For Shame!

So, Google Analytics is teaching me many things about my blog. From my statistics, I can see how many people have visted my blog, from where they are, at what they looked, how many different pages they viewed, and how much time they spent doing so. Don't worry; I can't see any personal information about you, blog-viewer, but what I can see is generally what drove you to come here.

I can also see search keywords that are driving traffic to my blog, and I feel very ashamed of music fans to find that much of my traffic is coming from people trying to find illegal downloads of AFI's new album, Crash Love.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Let me just clear something up: you will never find a link to an illegal download of any music here; so, if that is why you're following my blog, please unfollow me now; because, this just isn't the place for you.

If you're looking to preview the album, fine. I've found a couple advance-previews of albums online myself, but - PLEASE, PLEASE buy the music, for fuck's sake.

Don't kill what you love.



Anonymous said…
I'm always up for a good crusade. Here's looking forward to your upcoming longer article on this topic of illegal downloads.

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