Pre-Order Watchmen Vinyl

Beautiful, isn't it?

That 12", my friends, is what I just pre-ordered from the My Chemical Romance online store for a mere $11.99 ($16.52 with shipping). That price is a true bargain for the following reasons:

°There will only be 3,000 copies of this special edition vinyl.
°It comes with artwork from the film.
°Epicosity factor = 4,000,000,000

The 12" picture disk has two sides and two tracks. Side A is My Chemical Romance's cover of "Desolation Row" while Side B contains the track "Prison Fight" another from the score of the movie. You honestly can't pass this one up, can you?

Pre-order Here!

If you don't want to pre-order, you can also wait until January 27th, when the vinyl will be released, but why would you do that when it's on sale now? Do as I say and as I do, readers.



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