"I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" - MCR On Vinyl!

My Chemical Romance's former record label, Eyeball Records is set to release the band's debut album on vinyl February 3rd.

Like the recent vinyl for the band's "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" (Warner-Reprise), this vinyl will be printed on what the website describes as "Fiery Red Vinyl," but a select amount will be issued in on white vinyl. You can check out product information by clicking here.

As for that "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" vinyl, go buy it now if you haven't already! I mean, RIGHT NOW! It comes with an MCR sticker, a stencil, and reprints of original, handwritten lyrics to "...Revenge" songs, which is my favorite part. Plus, it's on transparent, bright red vinyl, and looks really sweet when you play it. See:

You can still order the "...Revenge" vinyl from MCR's online store, just click here.



Anonymous said…
There's a clear version of I brought my bullets... any idea what this is? Seller says that he was expecting red or white but got clear.
Interesting. I know they were selling the red and white ones on the eyeball store, but I had never heard of a clear one...
I think that both colors were meant to be translucent, so he probably got the white one, but it's see-through.

Anonymous said…
Actually it's clear all the way through. And as far as I know only the red was supposed to be clear and the white to be opaque.

There are actually a couple on ebay right now. Tried contacting eyeball records but they haven't replied.

Here's a link for the clear version:


...and for a white one that has just ended:

Wow. That's so strange: I have no idea, honestly.

The clear one is wicked-looking, though, for sure.

Perhaps this is some sort of special edition that came out before the white and red ones?

The best I could find was this:

It also states that there is no information. :/

So mysterious...
Anonymous said…
Lol I actually put that information up. The guy I talked to said that he ordered a first press expecting red or possibly the white cause sometimes they send a rarer one by accident. And when he opened it, it was clear.

Both those clear copies went for over $70US. I like MCR but I'd like to know more about an album before I shell out that kind of money. I just paid $60US for the Gaslight Anthems Green '59 Sound.

I'll probably get "I brought my...." on red tho=P

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