Remember that snazzy My Chemical Romance vest and flash drive I told you about? You can pre-order it by clicking the banner to the left! Orders are set to arrive around April 10th!

"¡Venganza!" which is Spanish for "Revenge!" is the title of this release for good reason. The final performance MCR did as their alter-ego counterparts from Italy, The Black Parade, was filmed in Mexico City, and the Parade half of the performance was released on their DVD, The Black Parade is Dead! last summer.

This second half of the performance is not performed by their alter-ego band, but by My Chemical Romance-- pure and raw MCR playing all songs from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Get it now? Ah ha!

For those of you who attended the 2007 Black Parade / My Chemical Romance tour, you will know exactly what I mean when I say the two performances are those of two completely different bands. When I saw them on this tour, Muse opened for The Black Parade, and The Black Parade opened for My Chemical Romance. It sounds crazy, but the theatrics flowed well and made for a spectacular performance. Personally, my favorite parts of the show were when the "singer of The Black Parade" made fun of My Chemical Romance. That's beyond the point, though-- the favorable performance, for sure, was the one of My Chemical Romance who played all Revenge songs, so this USB drive is definitely worth the money and The Black Parade is Dead! just doesn't seem whole without its missing brother.



Unknown said…
LOL check out this really funny MCR video ad for the venganza vest:


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