Video Interview for Upcoming Article [I need your input!]

Hey, guys!

I recently wrote an article on illegal downloading for my News Writing class. This is a video I was required to make to accompany it.

For a grade, I need to get feedback from YOU; so, I would LOVE your comments.

I always love comments, but I'll love them even more if you help me get a good grade.

Thanks, guys!



Anonymous said…
Well, you should probably try to get a hold of indie bands and get their input on it. Or just bands that are barely making it.

Personally, I think that when someone downloads music illegally, they're hurting the music industry by their not purchasing the physical CD. Sure it's free, but the music industry isn't gaining anything from it, the BANDS aren't gaining any money from the sells of their CDs.

meli_p0p said…
you should talk about a newer band called LessThanThree. that is their MySpace, my sister and my friends enjoy the music. i think others would too.
Anonymous said…
Ever since I learned that many people could download musically illegaly for free, I was very sadened and scared that it could nearly lead to the death of the music industry. I was on my own when I supported Lars Ulrich in that whole Napster case, I know he hardly needs the money but how can people honestly claim to be "fans" of a band when they effectively rip them off after all their hard work and creativity?
I've NEVER downloaded a song illegaly as for me I can not see how you can get the same excitement from downloading electronic information as from gleefully running down to the record store, having the album in your hands and pouring over the pictures and lyrics! Then proudly displaying it by your CD player.

Anonymous said…
Well I would say that you should look in to how many people use sites like Pirate Bay and stuff. They are a leading site which is in a court battle over making people pay for it. Other then that it will always hurt someone in the music world. Some people buy cds for any band they like, while others just take it for free not much you can do to stop it.
Anonymous said…
Ok. First - feedback on the video itself, as I believe that you were looking for a little on that one aspect. I liked the style of the interview. It is a popular method to show the question rather than hear the interviewer ask it. I really think it could be successful if you had the same method, but an on-the-sreet style.

Ok, that said, I agree with another of the comments wherein she suggested interviewing local/indie musicians. I'm sure they have opinions about it. How can they possibly make it in an industry where much of the product is being pirated? I know a few guys in bands, and I'm sure if I posed the question to them, they would have a lot to say about it.

Finally, I myself do not agree with illegally downloading music. It cheapens everything about it. It makes it all seem so disposible. As a teen of the late 80's, your record/tape collection was one to be built to be admired. It was a museum of all of the bands you loved or had a prior relationship with. Cover art meant everything. Holding a record/tape/CD is tangible evidence of your support for that band. I will not burn copies of cd's for people. I'll let them listen to mine and then if they like it, tell them to support the band and all of the people involved in making an album and go buy it.

Diana @dyelirious
Anonymous said…
I have personally downloaded music illegally. At times, like when I look at my friend's band that is barely making it, I do feel bad because that is someone else's friend's band. On the other hand, I'm broke too. If I really like a band, I will buy the CD even if I have downloaded it illegally already. When the band is good they deserve my support, but i don't have the money anymore to go buy a CD that I will end up not liking.
PS. I love your blogs! =]
Anonymous said…
I seem to be pretty alone here but I am totally for illegal downloading. As a student I am stereotypically poor and after paying for travel to and from college, the college supplies I need, travel to and from work, tax, accomodation, food and driving lessons, I have pretty much nothing left to spend on DVDs/CDs etc. If it wasn't for the ability to download for free, I wouldn't have heard of half of the bands that are important to me now. It's nice that bands like Metallica (I am a fan, but their suing of Napster pissed me off) can run around whining about how they won't get enough money to outline their backyard pool in solid gold but I'm afraid that's not my problem. If they are a good band they'll still make money through the sale of merchandise and gig tickets. Besides, if I like the album, I'll try and buy the actual CD anyway since I like having the booklet and the artwork and stuff. I admit it makes it harder for lesser heard of bands and I'm definately all for supporting those who need it and I would buy the albums of struggling bands but without the illegal downloading they probably wouldn't gain as many fans as they do since being on the internet helps but a band out there. Most downloading methods I've used do say before you download the album that if you like it, you should buy it. Plus downloading makes rare stuff a lot easier (and cheaper) to find. I do buy the albums of stuff I like but I would never have heard of or liked it in the first place if I hadn't downloaded it first.
Anonymous said…
Personally, I download music illegally. However, its because I already own the CD and I don't feel like uploading it. I buy CDs from used stores, which is essentially the same thing. And I don't really feel that bad, because even though I download music... I also buy their CDs from places that don't give them the money. I also like to prelisten to music before I commit to buying it. I don't personally see a problem with it if you already own the CD, like in my case. Plus I usually buy the CD if I don't already own it.
Anonymous said…
I'll admit to illegally downloading music. My dad does it all the time. It's just so easy and when there's a lot of music that I want to hear and I don't have money to go buy it all, then I'll download it illegally. If it's a favrite band of mine, I will definitely buy the cd, though. I like buying the cd's because I feel that there's more to the expreience than just listening to the music. So a lot of times, if I have the money, I'll buy the cd, but if I'm not sure if I like the band yet, I'll download it for free. If it ends up being a favorite, then I will go out and buy it. I don't see the point in buying from iTunes as opposed to buying it for real. You don't get the whole value without the Cd and inside with the lyrics and pictures and whatnot. Just my opinion. For me, I feel like illegally downloading is okay, because I'm still buying my favorite stuff.
Anonymous said…
Firstly, I love your accent (I'm English so obviously I don't hear American accents very often!). In terms of the actual video, the only thing I would say is to make sure you leave the text onscreen long enough for it to be read, but other than that it was good :)

The content was also good, and I think it would be awesome if you could maybe get a relatively well known band to comment on illegal downloading. However, that's probably not very feasable so even if it's just a friend's band or something, it would still be good.

Well done and good luck!!
Anonymous said…
I think it's so stupid of people to say "OMG I love this band!" then go ahead and illegally download the band's music. In doing that they're killing what they love. So fucking DUMB. I do have some friends who do illegal downloading, and i have some music that has been gained through that method. I try to avoid it as much as possible, though :)

good luck with your grades :)

Anonymous said…
I personally illegally download about 70% of the music i listen. As somebody already said i only buy cd's of the bands that i truly like 'cause i fee l like robbing them if i dont (i know im weird in that sense).

But them the reasons i download are valid in a way
-living outside the US most of the cd's come to stores way later than the original release date
-cd's here are always see the price tag they have in the US and the one you are paying here and you feel robbed!
-then you try to get it legally but itunes won't let you buy cause you dont have an American credit card to purchase from their store

In some cases you try to make things right but then you find many obstacles to do so...then there is the option of downloading for easy to fall for that last resource!

Hope this helps you !
Good luck with your project Cassie!! =]

Anonymous said…
I illegally download music; I'll just put that out there. I do feel bad about it, and I do feel bad for the bands; but with the internet, music is just so accessable now. Recently I went through my mp3s, re-organizing it completely, and actually deleted a lot of songs/albums/artists. I'm glad I didn't buy "so-and-so's" CD, because it turns out I wasn't that interested in them...and their music sucked. If I like the band, for sure I'll buy the CD; absolutely. I do own a lot of CDs, but ever since I got my iPod (about a year ago) my CD 'investing' has dropped dramatically. Maybe it's because it's less of a hassle to illegally download music when you have an iPod as opposed to a CD player. I still love CDs, I love everything about them. I love the artwork, the packaging, being able to physically hold the music in my hands. I think that CDs are dying out, which makes me sad; but the music industry is evolving.
Anonymous said…
I've illegally downloaded some of my music I'll admit. I never keep it on my iPod for very long if I do download it though. I'll download a couple songs by a band I haven't heard of before that I'll be seeing in concert in the future, listen to the songs for a couple of days, and then delete the downloaded songs from my iTunes library. If I liked the songs I heard enough, I buy the CDs of the band that made said songs soon after hearing the songs I downloaded. If I don't like the songs I delete them from my iPod and leave it at that. I personally do not get pleasure out of downloading music. I hate cheating bands out of their money. I see downloading as only a temporary sampling of a band's music since I never permanently leave a download on my iPod or iTunes account. I have a collection of over 70 physical CDs that I started collecting in 2007, so it's safe to say I do buy the music I sample through downloading. I buy CDs on iTunes as well when I can't track down a physical copy of a CD I really like. Like I said before, I'm not trying to cheat bands out of their money by downloading a couple of their songs, because I know that money is a necessity in the music industry. I buy the music I want and delete what I don't want.
Laine.... said…
Well you could look up news articles about this. there have been lawsuits with Napster and Metallica and Pepsi even had this deal going on for awhile where you could "legally" download music and rub it bands faces. I would look into these things. Some musicians even encourage illegal downloading. I would try to get a hold of them.

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