I'm so far gone there's no chance of return.
I'm beyond saving.
I’ll drink to forget everything,
and I’ll sleep until I cease to exist.
I was only born to die, I mean it.
Name: Sam Marsh
Location: Charlottesville Virginia

I chose the song "Early Sunsets over Monroeville" because I feel that it reminds me of when I was suicidal.
"If I had the guts to put this to my head" are extremely powerful words to me because there was a point where I had a razor to my wrists, ready to die. This song stirs up emotions I had forgotten. It makes me feel sorry for my self for a second, then I feel a little depressed again by the song ends. What Gerard is saying was almost exactly what I was feeling then.
"Does anyone notice? Does anyone care?" These too touch my heart because in my depression I did cut myself and nobody asked. I didn't have friends to feel bad for me. The teachers ignored me crying in the bathroom because I was literary afraid to go to class. When I asked to see a counselor and showed them my cut up arms in tears, they ignored me. This song reminds me of how I used to be: Sad and suicidal without a friend in the world. It also reminds me of how far along I've come since then: loving friends, and the ability to smile.
Anonymous said…
Name: Tara
Location: Florida, USA
Your Twitter handle: angelfrommars08
Email address:
Which song you're writing about: The Only Hope for Me is You

I never disliked MCR, and I've always liked Teenagers, but I never really got into MCR.

Until September 29, 2011.

I've had some bad luck with bands in the past, so I was kinda slow into getting into My Chem. This band I really loved and thought was different from the others (like they were actually about the music and fans and not just selling tickets) had turned to the Dark Side, if you will, and it seemed they had forgotten what they were about. I was heartbroken.

Then one day, I was watching MCR perform The Only Hope. I had heard Gee wrote it for Bandit, and thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Watching the way they played, and hearing how he sang with his whole heart, I thought, Here is a band who still knows what it's about. They’re not about selling the most tickets, or winning all the awards that MTV can hand out. They’re about saving lives, and after hearing that song, I knew I needed them in mine. Now every time I hear that song, I can’t help but tear up a little. I love MCR, and hope to win some of their memorabilia.

Word Count: 200 :)
Thanks for this contest!!
Melodic Rhythms said…
Name: Mariella R.
Location: New York
Twitter: @iluvny3000
Song: Famous Last Words

I have lived my entire life an outsider. From the way I dressed to the views I believe/d, I was never accepted via the people I found myself amongst. Each and every day until halfway through HS I was either ridiculed and/or bullied for the way I chose to live my life, and spent many nights crying/thinking I will never be good enough for anyone’s approval. Albeit this is still true in some ways today, what is different is that I found something along the way – i.e. the music of MCR – to give me solace, and in particular find it in the song FLW. Each and every time I feel upset or like I’m regressing into this self – harming state of mind, I play FLW and find with it the strength to “keep on living” – to prove those who try to knock me down wrong, and to prove to myself that I can - and will - succeed. With each listen, I feel empowered, I see my worth, and know I can – and will – go far in life. I can’t thank MCR enough for that, and I’m so glad I found them so long ago in my time of need.

* Sorry for abbreviating things – it was the only way to get my entry to exactly 200 (in addition to cutting a lot of writing I wanted to keep in)!
** Thank you so much for running this contest and for all of the information you give to your followers/fans of MCR Cassie – I know I’m not alone in saying I can’t thank you enough for everything that you do!!!
Anonymous said…
Name: Breanne Kelly
Location: Abbotsford,Canada
Your Twitter:Breean_K
Email address:

Our Lady Of Sorrows

Growing up I haven't had many friends. At least no true friends that were there for me whenever I needed them. I've always been slightly messed up and never knew what to do with myself. I've always had one friend, however, that was always with me no matter what. She's helped me stick around. She's my best friend.
This song reminds me that no matter how many kids hate me, no matter how often i get picked on or how much shit i get from people at school or my family, she is here and she is not letting me go. As long as I have her, I will be okay.
I see myself alive when I hear this song. I see myself moving on and pushing forward with the support of my friend.
I stopped being so concerned with having everyone like me. I stopped hating myself more and more with every word i had slapped across my face.
This song made me realized what I have, a never ending friendship.
That's all I need.

Thank you for the opportunity <3
Anonymous said…
Currently last year before I was a MCR fan, my great grandma had a level four cancer only getting worse as days went on. She passed away and soon my aunt fell for Cancer as well. It was then my friend showed me My Chemical Romance and I immediately fell for the song Cancer. It helped me kinda realized what they were feeling and going through in my own way.

After I became an MCR fan I got picked on a lot more than usual. I got called a freak, ugly, and useless on a daily basis and unfortunately picked up on some bad habits. The thought of suicide occurred in my head on a daily basis and every day I just wished it was my last. My friends saw my depression and knew they had to stop me before I completed my suicide goal. They sat with me through my depression listening to Cancer on repeat and I realized that if I were to die I would be leaving being all these people that cared so much about me.

Turn away cause I'm awful just to see.

'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.
Anonymous said…
Sorry I'm not trying to post an entery twice or anything my computer just acted funny and wouldn't let me post the information required!

Name: Keely Noelle
Location: Belgium
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address:
Which song you're writing about:Cancer

(it begins like that)
Currently last year before I was a MCR fan, my great grandma

Again I am sorry x_x!
Paigee said…
Name – Paigee
Location – Brisbane, Australia
Twitter –
Facebook –
Email –
Song – Disenchanted (from The Black Parade)

Disenchanted has always been one of those songs has meant the most to me. Since I first started listening to the band (which was early 2007) One of the main reasons I love this song is that it’s personally the most powerful ballad in the last century. The song has also helped me personally, brought me up when I was down, and has saved me from my mind so many times.

The lyric “It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing” is forever my favorite lyric. It just shows how much love, effort , dedication and faith they put into their fans. In some case, I believe the lyric is related Gerard personally, and that, for me, gives me so much hope for the future of the band. I owe MCR so much, and I have no difficulty in saying that this song as shaped me as a person. Its one of those songs that makes you think about your past and future, it has definitely made me proud of who I am when I am self-conscious, afraid or losing faith. I rely on this song for a lot of things, and for that, I owe this band we all love so much.
MyChemicalLoser said…
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MyChemicalLoser said…
Name- Olivia Anderson
Twitter- @mychemicalloser
Song- I'm not okay
Location- Newcastle, Australia

This song has been one of my favourites since I became a fan of My Chemical Romance. When I listen to it,I can see MCR and the MCRmy running through the world, creating havok, completely unlike anyone else. No one understands us, and people don't like us for being different. But it's ok to be different. And we're proud of it.
Anonymous said…
Name : Dudley G. Yunsir
Location : Malaysia, Sabah
Twitter : @dudleyyunsir
Facebook :
Email :

Chosen song : I'm Not Okay (I Promise)


Well I choose "I'm Not OKay(I Promise)" 'cause its the first MCR's song that i've listen to(I was 12 years old). When I first listen to the song, it literally blow my mind! With all the guitar riffs, heavy-paced drum and straight to the point while using metaphor lyrics it really give me a new kind of feeling. Being an outcast in my school was enough for me to make me feel related to this song.

Being considered a kid no one really care or trust me at that time. The line " You said you read me like a book,but the pages all are torn and frayed" and "But you really need to listen to me" really makes me feel that theres someone out there(My Chemical Romance) really feels and understand what I felt .

"To be a joke and look,another line without a hook" is also one of the line in this song that makes me feel connected. Back in my school days I've always been knock down by bullys with words and physical in my school.

Last but not least, this song gives me the strength to rise up and take on all the shits that heading in my way. In addition listening to this song makes me wanna make my own band to save others life just as My Chemical Romance saved mine".

Thats all. Thanks for creating this awesome contest!

p/s : if someday you find a new band that have a word "Metaphor" and "Dimension" in their band name it could be my band. :)
Nic C said…
Name: Nic C

Location: Ohio, US

Twitter Handle, etc: @The_RealHero,

Song: I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Honestly I’m not picking this song because there is some deep meaning to it. It’s the first MCR Video I saw and it made me laugh. From then on, when I heard it, I would laugh or sing along and in my mind, I could always picture the entire thing. I would see the guys in the garage and being crazy like they are. I used to imagine being part of that. Imagining myself screaming the words right next to Gerard. In my head though, there was so much more color, so much more…life. I guess because it felt real. I could see the words coming to life and flying away from me. The song was always so kickass in my mind. It made me happy. That’s what always stuck out. The screaming sounds and colors I associated with the song. Like a messed up rainbow of sound that made me so genuinely happy. As a teen, that was rare for me and they made it happen with each song. ‘I’m not okay’ just heightened that so much.
Carla said…
Name:Carla Ortiz
Location: Seaside, California
This song paints an image In my head about actually living life and not wanting to just end life.The song gets me through tough times like when I wanna die because of the fighting and drama.”Girl,You,ve Got To Be What Tomarrow Needs.” Those simple words make me feel better in times of doubting I was ever born.The feeling I get because of the song is encouragement and hope.My life is written in this song my voice never being heard being judged. When I hear this song it makes me want to cry and regret ever wanting to kill myself in pills and cuts. Thankfully this song stopped me from doing that. I LOVE MCR from the bottom of my heart for making this song that keeps me alive.I Wish I Could Pay Them Back By Going To Concerts But I Cant Since My Family Is Going Through Hard Times.No Matter How Tough Life Gets I Will Always Be A True KillJoy
Anonymous said…
Name: Jake
Location: England
Twitter name: @Jakermy

Song: Summertime

The imagery of this song, for me is all about the relationship with my boyfriend. The line "You can runaway with me, anytime you want" means so much of us, because I had to leave my old house and move in with my partner. The song as a whole for both of us reflects what our realtionship stands for; Strength, courage etc. The line "if you stay, I would even wait all night" reminds me in particular that he'll always be there waiting for me, and he'll always care about me.
skeleton_bunny said…
Name: Melita
Location: Slovenia
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: Twitter: @killjoy_cookie , facebook: , email:
MY CHOSEN SONG: Famous Last Words

This song saved my life. Two years ago, soon as I heard about MCR, everyday I thought about suicide. I was deeply depressed. I lost 10 pounds. I never had friends, nobody doesn't like me at my school. One day I listened to music on you tube, I accidentally clicked the "Famous Last Words" by My Chemical Romance. At the beginning I didn't like the song, then I loved it. And a verse "I'm not afraid to keep on living, I'm not afraid to walk this world alone" helped me understand that it isn't worth to kill myself. I'm still without friends, and here and there, slightly depressed, but now I live for music, for My Chemical Romance and other great bands. Now, I wanna live! When I listen to it, I feel more happy, better. And now, it's my favourite song. And My Chem are my favourite band.
Hannah said…
Name: Hannah
Location: Raleigh, NC
Twitter/tumblr: @keepingituglier
Song I chose: The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You

When I listen to this I see a couple running from something terrible they did. As they are driving in their car, flashes of headlights shining in reveal the blood splattered on their hands, face, and clothes. The man is driving quickly to check them into a hotel called Bella Muerte. He quickly gets a room and rushes the woman there. He watches his beautiful girlfriend as she paces nervously around the room. He tries to calm her by said he wouldn't want to be anywhere else. He suggests that they take several pills. They both do as he suggested. As they lean in for a kiss, the pills start to work. They kiss, creating the cover of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge and collapse, dead, on the bed in each other's arms as the cops walk in. - this song makes me feel like there is someone out there that will love you enough to die for you or be with you. They will go through anything with you because they love and admire you. This is why this song and Three Cheers is my favorite.
Erin Wall said…
Name: Erin
Location: Pennsylvania
Twitter: @ZubbyCakes88
Song: "Bulletproof Heart"

As soon as rumors started flying about the “Bulletproof Heart” video (that, unfortunately, never came into existence), my imagination revved into high gear. “SING” left SO many unanswered questions…

The following is what I would have imagined their next video to be…

As soon as the song opens, I see the (dead? incapacitated?) Killjoys being dissected in a BL/ind laboratory, surrounded by various tools and bottles of preserved parts. It seems as though BL/ind is attempting to “rebuild” them; reprogramming them and restructuring their forms with machine parts to do BL/ind’s bidding. As the song continues, we see the newly-reconstructed, painfully-chipper, dangerously law-abiding Killjoys “blowing a hole in this town,” terrorizing and rounding up other Killjoy-like outlaws. Though they’ve been “reprogrammed,” the Killjoys are still able to think and feel their own emotions but are unable to control their actions. It is up to these other, young lawbreakers to band together to take down the original Killjoys, undo what has been done by BL/ind, and win the Killjoys back to their side to formulate a plan to take down BL/ind once and for all…

Overall, I imagine this to have a very eerily-perky yet terrifying Stepford Wife-esque feeling to it…
Jasmine Hebel said…
Name: Jasmine Hebel
Location: Kentland, IN
Email address:

My song is "I Never Told You What I Do for a Living." Every time I listen to this song I feel... Kind of liberated. It's like... I can feel the emotion that Gerard sings with running through my own veins. I feel like he's singing for me and the things that I feel that I can never put into words. This song reminds me who I am sometimes, and how much I’ve tried to do things, and how much I’ve lied about who I am just to be accepted. It’s taken me a while, but I’m done pretending that I’m something I’m not. And this song helps me accept myself. I don’t need other people’s acceptance, because as long as I can accept myself, that’s all I really need.
This song cheers me up when I’m down, calms me down when I’m furious, and helps me figure out life in general. Even if the lyrics don’t directly describe things in my life. It’s more the feeling in the song that helps. It’s like I can feel all the emotion that was put into the song, in Gerard’s voice and the guitars as well. I love every bit of it.
Anonymous said…
Name: Brittany Wegman
Location: (Upstate) New York, US
Twitter: starlightdemon
Song I choose: Helena

(Sorry if this is a bit long)

One of my childhood friends died in a car crash about 3 ½ years ago. She was just fourteen. Her grandmother missed a stop sign, and a gravel truck broadsided them as they crossed an intersection. The grandmother also died. A friend with them made it out with cracked ribs, dislocated shoulder, and a year of physical and mental therapy.
This is the song I turned to the night I found out what happened. Watching the music video over and over throughout the night was the only way for me to function the next day and take my science exam, and it has meant the most to me ever since. It helped me to accept it and let go without completely forgetting.
The lyrics and what they originally were meant for--to celebrate someone’s life--made me realize that it’s ok to move on. I was not alone in losing someone. What I hated the most was the idea of all the things and experiences that my friend would never get to do or enjoy. Growing up. College. Marriage. Children.
I think about this friend every time Gerard whispers the middle part. I get shivers. "Can you hear me? Are you near me? Can we pretend to leave and then we’ll meet again when both our cars collide."
But I always am consoled by the idea of sharing a connection to somebody else who has lost someone and inspired by the way they decided to make it into something good.
Anonymous said…
Name: Jessica
Location: FL, United States,
Which song I am writing about: Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

When I listen to the song I imagine a scene. There is a guy and a girl who are both in love and happy, but their world starts to fall apart. People are out to get them, and they escape, but soon enough the girl turns on her lover and tries to kill him. He is forced to kill her, but in doing so he slowly realizes he lost his reason for living. After he kills her he just stands there, and first he experiences pain, feels lonely, regrets it, gets angered with himself, and then feels overall sadness and loss, but decides its time to move on because the damage is done. He continues with his life, although he knows he will never be okay, but he manages to pull through and keep living.
Anonymous said…
Name: Arlette
Location: Florida
Song: Cancer

When I listen to this song I close my eyes to stop the tears. Without a doubt, it's one of the most heart touching songs out there. My first thought when I hear it is 'I hope every cancer patient in the world is alright' it's my wish every single day at 11:11. This song/topic really stikes home. My mom had cancer when she was pregnant with me. She refused chemo to keep me alive. She was willing to make the biggest sacrifice for me, she has now been cancer free for 15 years. And listening to this song makes me realize how greatful I am to still have her at my side.
Ben Cyanide said…
Name: Ben
Twitter: @BenCyanide

November, 2010.

Danger Days had only been released for a week, but I was already annoying people by blasting it everywhere.

I was driving back to my parent's house. It’s late. It’s cold. I haven’t slept more than five hours total in the last three days. Haven’t showered or changed clothes in two. I have day-old eyeshadow still stuck in my eyelashes, my head is pounding and this isn’t anything unusual to me.

An average weekend to me then was spent in a drug-fueled haze, spending hours arguing about art and religion while letting life slip by. Recently, I had overdosed by means of stupidity and a gas mask and spent the evening hallucinating that I was cross-dimensional and vomiting tarantulas.My oldest friends wouldn’t speak to me, I was broke and I had just realized I was gay.

“The Kids From Yesterday” begins to play and by the first chorus, tears are rolling down my face. It was one of those uncanny moments when you feel like a song is literally about you. I was an adult and nothing like my teenage self expected and suddenly that wasn’t a problem.

I was still just growing up.

Everything would be okay.
sssss said…
Name: sarah s
Location: LA, CA
Twitter name: @luverof_
chosen song: Famous last words

1st off, thanx for doing this! Wow, its so difficult to pick just 1 MCR song because so many songs mean different things to me, but i'm sure i'm not alone. After reading some of the entries i feel like mine will be miniscule in comparison.

I picked "famous last words" because it has helped me through a really difficult time. I am going thru a divorce right now. Although i have the support of my friends & family, there are some things that i just have to go about alone. The lyrics "I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone" has given me strength to endure through this tough time. Knowing that i'll come out stronger & that i dont have to be alone gives me a semblance of hope that everything will be okay. I dont want to give you my whole sob story, but lets just say that i felt that my spirit & soul was just dieing in the marriage, so i had to get out. I filed a restarining order for his physical abuse. I'm glad that ive taken this step, but sometimes its hard to be alone (especially around all these couples). The song empowers me to live confidentally; knowing that the band went through shit & pulled through & wrote such a magnificent song really resonates in my heart.

I blast the song everywhere i go as loud as i can! In fact, after my divorce has been finalized i plan on tatooing part of the lyrics (havent decided location yet).
Anonymous said…
Name: Sarah Schroeder
Location: Illinois
Song: Famous Last Words

--FIRST: I just want to point out that the person above me is also a Sarah S who chose FLW. I find that funny :D--

I'm currently a freshman and I heard this song the summer before 8th grade. Before I heard it, I was completely doubting myself and thought I was going to always be utterly alone because I was so weird. I wasn't sure what I was ever going to do with my life. I was on youtube, doing random searches and typed "Black Parade" I had seriously never heard of it. I found FLW and fell in love with the lyrics and MCR. "I'm not afriad". I watched interviews and they inspired me. I bought an MCR at a Plato's Closet and found out that other people in my school liked them too. I went from being depressed to having a few wonderful, caring, and lovely friends with the help of MCR. And it started with FLW.
Anonymous said…
Name: Amber
Location: New York, NY
Twitter name: @otakupunk90

Chosen song: It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish

I have chosen It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish for the feelings it invokes in me right now, at this moment. For some time now, my life has not been going the way I would have liked it to. I won't go into details, but I've been feeling lately like I'm at the end of my rope, and I've been losing faith in myself. It's led me to make some decisions I'm not very proud of. Fashion Statement embodies all of those feelings for me... it seems representative of everything I'm going through. There's a sense of anger, despair, and vengeance in the song, which is a lot of what I'm feeling now. At the same time, there's a sense of hope, mainly in the line "This hole you put me in wasn't deep enough, and I'm climbing out right now." Hearing those words makes me feel like I can climb out of my own hole, if only I take the right steps and overcome my problems. It makes me feel like I have the strength to do what I must.
Anonymous said…
Name: Helena G
Location: Maidenhead, UK
Song chosen: Welcome to the Black Parade
Twitter: @HelenaG16
Facebook: Vicki Wilden (Helena isn't my real name yet, although I am getting it changed)

A couple of years ago, I began to get very depressed. It is only recently (christmas 2010) that I began to go in my downward spiral.
I began to question wheather I belonged, I was rejected and bullied from a very early age (about 3 months onwards).
I wanted to kill myself to get away from all the bulling and abuse that I've suffered.
I didn't know the name of the band that wrote the song, but I knew their work. Mum had 2 of the 3 albums at this point (Revenge and Black Parade) and I began to listen to their music back in early 2011 and I began to feel better. I bought Danger Days 1 day after my 15th b-day back in July 2011 (16th July is my b-day).

Welcome to the Black Pardade is such an inspiring song and my fav out of all of them. It was the song that saved me. The song that keeps me here today.
"We'll carry on" in the Black Parade and "I am not afraid to keep on living" in Famous Last Words are so inspiring, and I hope that when I'm older I'll be out there doing the thing I love to do SING on the stage helping peolple the way MCR has helped me.

Suiside is never the answer and get help if your depressed. Let people know who you really are and don't be afraid to do or say whatever you want. Be an outcast and doing your own thing isn't wrong. It's being individual. Gerard was an outcast and he's there helping people overcome their problems through music.
Anonymous said…
Name: Keelia
Location: Maryland,USA

SONG CHOSEN: Headfirst For Halos

Whenever I listen to Headfirst For Halos, it puts me in a much better mood. I've had my fair share of emotions and I've done things I'm not proud of doing.I've been depressed and I've thought about suicide many times. I'm came so close a number of occasions but something always stopped me. This songs about suicide but it sounds so happy to me. When I hear him sing "We'll fly home" I think of the members of mcr taking me away from my troubles and going to a place where I can be happy and where I can call home. The words "Think happy thoughts" are permantly planted in my mind. I think "Think Happy Thoughts" everytime I'm upset and I even wrote it on my book bag seeing that school is where I get upset the most.
Just the other day I thought about retrogressing to my horrible temptations again but then I heard my ringtone, which is Headfirst for Halos, and I went off and listened to the song 5 times. This song has literally saved my life and saved me from doing acts that are horrible.
Anonymous said…
Location:Los Angeles,CA
Song:Famous Last Words

Everyone has a place where they feel safe either there home or school.But what happens when neither one of those options are available, when people hate you plainly because someone else does, when your parents aren't there because their to busy arguing with you or each other.And Well that's what this song is to me, Its my safe place my therapy its what lets you see that even if you feel alone ,abandoned,or betrayed you can keep going and become unafraid to keep on living, to keep fighting even if your alone. It Lets you see that you don't have to be dreaming or dead for your problems to leave you that even if people leave your life those who promised never too you'll be okay. And That Suicide is and never will be the answer.
Anonymous said…

In time when I first listened to Danger Days - I was a little depressed because of my private life - I thought that MCR would never be the same because it sounded completely different than Revenge or Black Parade. But than I listened to Summertime and there is the greatest guitar solo ever and it roared through me and I cried because all my problems seemed to be solved and I knew everything would be okay only for the sake of a guitar solo. This was the moment where I knew that yes, MCR would never be the same, but this is the best that could happen to all of us - the band, the fans, everybody!
So now Danger Days is my favorite album and I'm really proud of the guys!

PS: I’m sorry that it isn’t as dramatic like the other stories, but this is the truth!
Jackie Lewis said…
Name: Jackie Lewis

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Your Twitter handle: @KHsickgirl

Facebook URL:

Email address:

Which song you're writing about: Vampires Will Never Hurt You

It wasn’t the brightest time in my life. I cried more than I smiled and went through each day on auto-pilot. Of course there was a guy behind this.
I bought tickets for a Chicago show, one for me and one for him. Last minute he decided he couldn’t go. It’s okay he hated My Chem anyways. I said I didn’t care. But I did.
At the time I didn’t realize how much of a blessing it would become.
I met a man that night who would change my life. We met in line and spent eight hours counting down until doors open. He was unlike any guy I’ve ever met.
We spent the whole concert together; first squished on the floor then up in the balcony. I never felt so alive.
During Vampires Will Never Hurt You we both turned at the same moment and said, “I’ll never let them hurt you, I promise.” I will never forget that moment. I saw eyes promising hope, love, and happiness; and it was all for me. He has kept that promise to this day and I am reminded of that moment whenever I look into his eyes and hear this song.

(200 words)^
(He has done so much for me, the least I can do is try and win this for him)
Name: Rachel Brown
Location: North Florida
Twitter: @VioletRage2011
One song I always think about memory-wise is, almost cliché enough, ‘Demolition Lovers.’ I had a friend, a girlfriend actually, and we were very close. And we didn’t care what anyone said. We loved each other. But then a few things happened, and she got a boyfriend. I turned into the backup plan. I mean, I love her. I love her a lot. But it feels like she barely returns my love. And, whenever I tell her, she brushes it off or runs off. She doesn’t care. And I still love her. I remember, when our relationship first started, one night she was high, and she told me she was amazed I was with her, despite her trying so hard to make me jealous and get me mad. I didn’t care. And then she got her boyfriend. And she broke my heart. But I still love her. I just feel… regret, almost, whenever I heard Demolition Lovers, because she always pops up into my mind, a smiling ball of sunshine in my darkest days. I always hear her in the background, telling me it’ll be all right… Cold comfort and sorrow. Something I hear in Demolition Lovers.
Anonymous said…
Name: Briana
Location: Michigan
Twitter: @Brianaamour
Song: Cancer
Around the time the album The Black Parade came out my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. Obviously, as soon as I listened to the song Cancer it proved the agony and pain of knowing that I would have to go through life without my best friend. My grandma passed away the following year. The song Cancer helps me deal with the loss of my grandma. Although the song does bring sadness, it also brings me an overwhelming sense that everything will be okay. The song just makes me feel like my grandma's here with me and that's what makes me feel like everything is okay.
Anonymous said…
Name: Gabby
Location: United States
Song: Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words is a lifeline that I held on to when I was drowning. Trapped in a sea of depression and bulimia, this song helped me keep my head above the water. 3 years ago, my best friend developed an eating disorder that completely tore her apart. She was basically dying before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it. Slowly, her feelings spread to me. I became depressed and bulimic, cutting frequently and contemplating suicide. I no longer slept, and instead stayed up all night crying. It was one of these nights that I discovered this song. I had heard it before, but never really received the message. I became stronger every time I heard those words: I am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone. Whenever I had suicidal thoughts, an urge to cut, or felt like giving up on myself, Famous Last Words filled me with an immense amount of hope. This song truly made me not afraid to keep on living and gave me the motivation I needed to seek help. I am now fully recovered, thanks to this song. It saved my life.
Anonymous said…
Name: Kerri
Location: London,UK
Song: The End

I can really connect to 'The End', it basically express' all my feelings.

I'm very different in terms of personality, the way I think & come across to people.

I'm half-cast that doesn't bother me at all but it seems to be a problem to others & of course that brings me down. my nan's in heaven & I know I'm not the only one who has had a loved one pass away but I've never had someone love me & understanding me as much as my nan. so, I feel like no one will ever love me/understand me that my nanny did.

The song 'The End' really helps me me feel like I am understood & most importantly that I'm not alone.

Lines from the song like "If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out first-hand what it's like to be me", "You might wake up and notice you're someone you're not" & "So throw on the black dress, mix in with the lot" really speak out for me, make me feel accepted, loved & make me proud for being me.

Thanks! xx
Anonymous said…
Name: Lizzie
Location: England
Twitter name: @mikafunnybutodd

chosen song: Sleep

Since the Black parade had been released, I have always been able to relate to this song. I suffer from insomnia, and if I do ever sleep it's always nightmares that I can never wake up from.
The song is so amazingly emotional, and it just hammers into my brain every time I listen to the words being sung by someone as strong as Gerard Way. The song gives me hope, makes me chase me dreams, and stops me from even thinking about saying goodbye for good and generally makes me very happy to be able to relate to it like I do. It feels as if though they intended for me to hear it. It came to me when I needed it most and it never lets me down.
I remember when I was feeling so incredibly miserable; I was so ready to die. I turned this song on and it cleared my head completely, knowing that the people that wrote this song had had the experience also, giving me comfort. I now listen to it while sleeping, on repeat, and it still hasn't failed me, I doubt it ever will. And the power it has over me is overwhelming and I am forever grateful.
MCRmy Marcher said…
Name: Michelle
Location: USA

Song chosen: "The Ghost of You"

And all the things that you never ever told me And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me

Before I even saw the music video for this song, I automatically thought, at this line, of my uncle and my cousin who were both deployed to Afghanistan. My uncle and I were very close and because he is listed in the Marines, the only place where I can talk to him is on a video chat. I miss him with all my heart and when I heard he was going back on another four year tour in Afghanistan, I broke down. I cried for three days straight and I still cry when I think about it. A couple of days after that I found out my cousin, who is my best friend in the whole world, was being deployed as well. When I heard that, I went into a serious depression and the only thing that would get me out of this dark hole was The Ghost of You. I can’t listen to that song without crying. Now I just hope they come back safe and sound.
ConBotkilljoy said…
Location: California
Song: Desert Song

This song is not only beautiful, it's also emotional. " I can see you awake anytime in my head" makes me want to cry everytime I hear it. I recently lost my father and that line explains it.I can See him awake anytime in my head,my father mean't the world to me and this song decribes how i feel with him not being here."and through it all we'll find some other way to carry on through cartilage and fluid" tells me no matter how hard it gets and no matter what happens I can get through it.I Love MCR and alot of their songs help me through tough times but this song touches my heart. I can go on and on about how much i love this song and how it has gotten me through so much but i'm only allowed 200 characters lol.Even if I don't win, I at least got to tell how much this song means to me =]:
Anonymous said…
Name: Vee
Location: Hungary
song: Save yourself, I'll hold them back

There was a time, when I felt really lost, although I've never had a tough life and fortunately, I have a loving family. The problem is, that sometimes I just get that desperate feeling, that I'm not good enough and I will die alone with a 9 to 5 office job, which sounds even more horrifying for me, since I've always wanted to make art for a living. This band inspires me and I will never be able to express with words how much they mean to me. This song reminds me of how it feels to trust someone close to you, and makes me believe that I have power over my own life and I can achieve anything I want if I work hard enough and don't give up. I get the feeling when I listen to it, that it doesn't matter what's right or wrong, you just have to do what your heart tells you is right. 'We'll never leave it, this place alive but if you sing these words, we'll never die'. This line inspires me the most: for me it means, that as long as you can change some things for the better, it doesn't matter where you come from.

It's 204 words, I couldn't make it any shorter. Thank you for this opportunity, especially for making it international, since I've never been able to attend any kinds of contests before because I live in Hungary. You're great.
Beatriz said…
Name: Bea
Location: Spain
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address:

“Because one day I’ll leave you a phantom to lead you in the summer to join the Black Parade”

Welcome to the Black Parade was the first song I ever heard from My Chemical Romance. It’s like the piercing you got when you were twelve, on your nose, and you forget about it, but when you touch it, it’s there. It always will be there. And even though my song is I’m Not Okay (I Promise), this song has meant a lot to me. It says that you are when you’re gone, and when everything is done for you, you know that people will remember you. My biggest fear is being invisible or forgotten. Is called Athazagoraphobia, and it’s really bad. When someone forgets my birthday I go to hysterics. Basically, I think is because when I moved, my best friends forgot me, and I developed the fear there. So this song makes me smile. It makes me remember that my best friends are always gonna be there, through thick and thin. I got my own Parade. And we’re killjoys. We’re Paradians, we’re Vampires and we’re Avengers. We’re everything that matters. They matter. And My Chemical Romance matters.
Anonymous said…
Name: Kristen
Location: Laredo,TX
E-mail address:
Song chosen: Welcome to the Black Parade

Choosing a My Chem song is like choosing your favorite child. Every song helps me and speaks to me in different ways. WTTBP though, is where I like to escape and think of people I knew who have died. "Although your dead and gone, your memory will carry on." My grandma died of cancer when I was only a year old. My aunt died a few months after her of AIDs. My grandpa died 5 years ago of a heart attack. My uncle died 3 years ago at a party (there was a gun involved). I have had dogs and cats pass away as well. I remember EVERYONE that I have lost when listening to WTTPB. I cry almost everytime, but of the joy I had with them. Or from stories I was told of them.
Fanny said…
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

I'm often rejected and then I feel trapped in a sea of depression. But this song makes me everytime smile, it helps me to keep my head above water. I tried suicide, but my sister showed me this MCR song, and I felt in love. I think I'm Not Okay reveals my life (I often make mistakes). I really love MyChem! The songs are meaningful and beautiful. If I'm not enthusiasm, I just listen to this song :3
Anonymous said…
Name: Marlo
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Twitter: @MCRMarlo
Which song you're writing about: Planetary (GO!)

Planetary GO! is one of those songs you can let loose too. When I hear it, I feel excited and jumpy; all I want to do is dance. The intro/verse is building up for the chorus. The image in my head for the verse is just singing quietly to yourself. "Then we just get up and go!" is the feeling of letting go and just going crazy! Mikey said in a recent interview "Planetary (GO!) is full-blown. [...] we wanted to make a dance song" and that's what they did. When I close my eyes I picture colors everywhere, the band and the fans going crazy, speakers pounding because the music is so loud, lights flashing; everyone going mad. I picture the guys running around the stage excited and thousands of sweaty fans all jumping and dancing together. A good energy comes from that song. When I'm having a bad day I listen to that song and feel free, like nothing else matters. It has helped me get through darker days, in the end I’d put that song on and actually feel HAPPY . Planetary is saying “Have fun with your life”. Nothing matters as long as I’m having fun.
Anonymous said…
Name: Laurie
Location: Tennessee
Twitter: @xslaughtermatic
Song: Skylines & Turnstiles

Just listening to a song can bring out emotions, but in my opinion, seeing a song live is like opening a flood gate of emotion. Never in my life did I think I would ever have that floodgate open to a mega extreme, and I never thought I would get to see THE song that is My Chemical Romance live. That song is “Skyline & Turnstiles.”

Behind this flood gate of emotion was all the frustration I had experienced with my friends earlier that day. We were perfectly on schedule, but Google Maps had given us the wrong address. After a few minutes, we got back on the road and smack-dap into venue traffic. We ended up missing the first few songs of MCR’s set. We ran from a field to our seats, making it just in time for the second verse of “Helena.”

We joked all day about them playing Skylines, and when they did I couldn’t contain all the emotion. Before Gerard had even sung the first word, I was sobbing, and when he did sing, I lost it. I bonded with lifelong friends that day. A memory I will always cherish and means the most to me.
Anonymous said…
Name: Larissa
Location: Japan.
Twitter: @_fuuunghoul
Email :

For me, the song would be Sing

When i was thirteen, i was sexual abused, and then it happened again, last year. i always feel like i'm not good enough. that whatever i do, it'll be worthless, like me. and no one would ever understand what i'm feeling. i feel complete stupid, worthless; but when i listen to "sing" it makes me feel a little bit better. because of the line "you gotta be what tomorrow needs" it makes me realize, that i need to be strong. because tomorrow is another day. it's not gonna be like this forever. and i'll get over it. or at least i'll learn to deal with it. and another line that makes me feel a lot better is "raise your voice,every single time they try and shut your mouth" for me, that line means a lot. it makes me wanna make a change, you know? to help others that have been through this. that we need to show them, that we are just like them and we also have feelings. we get hurt. we cry. and it's not right to do this. it's not right to hurt other people, just because of their own pleasure. we gotta raise our voice, until they listen to us. until they notice that what they're doing, it's not right. it's disgusting. they are being selfish, they only do this for their pleasure. they don't think about the others. and they gotta stop. i guess that's it. "Sing" means a lot to me. for those reasons. it helps me to get through the days that i wish i could just be dead.

You've got to see what tomorrow brings
Anonymous said…
Name: Jessica Hart
Location: Lafayette, Tennessee.
Twitter: @MagicPhoenix17


Helena has always been my favorite song by MCR, but starting in 2009 is when I really felt connected to it.
My grandmother passed away late September that year, and I was torn apart by it. She was my best friend. About a month later, I was listening to Helena again and I bawled my eyes out. But it also made me realize that I should stop crying over it, because she's in a better place now, and I'll see her again one day soon. (through what I believe anyway) Every time I listen to that song now, I think of her, but instead of crying about it, I smile, because I think of her.
Anonymous said…
Name: Keyla

Location: US

Twitter: DeathxB4xDisco

Song: Bulletproof Heart

It's that indescribable feeling. I guess the best way to describe it is warmth. It's like you're standing outside on a warm summer day, just after winter had perished and you embrace the sunlight pouring all over your skin. Visually speaking, (I see this from an aerial view with the pov moving around me in the direction of a circle) you're standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon and you see a clear blue sky, maybe with a few clouds, but they're definitely not interfering with your sunlight. The earth's dirt has a tan/brown/orangish coloration, with a few patches of dying plants with some green lingering on the branches. Of course, the Colorado river is rushing beneath you, adding the danger factor, if you so happen to fall off. Suddenly, you feel a gust of wind that brings no cold and you feel as if you can fly. You tilt your head back and open your arms wide, far enough back so that you can feel a slight stretch throughout your torso. That's when the feeling hits. You're officially free, with no one to tell you how to speak, hear, think or see. And it feels so right.

Word Count: 199 O_O;
Anonymous said…
Name: Julie.
Location: Florida.
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address:
Which song you're writing about: Headfirst for Halos.

Whenever I listen to this song, I get genuine chills. Hearing the craziness at the beginning and the liveliness of all the instruments coming together, then it winds down for a second, and then picks back up…then the lyrics. I find myself smiling as I listen to them, yet feeling horrible on the inside because I relate to them so much. The pills, the suicidal feeling and then the ‘think happy thoughts’. It’s like going on an emotional roller coaster when I listen to this song – ecstasy, then depression, then hope, and then…hopelessness. The very end repeating what I truly wish I could do but on a daily basis, I can’t do. The instrumental break as almost a prelude to what’s coming, as sort of a calmness before the storm. The final note ending with a loud boom, almost as if the ‘think happy thoughts’ were futile and suicide has triumphed. Headfirst for Halos is my favourite song of all time because it’s my true thoughts and feelings about life, and it gives me hope to carry on since I know that the only people I truly care about once knew what I’m going through currently. It’s my life.
maritza said…
Name: Maritza
Location: Eire
Twitter: @mitzycake
Song: Head First for Halos

I live in a small white room. The samll window i have gives me only little light, so im pretty much left in the dark. On my table next to my bed is ia cup of water and a blue pill. I take it every day. everyone does. I dont like them. It makes me sick and sad but THEY say if you don't take them you will never become a beautiful person and be worthless. I hate that! I want to run away and leave all these sad, hopeless fellings. What's this? A red pill? Where'd it come from? It's so different. I want it!

Im floating to the ceiling! Mayb i'll go out the window. Look there's others flying too. There are so many. Wait. What is that beautiful sound? Music? Let's go find it!

It's comeing from the sky! It's so warm and bright! And thoes beings are so beautiful! I dont feel sad and hopeless anymore. There is hope!

"Just think happy thoughts, and we'll fly home, you and i we'll fly home"
Anonymous said…
Name: Elizabeth
Location: Kansas
Twitter: Mrs_Crump
Song: Planetary (GO!)

Planetary is my favorite MCR song because it's so different from their other songs. It's completely unique. Also, it represents the band fulfilling a goal that they had always wanted to fulfill, but never quite knew how to. I find that really inspiring. Also, it sounds amazing as I drive to work and it's blaring out of my speakers. :)
Anonymous said…
Location: Connecticut
Twitter: @mcrmystrong

Most of MCR’s songs summon specific memories, create specific images in my head, but there is something different about The Kids From Yesterday. It isn’t just one memory, it’s a million. Listening to it completely separates me from this world, and it’s like looking back on my entire life so far. It’s taking the time to appreciate where you’ve been so you can charge into your future with full force, then “hold on tight and don’t look back.” When I hear this song, I can only remember good things, and my outlook on life and my future is so much brighter. It’s like being a child again, when I had nothing to worry about and was so optimistic. This song reminds me how many years it took before I really understood the messages behind all of MCR’s music, because “you only hear the music when your heart begins to break.” Maybe the only reason we grow up is so we can learn how to be kids again.
“Here we are, and we won’t stop breathing.
Yell it out till your heart stops beating.
We are the kids from yesterday, today.”
Benedikte said…
Name: Benedikte
Location: Norway
Song: Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

(I don't know if it got sent the first time)

The infinite sky
reflected by a grave-stone
colored it red

as the dust danced
around and around
mocking the skeleton underneath

because the stone was full of
graffiti; impossible to read
but easy to understand

and I promise you
that won’t happen to you
as long as you run

and don’t look back
Lauren said…
Song:Early Sunsets Over Monroeville

To me this song has the ability to make and break me. The words tear me up,It's such a raw song! If i'm lonely or even if I'm in my happiest mood I can lie down,close my eyes and listen to this sweet melody play and for those treasured five minutes I forget myself,I forget my insecurities,my flaws,my anger and I smile because I know in those moments I am not alone,there are four guys that are just as messed up as me.I know I am worth something.I know I belong and in those moments I am safe.Safe from myself.
Scott Hanamoto said…
Name: Scott Hanamoto
Song: Famous Last Words
Location: Sunnyvale, California

Since I was in 3rd grade I have been unhappy. It sounds kinda ridiculous that someone as young as me could've tried to commit suicide 20 or so times. I guess I am too smart in some ways. I see how bland life is, the lacking of goals, the disgusting nature of people, and the way our society is run. I just found out about my chem last year in February. The first album I ordered was the black parade. I related to the patient in many ways, it is almost as if I am the living patient. We both hate what we see in the mirror, very much wish we were dead, and yet we fear death, we both loved a girl who hurt us, and we both had good times that seemed to wash away in time. I think I almost went into the album, became the patient, and came out alive somehow. I know it sounds weird, but I feel as if I took place as the patient, and when famous last words came around, after disenchanted summarized my entire life, I felt very weak. Famous last words gave me a sense of hope, and when the patient had passed, I came out of the parade and was now awake and unafraid. In some ways, I no longer fear death, I have dreams and goals, I am not afraid to be alone even if heart break does hurt, and I learned this all through one album, a patient, and one song.
Anonymous said…
name- jake
twitter- @wayoflivinghere
location- illinois
song- Ghost of You

every time i hear this song the mental reel will begin i see my dad in all of his shining glory and us together in his final hours at the time nothing wrong we were actually happy for once but by the i hear all of the pain in Gerard’s voice i remember my own as i held him in my arms listening to his final words of " Jacob i love you" as death takes him away from me i think all the stories ill never here all my unanswered question all the things that he never ever told me his smile ill never get back so in short regret and a haunting remorse for my past but in a way a romance ill treasure for all time
Bex said…
Name: Bex Saunders
Location: Hampshire, UK
Which song you're writing about:
Demolition Lovers

I first heard demolition lovers when I was 10 years old and it changed my life: I've always been an outcast and I finally felt that I wasn't alone. I've always been unmotivated and the line " but this time I mean it" haunted me as it gave me that little push that I needed in life. Of course, at the time, I didn't understand how dark the lyrics were and what the song was actually about but it didn't matter; I found comfort in My Chemical Romance.

"It okay to be messed up as there are 5 dudes who are just as messed up as you" - Gerard Way
Never has something as simple as a song made such a huge impact on my life!
Anonymous said…
Name: Anthony
Location: California
Song: Hang Em High
For my entry I will read a chapter of my three cheers for sweet revenge fan fiction.
"Dear god, I can't do this..." (but I can't turn back) I thought to myself as i squeezed the grip of the pistol. I saw the gun was cocked and ready to fire, I had my sights on em, but I was afraid to shoot. It all started this morning. I had suspicions my girl was cheating on me, with my own best friend. I walked up to him, we got in the car, drove him to work and said, "Hey, if anything were to happen to me, you'd take care of my girlfriend right?" hoping he'd crack under the pressure. " I'd die for you." he said with a smile. This hurt me more than ever. This was it, I know he leaves work early to be with my girl, so I was gonna catch him red handed. It was my only chance. I took the 45 out of my car's trunk and walked to the door of my house. I saw them there in my room together through the window. Small beads of sweat rolled across my face. I was so conflicted. Finally, I raised my gun and pointed it at my own best friend's head, then I fired, and even worse, I missed. He ran outside. "What was that for?" he questioned. "I know what you are up to. It's time to end this, fair, and square." I handed him a 45, we took ten paces backwards and on the count of 3, we drew our guns. Sweat run down my face, I saw my girlfriend crying in the corner of my eye, and I took all my rage, fear, and sadness, and pulled the trigger.
photo-em said…
Name: Emily
Location: Mexico

Um I picked Destroya, because when I listen to it I feel Strong and unashamed. Ever someone try to put me down or is insulting me or any offensive stuff that would put me down ... it is when I listen to Destroya. It's the perfect song to put my self-esteem high. It makes me deal with people. Because after at all, the only one that is weak, is the person that is trying to destroy you. So, that's what Destroya makes me feel... STRONG. About what I see... I see myself watching others with a eagle glance at the beginning of the song. ;)

amrhoad said…
Ghost Of dad died not to long ago and this song really helped me.then i fell In love with MCR.then the song had a whole different reason,it seemed like every thing went wrong. every time I hear this song I sit down and blast it as loud as I can
Anonymous said…
Name: Lulu Smith
Location: England
Twitter Handle: @xXLuluWayXx
Email Address:

Chosen Song: The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You.

I sit on the floor, with pictures of my Dad in my hand and reminisce about the times I had with him before drugs took over his life. "Gaze into her killing jar" to me means the way he loved the drug, and stared at it with as much love as he would my mum. "The hardest part of living" would be coming home and having to live with the fact he'd taken drugs, and he'd have to lie to us, to keep this a secret, so he could keep us with him. The next part, I see him going into a dark room, to do the drugs, basically signing a death certificate for himself (belle muerte, meaning beautiful death). Near the end, I am reminded of when he came close to death, and Im looking at him thinking what have you done to yourself, can't believe he is my dad. Nearer the end of the song, the imagery is fading to black, me not remembering about my dad when I'm growing up, and it turning on to me, this is the hardest part of living.
Anonymous said…
name: jessica
twitter: @intomyicyblues
location: blackpool, UK
song: demolition lovers

//a little soliloquy inpsired by this haunting song//

"The pounding of your heart tells me it's the end. You're bruised darling, and you're bleeding. We've been through it all, yet I’m still addicted to you. My entire meaning flashes before me. My scars tear open and I become vulnerable, buts it's ok in front of you, you understand. You’re the only one who has been with me.

As soon as you took my hand I knew it was meant to be, and any doubts I had were put to sleep. Remember those familiar hazy summer evenings when we used to just drive? You and I; miles of road ahead of us, not knowing whether we would make it out alive. The thrill of every single Chase and the adrenaline you gave me. I felt so alive.

We're dying now. They caught up with us. You said they wouldn't. You were wrong. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

We showed them how much we mean."

word count: 158
Lucy said…
Name: Lucy
Location: Hungary
Twitter name: @LuciaLeeWay

Song: This is how I disappear

“Can you hear me cry out to you?
Words I thought I'd choke on”

This song is so important to me, because it brings back memories of my dad. He didn’t die, like many of the other entries I read here.
We used to be very close; I would’ve trusted him with my life. I used to love going on road trips with him, where we would blast up the music in the car really loud and sing along together. He was my best friend.
About a year back he and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV. He had his arms around me, but I could sense that there was something wrong. He seemed colder and more distant than he usually was. Then he just got up, and left without a word. I haven’t seen him since.
I felt so alone and unloved every day since. I cut my wrists and almost killed myself, and then I listened to MCR for the first time, which really helped. They taught me that I am not alone. MCR really saved my life, and for that, I cannot thank them enough. For me, this song is mostly everything that I would say to my dad if I could.

“You wanna see how far down
I can sink?
Let me go!”

Thanks for reading it.
Anonymous said…
Name: Mick
Twitter: @roarcelona

Song: Helena

Helena gives me a wide range of mixed feelings. It is, of course, as a tribute to Gerard and Mikey's grandmother, a song of loss and sorrow, but it is also a song of love and remembrance.
My wife recently lost her last two Grandparents, and although they shared a long and rich life, it really hit her hard. For a while, when Helena came on in the car, she'd quickly skip the track, as it evoked sad and painful memories.
Yesterday (24th January, 2012), we shared the awesome experience of seeing My Chemical Romance live at the Eaton Hills Hotel in Brisbane, Australia. As the boys tore into Helena, I looked at my wife, to see how see was. She did have a tear in her eye, but it was matched with a beaming smile! Seems Helena now evokes happy and joyous memories for her! Whenever I hear Helena from now on, it's the memory of my wife's beautiful face last night that I'll be thinking about.
Cheers, Michael.
elfgirl23 said…
Name: Eleanor (aka Elf)
Location: Devon, UK
Twitter: @elfgirl23

Song: Famous Last Words

I've had a hard childhood. My dad walked out on me but tried to see my brothers. My mum almost kick me out my own home. My stepdad pushes me around. I've been bullied as long as I remember...

I became a self harmer. The night of my birthday, two close friends tried to kill themselves.
I thought, "Why bother with life?"
I had a knife. I ha my headphones too.
The words that came on said,
"I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone."
This song kept me alive.
And now, things may still be the same, but I can say that I can smile now.
Anonymous said…
Name: Immy
Location: England
Twitter: @Imogenik

For me, it's got to be Demolition Lovers - and it's nothing to do with the fact I have blue eyes. Romance is always a very weird concept to me, and it varies for pretty much everyone. Just the idea of dying for love, for ending it all right with the one you love, haunts me.. and yet, I can see why and how it could happen. I'd never say I've actually been in love, but the very idea of having such a deep, and actually painful - dare I say Chemical - romance is one that is terrifying and lovely at the same time. In some ways, I also see the seed of Danger Days and the Killjoys being planted, as I listen to Demolition Lovers, particularly important to me as the first time I ever saw MCR was on the World Contamination tour, and listening to this gives me hope, makes me feel part of a community, and shows me that romance and love can take many forms.
Name: Amber Raymer
Location: United States
Facebook URL:
Song: Skylines and Turnstiles

The amount of emotion put into Skylines and Turnstiles puts you directly in the middle of the collapse of the World Trade Center. Though the song is fast, there is a sense of hope and darkness in the lyrics at the same time. Gerard’s raw, scratchy voice reminds me of the coughing that was caused by the ashes spread throughout NYC. I imagine those stuck in the towers, lying on the ground hoping to escape the smoke the best they could while they prayed to be saved, those on the streets surrounded and blinded by a thick layer of gray dust, and the people on their feet on the other side of the country watching hopelessly as another plane headed toward the tower on their televisions. The fragile layer of glass that provided the citizens of the United States a false sense of security had finally been broken by the fatal attack. Our innocence had finally been broken like the song says. “And after seeing what we saw, can we still reclaim out innocence?”
Purple Killer said…
Name: Gabriela Lucia Castro Espejo
Location: Lima, Peru
Your Twitter handle: @GabrielaLCastro
Facebook URL:
Email address:

Which song you're writing about: The Kids From Yesterday

“Well now this could be last of all the rides we take”.
This song is really special it makes me feel sad & happy at the same time. This song makes me think and remember special persons that I lost, specially that line remind me the last thing I did or share with those persons. Also, this song has a special meaning ‘cause while listening this song happened things that I won’t forget ever. First when I went to the veterinary to get my dog to get to sleep, I was listening to the chorus, she was really special, she share 10 beautiful years with me, she was my loyal and true friend. Then the second one was when my mom told me that my grandfather died, he was a musician and he inspired me to be who I am today, I was living in other city because of university and that same day I bought my ticket to get back to my hometown to say the last goodbye to him, this song was one of his favorites and it was such a random thing that when they told me what happen I was listening that song; that day I sang to him in front of his coffin this song. And this remind too many things but I believe those are the most prominent.
Anonymous said…
name : alicia davis
location :australia
twitter: @FuckYeahCheers
song: the ghost of you.

About 3 years ago, a mate of my dads passed away. He was my mate too. He comitted suicide. I was depressed. He taught me how to ride horses because i ride horses. I dont know why he did it but the last time i saw him, hed fallen off my horse. I felt bad and ran up to my room. I didnt say anything to him or goodbye. I miss him so much. "all the things that you never ever told me, all the scars that are ever gonna haunt me" "never coming home" whenever im with some good mates, it rains. We believe its gabe. The ghost of you reminds me of him.
Anonymous said…
Name: Emily
Location: emgland
Twitter name:@GotMeBewitched

song- Demolition lovers

I'va had a really bad year. i've lost my grandparents and my brother. i'm not going to lie, i've only recently found MCR but there songs mean alot to all of my friends. There lyrics are so powerful, and come from the heart. They know what its like, they've been through it, the depression, the addictions, everything i can relate to. I cant really think of much else to say. But, Thanks.
Rina said…
Please include the following before your writing: 
Marina Truchet
Nottingham, UK
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address:
Which song you're writing about:

I'm choosing to write about Na Na Na, though it seems an obvious choice. See, I always quite liked MCR - they were catchy, I identified, but I never paid all that much attention. And then through random browsing on the web in college, I went on the website and crash-landed into the Art Is The Weapon video. I got it. I got why MyChem saves lives because that explosion of colour just reminded me that fuck it, sometimes you don't do that well in school and you still end up pretending to be superheroes for a living. I want to dye my hair? I'll goddamn do it. Na Na Na injected technicolour into my pastels and greys, gave me the courage to dye my hair blue like I'd wanted for so long, and got me hooked onto something that has made me friends and given me support. I sobbed with joy when I saw it live, stood close to a new buddy I'd end up travelling to London for just to hang out again, and it's given me a fan family where I feel included - sure, there's wank, but the good things are so, so good.
Gee Turner said…
My head, pounding like a drum,My ears, destined to hear pure beauty,Her breath cold and icy unlike her heart which was warm yet unclear. I close my eyes, breathe in as the ghost of you flickers into my brain like a hologram. I try to forget those words “never coming home” it just didn’t sound right. I once thought i knew you, quiet and patient, speechless and perfect. I could never forget you, but you start appearing, making me beg you too come back every time you drift away. I remember now, you felt all alone, like the mask had been taken off. I found you dyeing, you rested in my arms as you died, never leaving, i could make that out. Just to think about all the things that you never ever told me and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me. Your silent, piercing scream always in my head, never leaving. The only thing i tell myself, before i break down in terror and regret: If I’d died we’d be together.

Twitter: @MyChemicalShoe
Anonymous said…
Name: Isobel
Twitter: @IzzieWizzeh
Location: Surrey
Song: Demolition Lovers

I've chosen this song because it's the best song they've ever written in my mind...Here goes...

I stare into your icy blue eyes, the warmth of your hand against mine makes my heart pound. I know we can do this, I trust you. We set off, ammunition in the boot, let's end it all. I wish I could show you how you're my world, but you've chosen your fate, and I won't let you go alone. I'll drive on to the end with you. The air around us is so hot and dry, but our skin feels icy cold. Days fade, nights grow, we keep driving. We're escaping this world, so far away that no one will find us. Ever.
After days and nights we arrive at a remote spot in the desert, we're the only living things in sight. Not for long though.
Getting out the truck, I hold your hand as we reach for the boot, removing the guns, preparing for the end. I kiss your lips, one final time...
Simultaneously we pull the triggers, bullets disperse, loud explosions that only we can hear. Lead bullets hit us, shower us, like a thousand flames hitting us at once. We welcome it like a bed of roses. We fall, into the red. I touch your hand, I see your eyes, icy blue forever more.
Goodbye, my love.
Anonymous said…
Name: Katherine
Twitter: @GothicRevenge
Location: New York
Song: Destroya
I see Party Poison waking up in BLI and looking for his gun. He finds it, fires a blast, get's out of the bag and goes find Ghoul, Star, and Kobra. He goes to the basement, finds them and wakes them. He notices a calendar. The year is 2024. Poison is furious. They go up the stairs and start blasting Dracs. They open a door to find Korse and Director. Director yells "WHAT?! WEREN'T THEY -" Kobra shoots her and says "Dead." Korse tries to shoot Kobra but Poison runs in front of Kobra and is missed. Ghoul and Star help him and makes sure he's okay. Poison gets up and Korse is firing away. He tackles him down while yelling "SET A BOMB SO THIS PLACE IS GONNA EXPLODE IN 20 MINTUES! GO!" Puts his gun underneath his chin, says "Goodnight." and shoots him. When he gets to the main floor he see's Star, Ghoul, Kobra and Dracs on the floor. They run outside get the Trans-Am and drive off while BLI is exploding. Star says "We did it. We took down BLI." Ghoul shouts "HELL YEA! What's next?" Poison says "A new life."

Word Count: 193
Anonymous said…

I'm in a dark room, sitting in a chair. "Where am I?" A spotlight shines hard on a head on my right showing I was on a stage. "For what you did to me, what I'll do to you!" the head shouts along with the flashing light. "You get what everyone else gets, you get a life time!" We both scream. Throwing my chair behind me, I escaped outside into an ally-way, I was scared out of my mind. The head in human-form, appears and pins me against a wall as it rained. "Things get harder!" he yells. The man's knees buckle. Dying. His jet-black wet bangs drape his face as he falls on his side to the puddled cement. Taking his last breath he goes limp. I stare, scarred. Suddenly the man opens his eyes, bloodshot, and black. He helps himself up and takes a gun from his jacket and takes my hand to run. Running past people on the sidewalk he takes their lives one by one with the shot of his gun, and hands me one as well to do the same. Anyone who doubted us before, were now all dead and gone.
Stephanie said…
Name: Stephanie
Twitter: @plaidsneakers
Location: Mercedes, TX

Song: SING

When I hear sing I see color and light clashing against the darkness. I see people taking a stand against injustice. I see chaos and I see beauty combining. I see people of all backgrounds coming together in unity like a beautiful chorus. I see myself running and singing amongst fellow fans and other folks alike not taking the shit they keep flinging at us. I see people marching forward and SING is their battle cry.
When shit hits the fan and feels like shattered pieces, SING makes me feel better. SING gives me hope. SING gives me strength. SING reminds me that I am not alone. It gives me the courage to speak my mind and encourage others to do so as well. I literally feel this warmth inside of me and I get overcome with emotion when I hear this song. I’ve always had a hard time expressing emotion with people, but music is so easy to love. SING is MCR’s love for us and telling us to be ourselves.
SING is a reminder for me to never give up no matter how insignificant or unimportant I feel. I have a voice and I am important.
Gaby said…
Name: Gabriela
Song: Zero Percent
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina

It’s been ten years since the last time i saw them,they went for me and the only one who left that place alive was me.
For my family,the ones who gave their life for me,today they’ll finally rest in peace.
I spent too many hours of my life planning this shit in silence and today is the day,I’m gonna send them to a trap and we’re gonna have fun in hell together.
I went to SCARECROW with my lucky outfit ,a couple of days after they were killed I found a trash hole with Poison’s mask,Goul’s tshirt ,Jet’s jacket and kobra’s bandana.
My plan is working great ,they’re following me .I run so fast that my feet ache under the dirt but my smile is huge and I can feel it,we’re so close.
We’re finally here,HE’s here with his wicked smile; they’re surrounding me pointing their guns in my direction. I have my mask on,I’m not afraid. I search for the button in my pocket ,I see you later guys I yell,this won’t end here,but I won’t be alone to fight ,my brothers will be with me. Let’s blow.

words: 200
(((Sorry i sent one earlier but it was the wrong one)))
SerenityXStar said…
Name: Michelle
Location: NY, USA
Twitter: SerenityXStar
Email address:

‘Kids From Yesterday’

I don’t think there’s a MCR song I don’t like. But recently, Kids From Yesterday has really come to the forefront of my mind. When I originally hear the song, it struck me as somewhat sad. ‘Well now this could be the last of all the rides we take’ can definitely be taken as some sort of goodbye, or parting words.

However, really listening to the words and thinking about the title, it actually gives me a deep sense of nostalgia. We are the kids from yesterday… All of us are. Everything we went through, everything we once were. All of our past memories and experiences are still a part of us. They make us who we are.

The band is the same. All the good they’ve been through, all of the hard, miserable times. They’ve all grown from what they’ve survived, come out the other side and found happiness. I find a great deal of hope in that and it harkens back to their original message. No matter how messed up you are, how much of an outcast you feel, you’re not alone. We’re in it together.

‘Here we are and we won't stop breathing’.

(196 words)
Anonymous said…
Name: Julie
Location: Philippines
Twitter: @julieChemical Facebook:
Which song you're writing about: Desert Song

When I hear this song, I can always imagine this story:

I enter through a hallway, into a room of weeping crowd. The atmosphere around the place is so gloomy. A melancholy music is playing out of nowhere. Suddenly, I see all of my friends in the world coming. For the first time they’re all here – complete. Wow, I feel delightful coz they’re all here. I try to talk to them, I try to hug them, but I just can’t. What is happening? Why aren’t they talking to me? Why don’t they care about me? But wait…. they are crying. Did someone just die?
There’s a flock of people in front, around a thing. What’s that… a coffin? Someone really died. Oh, I feel sorry for her.
But as I move closer, I can see myself lying in that coffin. No way…it was me, who died. I cry… it’s all I can do now.
But I think dying can also be beneficial.
... When I was still living, no one really cared about me, but now that I died… they are all here,… present, in my funeral. I am able to gather them all at once, which was hard for me to do when I was still living. So tonight, it comes.

Well, tonight…. Well, tonight… will it ever come… spend the rest of your days, rocking out, just for the dead…

Sooner or later, we will also fall down…after all.
Georgia Carole-Ann Williams said…
Name - Carole-Ann
Location - London, England
Facebook -

Song - Summertime

This makes me think about my sister, Tara (6).
The beginning makes me think of how one day i'll take her to her first live - she already loves MCR :) (when the lights go out...)
Tara can be rough (with brick in hand - scraped up knees) but also really girly (lip gloss smile)
I would wait forever for her if i had to, she's everything to me. She gets teased at school already, and she's a little bit emo-toddler - she can run away with me whenever she wants, in the dark and out of harm.
I've always been kinda afraid of her being like me coz of things that've happened to me and affected me (terrified of what id be, as a kid from what i've seen). The rest of that verse is because people always try to make Tara be someone else, and then just smash her down coz she's different. She plays loud music when so goes to sleep - blocking out the sound of the world, and i hope one day she'll be happier with who she is and wont need to anymore. I love her and always will, no matter what - even though she's evil ;)
Anonymous said…
Name: Julie
Location: Philippines
Twitter: @julieChemical Facebook:
Which song you're writing about: Desert Song

When I hear this song, I can always imagine this story:

I enter through a hallway, into a room of weeping crowd. The atmosphere around the place is so gloomy. A melancholy music is playing out of nowhere. Suddenly, I see all of my friends in the world coming. For the first time they’re all here – complete. Wow, I feel delightful coz they’re all here. I try to talk to them, I try to hug them, but I just can’t. What is happening? Why aren’t they talking to me? Why don’t they care about me? But wait…. they are crying. Did someone just die?
There’s a flock of people in front, around a thing. What’s that… a coffin? Someone really died. Oh, I feel sorry for her.
But as I move closer, I can see myself lying in that coffin. No way…it was me, who died. I cry… it’s all I can do now.
But I think dying can also be beneficial. When I was still living, no one really cared about me, but now that I died… they are all here,… present, in my funeral. I am able to gather them all at once, which was hard for me to do when I was still living. So tonight, it comes.

Well, tonight…. Well, tonight… will it ever come… spend the rest of your days, rocking out, just for the dead…
Sooner or later, we will also fall down…after all.
Anonymous said…
Name: Shae
Location: United States

Song: Ghost of You

I cannot be the one to say that My Chemical Romance saved my life, but I can say that they did bring me back to the reality I needed to embrace, instead of filling it with a black hole. This song helped me accomplish just that. The first time I had listened to it, by a simple accident, I had cried for the first time in a long time. Through the lyrics and the way the band sung and played with such passion that I had been lacking, it made me realize that there are some things worth looking forward to in life. That, and even when death comes, you know that you have made an impact on someone, and they will miss and remember you. Even now, two years later, I listen to the song and feel that aching but relieving pain in my chest that tells me, life is definitely worth living.

I wish it didn't sound so sappy, or have to be put in so many words, but there is no simple way to describe what lyrics, beats, and true heart in a song can do to a single person. Even bring them back to the reality that is definitely worth seeing.
Francesca said…
Name: Francesca
Location: London
Email address:
Twitter: @ligxo
Song: The Kids from Yesterday

I found MCR at the perfect time in my life, just as I was entering adolescence and starting to understand that the world was not the idyllic, wonderful place I had perceived it to be when I was a child. It took me a very long time to come to terms with how ugly the world could be and listening to kids really helped me through this. To me this song is a message to the child in all of us, it says “hey, there are a lot of bad people out there but it’s okay, we can get through this together and make something beautiful out of it.” It reminds me that I am not alone and that no matter how hopeless and powerless you feel you can change the world and do something fantastic with your life. This song gives me the strength to get up every day with a smile on my face and to be the person I want to be. MCR didn’t save my life; they helped me understand it and to find a positive direction. We are the Kids from Yesterday and Today we can change the world for the better.
Chester Weasel said…
Name: Molly

Location: Connecticut, USA


Twitter: @mcrfreakxD

Song: "Summertime"

Okay. To start everything off, from day one of my life I've always felt like a total failure. I would always think, "You're worthless. There's no point. You're fat. You're ugly. No one will ever love you".I thought that I'd just end up commiting suicide... But one day everything changed. God knowns why I let my friends drag me to the school dance, but what I didn't know was that I'd find my saviour. I met someone who made feel like I was special, and I DID HAVE A POINT. So whenever I hear this song, I think of him and I just running, hand in hand, just smiling and laughing. Free from all the chains and horrors. When Gerard said this song was about love, I just thought "pfft... No one loves me nor ever will." But now I truly understand what he means and feels when he sings "You can run away with me, anytime you want."
Name: Hannah W
Location: Brighton UK
@raygunsinner /

---exactly 200 words---
"When I hear Kids From Yesterday, a vibrant purple sky appears in my mind, the skyline moving in time to the song as a silhouette of skyscrapers, and yellow palm trees. When the high pitched synth comes in at about 35 seconds, think pink ribbons sear through the sky, as a turquoise block is placed in the scene every time the drum beats. Tetris like pink and yellow blocks are built on a navy sky during the chorus, and then in the bridge a desert rush more of pink ribbons, now with yellow ones fly through my brain. The ‘whoo’ noise in the outro is like an arctic blast, white and blue, swirling everywhere. This is all what happens in my head, due to my synaesthesia.
But when I think of what this song means to me; it represents all the incredible times I have had seeing them, being a part of the music and the amazing people I have met. The band’s impact on me is all represented in it. It reminds me I am not my mistakes, or my past- I need to love the world and live in the moment. ‘Hold on tight and don’t look back.’"

Thanks Cassie and have a nice day :)
Anonymous said…
Name: Lorien

Location: USA


Song: Our Lady of Sorrows

When I hear this song, countless memories go through my head. But there’s one in particular that I prefer to relive.

One of the most incredible moments of my life was spent in a adrenaline-fueled sea of exhausted and aching bodies. I could hardly expand my chest enough to breathe, yet all I remember is giving what little oxygen I had in me to scream the words to this song at the top of my lungs. &using what was left of my voice to say thank you in the best way I knew how.

The least I could do was everything in my power to show my favorite band that their music was not wasted on me.

Because of this song, when I get knocked to the ground, I stand right back up and I stand up fucking tall. This song has taught me that the #1 rule at a My Chem show applies to the rest of the world. When you see someone getting pushed under by the crowd or drowning in the chaos, you take their fucking hand and pull them back to their feet. And then together you scream until your black little hearts explode.
Rebekah said…
Name: Rebekah
Location: Belfast, UK
Twitter: CrashDiamond_23
Song: Helena

I've had many different favourite MCR songs. There's been Ghost, It's Not A Fashion Statement, I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, Famous Last Words, Cancer, This Is The Best Day Ever, Our Lady of Sorrows, Summertime and many more. But at the moment it's Helena. Helena was one of the first MCR songs I ever heard. It always seemed like an emotional song, but I didn't realise its meaning until I became a big MCR fan. Recently, my grandmother has become ill and I'm getting worried about her. She has been a great inspiration to me musically and she has always been there for me. If it was not for my visits to her house every Saturday, playing her piano from I was 3 years old, I would never have realised my musical talents and I don't know what I would do if I lost her. Right now, I feel like I can totally relate with Gerard and Mikey after their loss 9 years ago. This song is perfect on so many levels. Thank you My Chemical Romance and thank you Elena Lee Rush; who without, MCR may never have existed. You've changed so many lives. (exactly 200 words)
Anonymous said…
Name: Emily
Locaion: Massachusetts
Twitter: bread_fairy
Song: The Kids From Yesterday

You’d think a tiny teenage girl at her first rock concert, standing in the middle of a storm, drowning in a noisy wave of thousands of wild strangers' moving bodies, having never experienced anything so bold and passionate in her life, might feel scared.

But I loved it. I felt indestructible when that song began to play. There, soaked and shivering in the millionth row, the lyrics flew from the stage and stuck right into my chest, and I was infinite.

Young and loaded.

I could feel the future ahead of me. I felt special, with so many ideas, so much art to create and lights to make and things to change. I was unlimited, energized, an unstoppable force, ready to take over the world. It was mine.

Then, in a split second I realized that I wouldn’t feel this way forever.
I’m growing up. I’m running out of time. This energy will be gone someday, and I had to hold onto it. I needed to be able to look back on my life and smile.

I had to be something.

My tears fell as hard as the raindrops. I just lifted my pounding head to the sky and screamed.
mcrmom said…
"Kill All Your Friends"

In April 2008 we drove to Chicago to meet up with an online friend and her daughter to see MCR in a small theatre. My friend is a skin-cancer survivor, but her doctor had recently warned her of a possible recurrence.

I wasn’t devastated, but my heart sank at the thought of losing someone who’d become so important to me, at just about the time when our friendship was really starting to flourish. I was too chicken to try for the pit—the crowd that night was brutal—and so she stood with me as we watched MCR together for the first time.

The energy of the band that night was amazing, and I think they played “Kill All Your Friends” as the third song. Anyway, after a reminder that life is so fragile, there we were, singing along to the defiant, fuck-you phrases in the song’s bridge:

You’ll never take me alive/you’ll never take me alive/Do what you need to survive/and I’m still here.

That song reminds me not to give up; to try to stand up, and not just take whatever’s aimed at me.

BTW, my friend was healthy, and remains so to this day.
Francesca said…
I was planning to do a non-serious entry in return for your filling in the Census, and talk about 'Snowflake'(it's MCR for little people!); also I could write a book about each song... But then I remembered 'Summertime' and decided it's time to be honest, even if it's on the Internet.

When I first heard the song, I made it relate to myself, because at the time I was in love and thought the hell of it would never end. I wasn't ready for it to either. I could empathise with the love G sang about but, as much as I loved the person, I couldn't feel the hope and happiness he did, and wanting to hurt almost as much as being in love did. Nowdays I'm over the person and ready to move on with my life. It's inspiring, in a world fraught with divorce after two years, to see Gerard and Lindsey as happy as they are... Listening to 'Summertime' now makes me sad and angry, because I remember how painful everything was, and how much time and energy I wasted over her, but I also look forward to finding someone to run away with.

*197 words. (and it's still not serious, I don't fancy having to explain to the world where the new shiny merch came from. Everyone else's answers, by the way, are amazing. I like the one about the kid at the Hammersmith Apollo. Shutting up now.)*
Anonymous said…
Name: Katia
Location: Lima-Peru
Twitter: katiaviles
Song: Drowning Lessons

I only dream, only wonder. But we only talk as we always did. Daily goodbyes are as the ones you send her. I’ve been counting, and the amount of time we've been doing this never mind, cause tomorrow we’ll do it again. I keep imagining those days I’m wanting. But when we meet I always expect more than you actually want to give me. I don’t even notice. I’ll do anything to show you every thought in my mind, because you’re good and lonely as I want you to be. Am I sound as you said? But not enough, cause I’m a wreck of black flowers and sorrows with a red mind you never see. I ought to play it bad as I drown, because guts left me since you were gone. I lack of sanity, you’ve just got it all. We are sober tonight, still, but with the hearts burned inside. I spend time that I don’t have thinking of you and I loathe myself because everything you do to me is deadly and I should get you out of my head. I just can’t make you go but I wish you away.
Anonymous said…
Name: Stephanie
Location: California
Twitter: @AlkalineKilljoy
Song: The Kids From Yesterday

Several Haikus to form one big poem!

Earphones in my ears
Will make the world disappear
Instantly, press play.

From here I travel
Great explosions heard
In MY land of fearlessness.

Many memories
Smiles and times of shameful fear
I will reminisce

Together they shape
My triumphant survival
Do not doubt yourself.

In my head ring words
Many times spoken aloud
Yet not less special

By this band, My Chem
Spark my creativity
Always my backbone.

I see four fine men
Riding under desert skies
With an army close

Guns loaded with love
Minds that mastered their demise
Look what we've become.

Lies, rumors, and hate
They have all defiantly

Before the song ends
This army scatters off on
Horses with no name.

I return back home
Happier and enlightened
I still wave goodbye.

I am one soldier
Whose pieces were found
Steph: A kid from yesterday.
Annie said…
Name: Annie Sikander
Location: Valencia, Spain
Twitter: ofburlesque
Which song you're writing about: Heaven Help Us

This song makes me think of all the different parts of my life, but I also think it's trying to reflect on the state of the world. Whenever I listen to it, the first thing that comes to mind is religion, because as a kid, it had meant a lot to me, but as I grew up and became more 'jaded', I guess, my faith started deteriorating completely, until I wasn't sure what I believed in, and it's like, praying to someone, screaming at them to save you, but they don't even look at you. In that same mindset, it makes me think of how most of the people in this world are too selfish and self-absorbed to pay someone else the slightest bit of attention, even if they're lying on the pavement and screaming in pain. It's something I've experienced: reaching out to someone for help and being ignored because they just can't be bothered to deal with anyone else and would rather pour more hurt on them (cover me in gasoline again). So, in conclusion, this song has a lot of importance for me because it perfectly describes personal problems and problems in society.
Ellis Page said…
Name: Ellis Page.
Location: Essex, England.
Twitter: @crashintomyarms
Song: Cancer

His ribs were as piano ivories. Powdered skin spanned a fragile frame. He ran his palms along the length of his torso and groaned slightly - ploughing his brittle claws into the hollow trenches that deepened with each passing day. As he pressed on the protrusions with calloused fingers amidst the gauzy off-white, a cracking sounded: the skin that enshrouded them, a veil of indignity. The labyrinth of vascular blue was barely concealed beneath the translucency of it.

With the tensing of his fist upon a polystyrene cup, his knuckles were mountainous peaks. A water-drop glistened as it slid from chin to collar bone - illuminating his chiselled features as it frantically trailed away into nothingness. His lips were chapped and coarse; a paler shade than that of the surrounding skin - only emphasising the anguish which accompanied his affliction.

Inhaling slowly, he lowered his heavy eyelids. Extending a sinewy arm outwards, he began to scrawl into a tightly-bound, leather note book. In it, the boy began to confess his innermost thoughts and desires. In it, he confessed to a world that had long since given up on him:
"The hardest part of this is leaving you."
Anonymous said…
Name: Aoife.
Location: Ireland.
Twitter: @BlackMagickRose.
Song: House of Wolves.

Laughing manically, she twirled amidst the burning embers of the once glorious past. Her blood stained feet kicking up the soft ashes as she spun in circles amongst the blackened, gnarled trees. Power flooded her veins as the red mist of the bloated sunset set her skin aglow. The toxic fumes that enveloped her could not stifle her passion as her bitter cries rang out through the uprooted forest; a lonely, echoing howl in the wind amongst the dying screams that had faded away. She was alone, but free.
“Tell me I’m a bad man,
Kick me like a stray
Tell me I’m an angel
Take this to my grave.”
They could never hurt again.
Her oath was signed in blood in a contract of pain.
House of Wolves is the embodiment of the anger we’ve felt at some point in our lives; the burning hatred we couldn’t express for our suppressors and the rage that coursed through our veins when we were told that we could never be enough. I was struck by the vehemence that laces its lyrics. I see myself as the girl dancing among the flames, laughing amidst her nightmare, refusing to lie down and burn.
Anonymous said…
Name: Thea
Location: Norway
Email address:
Twitter: @thealovemcr
Song: The Ghost of you

“And all the things that you never ever told me”

For three (soon four) years, my inspiration and my lovely grandma died. She was an optimistic, fair, loved, kind and friendly woman. Her warm smile helped me whenever I was sad or when I had a difficult time. When I hear on The Ghost of you, I think about different things that happened when she lived. One of the things was or tour in the store, two months before she died. She bought me an early birthday present. A bike! She said it was because she thought I had more use for it now, but really she knew that she would die before my birthday. The song makes me cry, because of missing and because I know what the text means. My feelings are the strongest when I hear the sentence: “And all the things that you never ever told me”. Then I feel sadness, love, happiness for the good times we had but for the most missing. Like in The Ghost of you, her smiles haunt me every day. I love her, and The ghost of you remind me always of her.

“And all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me"
It’s three words over, I hope it’s allright :). And sorry my English.
Anonymous said…
Name: Kali (VenomAgent)
Location: USA
Twitter handle: @firearnok
Which song you're writing about: Demolition Lovers

The harmonies, the slow parts, the hard bits. The romanticism & heartache... LOVE. Powerful love. A broken love... & I feel it. It's as if I come alive into the song. Once I start singing it, I cannot stop until the song has finished. I sort of transform into these characters. These lovers... Unknowingly, I've always had the ideal imagery for this in my head: the car, the road, the starcrossed lovers... the trunk full of ammunition... everything. Snow, a car crash. Red. Blood. Roses. The screaming. The artistry is so, so strong here. I feel as if the two ran away together, but there was a car crash. She was killed & he wants to avenge her. He NEEDS to. She was his everything. His world.
"Know how much I want to show you, you're the only one... like a bed of roses there's a dozen reasons in this gun."
I feel in my heart every single emotion throughout this song as I sing it. It's so powerful. So resonant. I almost feel, for that moment, like I'm living it. To this day, "Demolition Lovers" has the highest playcount out of any song in my entire music catalog.
Anonymous said…
Name: Raven
Song: The Ghost Of You
Location: California
I was home alone as usual. I had just found out I had a step brother the previous day, and I felt depressed that he died when he was only 8 ten years before my birth. I listened to the ghost of you and fell asleep, I got a feeling as if someone was watching me. I felt cold. I saw my brother as a little kid, running and playing as I would do when I was young. I saw him with his girlfriend as a teenager, they looked so happy, and then blood stained tears dripped from his eyes as I saw him as a kid again, but now he was bald, and he was going to the hospital screaming in pain. And I walked over his hospital bed, tried to tell him he wasn't alone, I tried to tell him I love him, but he couldn't see me. I screamed and cried as I heard a flatline, the organ ending the song, and my brother's final breath. It made me feel somewhat lucky, I lived through everything he never had. And though I was sad, I had to earn this. The right to live is something not everyone gets. Love you little brother, always will.
Vritika said…
Name: Vritika
Location: India
Twitter: @MCRmy_India or @Vritika23

The song I'd have to say is The Kids From Yesterday. Its become my all time fave MCR song and personally its seen me through rough times this year. The thing is that the song is full of HOPE. I normally pride myself in the fact that no matter what happens to me, I never regret it because it makes me who I am and the song really brings that entire message out with just the first two lines. Its always reminding me that things will get better, that the journeys only just begun and things will end up being okay. And one day i'll be able to look back and be proud of what i've been through just like MCR have over these 10 years.
Very simple but there you have it :)
Anonymous said…
Name: Ying Ying Cheng
Location: Taiwan
Twitter: @ying2C

I choose to write about Cancer because my grandpa has cancer and the doctor had told us that he doesn’t have much time left. As a kid, I was very close to my grandpa, he would take me on his motorbike every afternoon after I finish school, and drive through different parts of the town to show me new places or to get to candies, and we would sing songs on the bike to pass time. But when I was 10, my parents and I had to move to Vietnam, and I slowly lose my closeness with him since I only see him for about 10 days each year.

When listening to Cancer, I remember the times we spent together and the songs we sang. And I regret that I am not as close with him as I used to be when I was young, but, I still love him. The song also reminds me that I should treasure the remaining time I have with him and mean every words I say to him.

And thank you for holding this contest
Anonymous said…
Name: Rhiannon R.
Twitter: ad0ration
Song: I don't love you.
Location: Scotland.

He felt like the strongest singer in the world. He could never be that powerful, never be as infinite when his eyes were closed and his voice was open. But one day, he was so angry that he sang so loud, he broke his voice. He broke it so he couldn't stop. 
Believe it or not, his heart had been weak.
They know how alive you get before you have to break yourself.

Twenty six minutes into that day was the first time he really felt gravity. He flew. Toes scraping against the air tanks every tearful little girl in the crowd, every tearful little girl that couldn't be.
His knees were weaker.
Anonymous said…
Name: Nia Hayden
Song: hang 'em high
location: Fremont, California

"The angels just cut out her tongue." What is religion? Is it fact or is it just a way to silence the majority of the population that you force to believe you. This is a question i struggled with when my parents sent me to a private, christian school. I learned about a God who loves everyone and will protect you and who accepts everyone. If this is true why is there so much suffering, so many suicides, so many people who have no hope for survival, why is there so much pain, why are so many people dying when they shouldn't be. I came to the conclusion that if God exists he doesn't give a fuck about me because if he did i wouldn't want to kill myself every moment i'm alive.

"She wont stop me." this reminds me that one day i will stop letting my parents hold me back and i will tell them who i really am. I will stop hiding 99% of who i am from the world. You see my parents do not let me listen to rock/screamo/punk rock but i do and my parents hate me for it. so i try to hide it but one day i wont and my parents will never stop me again.
Eddie Vega said…
Name: Eddie Vega
Location: Colorado
Twitter Handle: statcdstruction

"Turn my headphones up real loud
I don't think I need them now
'Cause you stop the noise out"

Today, I will be writing about Summertime. This song is meaningful to me because of the feeling it gives me when thinking of my wife. This reminds me that through all I have been through, she's there to pick me up. Through all our struggles, it reminds me why we wandered into the world together. Without fear of where we would end up.

As the lyrics mentioned state, I don't need anything to block out the noise when she's around, because she already does that for me. No matter how tough things get we can always run away together. Anytime We Want.

(sorry for the short response, did it over my phone.)
Anonymous said…

The name of the song alone fills me with images I’d rather leave behind.

I am a cancer survivor and The Black Parade came out just before I began treatment. Listening to Cancer brings me back to the days of sitting in that hospital bed. Waking up after surgery and smiling because Mom made sure to have an MCR album playing as soon as I was wheeled in. I recall the images of friends and family smiling as though to tell me things would be alright.

Mostly when I hear Cancer I don’t recall images or see flashes of a patient that was much like me. Instead, a great flood of emotion sweeps over me. I feel overwhelmingly strong. I WAS a patient.

Tears well up while I sing along and the relief washes over me. Because Cancer reminds me that it is, in fact, past tense. I WAS a patient. And I made it out alive.

All of My Chemical Romance’s songs are intense and bring about incredible imagery and intense emotion. For me, Cancer has always hit home and despite its sadness it gives me a great deal of faith that I can make it through anything.
ListyRayne said…
Name: ListyRayne
Location: Slaughter, LA
Twitter: @ListyRayne
Which song you're writing about: Heaven Help Us

Heaven help us brings to mind very vivid images. I see warrior angels, screaming, as they stream down to earth. I see a woman cutting herself, blood running down her arm, and tears running down her face, and she's praying as she does this. Then I see a man that resembles Gerard in an old hotel room going from pacing the floor, to laying in the old bed, curled up in fetal position, screaming, tears running down his face. Then he's running up the steps of a grand cathedral, tripping and screaming, spitting up blood, as the warrior angels fly overhead. Then I see the woman and the man both screaming out, "Someone save us!" Then the man, who looks like Gerard, starts laughing, looking up into the cathedral. He runs in, and sees the crucifix and falls to his knees in front of it. Then I see both the woman and man. The woman is in bed, bandages on her cuts, sleeping. It was all her dream.
Janet said…
Name: Janet Rosales
Location: VA, USA
Song: Famous Last Words

Afraid of spiders, sure.
Afraid of heights, maybe.
Afraid of people, yup.

I've had a tough life,
my childhood memories have been scarred with gross things.
I've been used,
need I say more?
I've been bullied,
my friends became my enemies.
But what could I have done?
Who cares.

How I managed to make it through high school,
I'll never know for sure.
People were kind to me,
but I wasn't nice to myself.
I believed I didn't deserve happiness.
I was lonely in a crowd of happy faces.
Critisism hits you hard,
especially when it's not just from others,
but from yourself.

So with these words,
i've learned to live through the pain of my past:
"I am not afraid to keep on living"
and "I am not afraid to walk this world alone."
I've done it before,
I can do it again.

Forgetting the past is a hard thing to do,
but I sure as hell won't kill myself over it.
Instead, I'll help others who suffer.
I want to be a hero,
just like those who I look up to: Gee, Ray, Frank and Mikey.
KaySabaku said…
Name: Hannah Koerner
Location: Ohio
Email address:
Which song you're writing about: Save Yourself (I’ll Hold Them Back)

I ducked under the familiar hole in the fence, and carefully took my first steps into the wildly overgrown grass. I could hear from the rustling behind me that Ella was doing the same. I grinned and started off towards the well-worn path of bent stalks that signaled the way to the tunnels.
Within a few minutes we’d made our way to our favorite space- the wide expanse of concrete tunnels that winded throughout the field. I dropped down so that my back was resting on the rough stone. We both had an important biology test the next day, but for once I was perfectly content to take advantage of my high average to even it out. Ella smiled down at me, and I could tell that for the first time in a long time that she was having a good day. She was happy.
I stretched out my legs- clad in polka-dotted tights- and admired the space around us. It was no easy feat to find a private space in our tiny Ohioan town, but here we were perfectly cut off from the rest of the world. I felt free.
“So, your favorite?” she asked.
“Definitely ‘Save Yourself.”
Anonymous said…
Name: Jamie Morales
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Twitter: @Jamie41only

Song: Our Lady Of Sorrows

This band has helped me out so much, it has given me courage and just hearing Gerard singing this song gives me hope, he says stand up for who you are and whatever is real to you and thanks to the whole band I have. I have gotten more faith and courage to keep on, it inspires me the sound of the guitars, bass and drums in the background gets me all pump up. I love dark imagery and this is just like my drug, life is just a huge mystery along with the people in there some mean good and others mean harm, and its hard to know who is who. I’ve been hurt many times, trusted many who didn’t deserve my help and this songs helps, this riddle of revenge, it calms me down, takes the tears away and all, I no longer feel anything else but the calmness and energy from the song, it helps me stay sane, it helps me stay alive and I love this band for making me the many emotions I never felt before with just their music and lyrics, their my only hope.
Paloma Perez said…
Paloma Perez
Santa Fe, NM
Twitter: @PalomaXPerez;

I could talk about so many songs by My Chemical Romance that evoke any kind of emotion or reaction from me. I am going to write about "Cancer." Before this was just a very sad and raw song for me, but since February 2011, it is so much more. My mom was diagnosed with cancer.
The first time it came on my IPod after the news, I broke down and had to stop it.
I could not hear it for about two months without crying, it made upset.
However, after going with her to her chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries it became so much more.
"Counting down the days to go. It just ain't living."
She said she wanted to die, because it was so hard to go through it all. She was hospitalized often and she lost her hair and strenght. She was ready to give up. She once said she only was fighting for me. Her daughter she was doing it to not leave me."The hardest part of this is leaving you."
I heard "Cancer" live April 9, 2012, and I broke down again but with understanding and pride. I was proud of my mom for fighting. But also of MCR for writing something so raw and real about how patients feel about cancer.They made a song to show what how cancer patients really feel. It is beautiful. This song has a whole new meaning for me. Today she had what we hope is her last surgery. She is on her way to become a survivor of Cancer.
Anonymous said…
Name: Mariana Morlote
Twitter: QuiteRomantic
Song: Cancer
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

My mom died of cancer when I was 10 years old. No one told me anything about what was going on when she got sick and I was too little and didn't know anything about what cancer was.
I always felt angst against the grown-ups and my mom for not explaining me anything, and for not letting me see her one last time, but when I first heard Cancer and I pictured my mom going through all that pain, thinking that probably all those thoughts went through her mind while she was lying in bed waiting for the death to take her away, I couldn't keep on being resentful. It made me think that maybe if my mom didn't do anything to see us it was just because she didn't want us to remember her like that. She wanted us to keep a healthy, happy memory of her in our minds.
This song has done something for me that none of my relatives or friends ever could: Make me forgive my mother and realize how hard it was for her, and that I should be happy that all her pain is gone.
Juju said…
Name: Juanita
Location: New Zealand
Twitter: MCRmyNZ

Song: I'm Not Okay

I’ve chosen the song I'm Not Okay is because this one reached me both physically & mentally. Growing up at school was the worse time of my life, right from the age of 3 I was disliked by those around me, I was beaten & teased by both boys and girls, I lost count of the amount of bleeding noses boys would give me and I knew it wasnt right because I was a girl and was being beaten by a boy but i refused to tell my mom because I didn't want to make matters worse, this continued throughout my school life.
One day when watching tv i saw the INO video, it was there sitting alone and listening to the lyrics that something came over me, for once I didn't feel helpless, I felt like someone understood me, that I wasn't the only one out there that felt alone or different, I felt that this song had been written for me, that it was about me, it gave me confidence not to care what people thought anymore, to be myself & not give a fuck, it opened my eyes to the world, taught me confidence & to believe in myself.
Mary McComish said…
Name: Mary McComish
Location: Calgary, Canada
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: @maryinjune
Which song you're writing about: “Welcome to the Black Parade”

I was born with a spinal disability called Scoliosis. It’s where your spine curves. Because I was born with it, rather than developing it in puberty like most girls, I’ve had to have multiple surgeries. I’ve probably had around twenty back surgeries which have, unfortunately, left my back looking like a “roadmap” with scars going up, down, and diagonally on my back.

Last year, I found out that I had been called a hunchback and that really broke me. I stopped writing and caring about everything. I’d already had image issues and this didn’t help at all.

It was MCR who help me come out of this mini depression and feel more comfortable in my own skin. “Welcome to the Black Parade” was the first song I ever heard from this band and it reminds me of how it’s been a glorious five years of them being my favourite band. Also, the words “I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scar” has an obvious personal meaning for me and I hope to get that tattooed with the word “scars” instead of “scar”.
Cosette said…
Name: Cosette
Location: Toronto, Ontario, CA.
Twitter handle: @ThrottleM0nster
Song: Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

I was torn on which song to choose for my entry. All of their songs have helped me in different ways, at different times. This song in particular struck me last year. I was halfway through my first semester of university. I wasn't adjusting to my new living arrangements well, and I'd resorted to self-medicating my anxiety and depression the way I always seem to, with drugs, alcohol and self-harm. I knew what I was doing wasn't healthy, but music just wasn't doing it for me. I couldn't understand it. It had been a long time since I felt that empty. I was scared. I was beginning to think that maybe I'd been right all those years ago. I just wasn't supposed to be here anymore. I really was a waste. Hearing this song gave me the jolt that I needed. I was 12 years old again, sitting on my bedroom floor listening to Revenge, hearing the guys say, "You’re not done. Not yet, no fucking way. Get up, take my hand. You’re not alone." It reminded me how far I’d come, that I can keep going. I will NEVER be a lost cause. This song is my victory anthem.
Vanessa Wieland said…
Name: Vanessa W.
Location: Kentucky
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: W_RQM
Which song you're writing about: Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)

I love MCR in all their forms, from Bullets-era to current, but so many of the other songs are weighted down for me with emotional association, and often not great ones. While all of those songs have provided comfort, there was insecurity, too. Na Na Na reminded me not to take myself, or this band, so effin' seriously. To have fun, be brave, live MY life of MY terms and stop worrying about everything else so much. To go for it. This song inspired me to do my first art show, to go for the job I wanted (and finally got), and has become the soundtrack for what I've achieved in the past year+. Shit may not be okay, but it's still okay to have some fun. And make some noise.
Anonymous said…
Name: Tamara Alcantara
Location: Long island, New York
Twitter: @MCRmygirl25
Song: The kids from yesterday

I've seen MCR a few times before but for some reason their show on the Honda civics tour is the one that sticks out the most. As me and my friend were stuffing our pockets with confetti, balloons, and streamers we wanted to make this the best MCR show ever. The venue was right next door to a beach, so as we were going in and felt the cool summer breeze. Waiting for hours to see them come out and play. Always exciting.
Their setlist was amazing and exercise was singing and dancing along. As I know it's hard to entertain a whole stadium if kids, they did a pretty good job doing so. They ended with 'The kids from yeaterday' and for some reason I just got caught up in the moment. Just being there on summer break, with one of my closest friend, and at one of the greatest shows for summer concerts. With people throwing their hands in the air, confetti all over the place, glowsticks, and eveyonr singing along. It was probably one of the greatest moments ever to see a whole stadium of kids singing along and knowing that I can look back and smile. Every time I listen to the song now I just close my eyes and see the thousands of fist in the air and how careless we all are. That nothing matters but this moment. So eveytime I listen to that song I just think about that cool summer breeze and the thousands of kids singing along. Music can bring people together and it was one of those rare moments that you feel completely at peace with the world.
Nik Izrin Thani said…
Your Twitter handle, Facebook URL or Email address: @izrinthani /
Which song you're writing about: My Way Home Is Through You

I could have picked all the usual suspects (Helena, Ghost of You, Cubicles, Famous Last Words) or indeed any MCR song that has pure and meaningful lyrics. But I will go past that. I picked this song, purely for the reason that it is probably the only song in which the boys of MCR literally don't give a f*ck. Therefore, it is MCR at its most essential, MCR at its core. The pace, tempo, lyrics, riffs, everything about this song just screams My Chemical Romance. Just listen to it. You can imagine this song during any of MCR's album phases (Bullets, Revenge, Black Parade, Dangery Days) and yet it would not look out of place during any period. Everytime I listen to this song, I'm reminded of how, no matter how much MCR changes or how different their songs are, it is this song that shows the world that THIS is My Chemical Romance, take it as it is.

P.S. - This entry might be late by a few minutes, but please dont discount it! :D

P.P.S - I would've also chosen "F.T.W.W.W.", but technically, that is played by Mad Gear and the Missile Kid ;)

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