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Dear Bob Bryar: In Honor of Dixie

"I don't even know what happened to my best friend and miss her more than anything in the world," Bryar tells PEOPLE. "The devastation I feel is beyond words." Source: People[dot]com According to People[dot]com, My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar recently received a devastating shock when, a week after sending his German Shepard mix companion to a trainer, he received her cremated remains without a clear explanation for the dog's death. The drummer is filing a lawsuit against the trainer, who has changed the story of Dixie's death multiple times and who acted without Bryar's permission to cremate her. My Chemical Romance fans are well-aware of how much Dixie meant to Bob, and some of us even became personally attached after his blog series and frequent twitter updates in which he shared stories of their drive across the country together to get home. Bob rescued Dixie from a Southern shelter, inspiring her well-fitting name and, from what we have s

Concert Survival Tips [Part II]

Concert Survival Tips Part II Warped Tour Survival There are two very specific forms of surviving in the concert world. There’s basic show survival, which is- well- basic; then, there is Warped Tour . Festival shows such as Warped are a breed all their own: a breed that can grab you by the throat, over-exhaust your sweat glands, and throw you –before you have time to think- into the land of “Oh-shit-I’m-passing-out-in-front-of-my-favorite-band!". I was in thrust into that land at my first Warped Tour. (Flashback Time…) Not only was 2005’s my first Warped, but also my first time being in a pit. I waited the whole time in front of the main stage for My Chemical Romance to come on, and- by the time they did- I was beaten and battered (second row sucks, but that’s a story for another survival lesson) to the point of exhaustion. I, however, could did not let this damper my mood; as, I was seeing my favorite band for the third time, and for the first time, I was actually seeing them u
In annoying news, my internet isn't working at all. Hello, text updates. XoXo c.

Dial-Up Downer

So, tomorrow I am leaving Ohio University, and -thus- leaving my beautiful high-speed internet access for my old-school dial-up at home. I am sorry if my blog becomes a bit less colorful over the summer, but I will try to keep it as fancy as possible, even if that means waiting two hours for a five minute video to load so I can review and embed it here. I wont let my MCR updates slow down as my connection speed does, however. Things are too exciting in My Chem land to let a one little slowly creeping modem ruin the news and fun! XoXo c.

My First Year of College: A Review

Some of you may know that I started this blog as a suggestion from my Journalism 101 professor, and it has grown into this ball of madness you're viewing. In the beginning, I was thinking I'd use it to show off my knowledge about journalism and media in general as a journalism student, but fuck that. FUCK that. I am not yet ready to be an old man who is obsessed with gadgets and who likes blogging about "media this, media that." No, this has become my place to do what I intend to do for the rest of my life: connect with other fans through my writing and write about what I love. Not that I don't love journalism; obviously I do, but it's like my trusty tour van and music is my tour route. I have learned multitudes about both journalism and about the music industry this school year alone and I know I have only more to learn and am way excited for that! For now, however, I will not bore you with my schoolwork (Ha!), but will give you a summary of the bigger events

My Chemical Romance: Cryptic Album Hints

The image to the left, to the untrained eye, may appear to be nothing more than a cut-off scribbling on a dry erase board, but - to My Chemical Romance fans- it has far more significance. My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way has been continuing a series on the MCR blog called "practice cam," and this is the latest picture he has posted and encouraged MCR fans to "decode." Can't decode it? Well, I have my theory. On their most recent tour, My Chemical Romance played a beautiful, new ballad that fans have been calling "The World is Ugly". Now, look at that picture again. Does it make more sense? I think a certain Mr. Way is giving us track-hints. Check out their website to see more similar pictures that appear to be track-listings. These include words and phrases such as: Tokyo Death, Monster Jam, Drug, Pretty, Gun, Teenage Girl, City Lights, Trans-Am, and Still Alive. Some working titles perhaps? Maybe even final song titles? Here's a great live

Concert Survival Tips! [Part I]

With more frequency than ever, I have been coming across younger fans who have yet to attend a concert and are seeking the advice of older fans on what they should do. Personally being a seasoned veteran, I have taken it upon myself to start a new blog series to help the novice concert-goers! Above: My friend Emily and I freezing in line for MCR in Canada. Winter, 2005. First installment: Surviving The Line-Wait! As those of you who have read my show reviews know, I sometimes take desperate measures to make sure I have a front row spot at shows, meaning-- I wait in line for EXTREME amounts of time. Would I recommend you doing this? No... but I say that only so your mothers will not yell at me when you say, "But that blogger girl told me to!" I am, however, secretly nodding my oh-so-corrupting-head on the other side of this computer screen, saying, "Yes, yes!" Some of the most memorable moments of concert days are the ones spent in line hanging out with the new pe