News While I was on Break!

Sorry for all the downtime-- this thing will be up and happening again very soon, especially considering all the juicy fun I have been receiving via text message from the twitter accounts of My Chemical Romance.

Over break, I found that Gerard Way is desperately searching for a 1979 Trans Am, and he means it. Don't believe me? Just go to My Chem's website and see for yourself. If you guys find any sweet cars (he prefers silver with red interior in the California area), send him an @Reply (@gerardway) on twitter, and it is likely that he will get back to you.

Speaking of Gerard and Twitter-- he let slip some HUGE news to fans last night: he is currently working on a new comic series that is "very different from [The Umbrella Academy]." Apparently, the new comic will be "co-written with a partner." Hmm. Whom that could be is a complete mystery right now; that is, until Gerard lets something more slip. This doesn't mean the end of TUA, though. He later asked which TUA character fans would most want to see have his or her own book.


Other news:

Spring and Summer are going to be epic for me for three reasons: TOURS, TOURS, TOURS!
The list is tremendous, but I will name a few

-Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour
with Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, and Hey Monday

-Alkaline Trio
with Saves the Day and Nightmare of You

-Taking Back Sunday
with Envy on the Coast and Anberlin

-Warped Tour

-The Used
Recently Announced...

Tickets to all these tours are sitting straight up in the glass box in front of Ticketmaster/Live Nation, wagging their tails, and hoping you pick them up.


There is much to be said, my friends. I still have a Senses Fail review for you and plenty of other juicy gems in the works. You'll see.


I have added a poll to my sidebar and would love feedback! Thanks, guys!


Me said…
Hah... You are a REAL blogger.

I wish I actually wrote blog entries that were more than 5 sentences long. xD
Ha-ha! A "real" one. I like that. I do wish I could be an "imaginary blogger" for a day, though. That would be SWEET!!


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