Album Review: Atreyu - "Congregation of the Damned"

Congregation of the Damned
Hollywood Records
October 27, 2009


1. Stop! Before It’s Too Late and We’ve Destroyed it All
2. Bleeding is a Luxury
3. Congregation of The Damned
4. Coffin Nails
5. Black Days Begin
6. Gallows
7. Storm to Pass
8. You Were King, Now You’re Unconscious
9. Insatiable
10. So Wrong
11. Ravenous
12. Lonely
13. Wait For You

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Anonymous said…
Sucks so bad rofl. I love Atreyu's old sound, and their newer sound (LSAPA), but this is an epic fail at trying to combine old with new and I just straight up hated it. Don't buy this album its awful.

LMAO!! That was my first response. Through my entire initial listening I was frowning and my face probably looked like I ate something bad, but -at the same time- it was catchy enough to make me want to nod and sing along; so, I gave it a second listen, then a third and came to the conclusion that if I could make it through three listens and actually enjoy it through the second two, it wasn't too awful. Ha-ha!

Anonymous said…
Bands's just what happens. Perhaps the most influential band ever, The Beatles, (still being listened to today by millions) changed their sound over their albums. You have your people who can't ever seem to change or grow and want the same old-same old. then you have your listeners who want a band to constantly evolve and grow. it's less the band's changing and more the perspective of the listener that makes it good or bad. People who want some change will get it on this album. While there is also elements of suicide notes for the older listeners. let's face fans we have to realize that bands that do not evolve simply do not last. every single band that has lasted beyond a Sophmore album has changed their sound in some way. I think atreyu was trying to please too many people with this release. i think it's all right, but what is my opinion worth to any of you? nothing. put yourself in the bands position and then listen to it.

Your opinion is valuable. Thank you for your input.

I often say the same thing to people: if a band made the same album over and over, we would get sick of it, and they would get fed up with it themselves.

True, the "old" elements in this album did spark nostalgia and desire for that style back in me, but I thought they did a good job of incorporating it in a new way.

As far as trying to please people: when it comes to marketing, pleasing people is always a plus. If they were looking to wrangle back in fans of their older stuff and keep those who enjoy their new stuff, they found a way to do it, and -- in my opinion -- it flows well.

Thanks again for your input!

Martin said…
This album was epic and awesome been listening to it loads lmao dunno wats wrong with you all i love everything they do woop

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