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My Chemical Romance at Bamboozle Festival, 2012

Note: This blog has been edited since the event May 19 @ 11:30 a.m. And so it begins. My Chemical Romance at Bamboozle, 2012! Not surprisingly, the first people in line for Bamboozle today (at about 4 a.m.) were My Chemical Romance fans. First in Line: @ BrandyWay , @ Raychuuuul , @ xPaulatronx spent all night in line and can't wait to see @ MCRofficial today! — The Bamboozle (@TheBamboozle) May 19, 2012 ---- 1:30 p.m. The Shirts for A Cure tent has restocked its MCR Bamboozle-exclusive t-shirts and the fans above have found their way to the barricade. Now, we wait... --- 6:15 p.m.   Here are a just a few of the first photo updates from MCR's set (omitting pictures that are blurry or too far away): From Alternative Press : "@MCRofficial backstage at #bamboozle2012. (Taken with Instagram at The Bamboozle Festival 2012)" My Chemical Romance has now taken the stage! Photo via @brandyway : Photo via frankier

My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero talks Bamboozle, Recording

In an interview with The Aquarian Weekly, My Chemical Romance 's Frank Iero remained fairly quiet about what the band are doing in the studio right now and expressed the band's "pleasure" to "help out" when they got the call to fill in for Blink-182 at Bamboozle. But don't get excited at the prospect of other one-off shows while MCR is still in studio just yet. Iero said, "We are in writing-mode right now and weren’t going to consider playing any shows, actually" until they were presented with the Bamboozle situation. According to Iero, writing is going well and the band are "maybe a month away from the record button lighting up," however, he gave a "no fucking way" when asked if he could give a timeframe for the album's eventual release. My Chemical Romance will perform at Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey this Saturday, May 19. XoXo c.

My Chemical Romance to play Bamboozle Festival, May 19

My Chemical Romance are set to take the place of Blink-182 on the May 19 date of this year's Bamboozle Festival . The sudden line-up revision comes as a result of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker's having his tonsils removed, according to the above announcement from Bamboozle. The 3-day festival takes place in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Purchase tickets XoXo c. (Aside, I'm flipping out so much that I can barely concentrate on writing this despite the fact that there's no way in hell I'll be able to go. Haha! )

Album Review: Matt Skiba & the Sekrets - 'Babylon'

Matt Skiba & The Sekrets Babylon Century Media Records May 8 , 2012 TRACKLISTING 1. Voices 2. All Fall Down 3. Luciferian Blues 4. Haven't You? 5. The End of Joy 6. You 7. Olivia 8. Falling Like Rain 9. How the Hell Did We Get Here? 10. Angel of Deaf --- Check out my full review for XoXo c.