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My Chemical Romance Rumors & Responsibility

I try to be very deliberate in the conversations I choose to have and encourage within the MCRmy. It's something I've taken very seriously for a very long time, as anyone who has read this blog is, no doubt, aware. So, when the internet at large, massive news outlets included, lost its collective shit about perceived changes to the My Chemical Romance website and uploads to the band's official YouTube channel, drawing a very flimsy line between what would appear to be some regular web presence housekeeping and the band's "possible reunion," it was hard to know what to say or how to address it in a significant way... There's a feeling I have about these recurrent reunion rumors that I have been grappling to understand. It makes me both roll my eyes and become pained. It's that feeling I'm going to attempt to work out in writing here, because my actual response to the rumors is simple: Are you fucking kidding me? If My Chemical Romance comes b