Registration Opens to All!

Those of you closely following My Chemical Romance will know that they opened their website to fan users at the end of July.

The only problem at that point was, registration was open only to California members of the band's street-team, the MCRmy, who got invites to two surprise MCR shows at the Roxy in LA. Registration gradually opened to other members of the MCRmy who were Emailed the personal access codes they needed to register for the site.

Well, no more! My Chemical Romance[dot] com is now open for public registration!

If you have yet to create your account, you can do so by going here

Jeff Watson, who runs the MCR website, gave me this explanation for the site's gradual registration process when I asked him what I could tell fans who were freaking out about it in August: "We have to do this slowly because the site will overload if we do at once, but we'll open to everyone soon."

It appears the site is now ready for the rush; so, go, my friends, REGISTER!


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Daniel Doyle said…
I'm in! I don't think it's working quite right for me though - what do you do once you're in!?tr
You can blog and respond to blogs. And you DON'T TROLL. -_-'

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