Temporary Hiatus

Hello, readers!

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be leaving for Florida tonight and will not be able to grace you with my bloggy presence for a while. Yes, that Senses Fail review is still going to happen along with many more goodies. You will see!

Thanks again for reading, and I'm sorry you will have to occupy yourself with old entries while I'm gone, but there's some good stuff in the backlog. Check it out some of my favorites:

This entry I am thinking about making a mandatory read for all who visit this page.

Bill And Trav's Bogus Journey Tour reviews! Now with page navigation!

Taking Back Sunday show reviews also with navigation!

Speaking of TBS-- this week has been pretty huge for them! Not only did the band announce dates for their Spring tour with Envy on the Coast and Anberlin, but also gave fans a new "definite" release date for New Again: June 2nd.

Oooohhhh excitement! See you guys next week and all this week on Twitter.



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