My Technological Romance

This morning I, as is routine, visited the My Chemical Romance website to see what the blogs had to tell me-- after watching a friend of the band perform "5 Dollar Footlong" metal style, I navigated back to the My Chem site and had nearly left it for google when something amazing caught my eye in the left corner of the screen.

Could it be-? Yes, it was a bulletproof vest replicating the one that Gerard wore during Warped Tour 2005!
Half of my aesthetics come from that very era in MCR history, so naturally I clicked and was only introduced to even more goodies when I got to the site to pre-order the vest, which -as it turns out- is only a side item. Clipped onto the vest comes a BULLET-SHAPED USB DRIVE containing live photos of the band along with 9 performances not seen on their latest DVD, The Black Parade is Dead!.

Wow. Innovative. I think this is the first time I've seen an artist sell a USB drive with content rather than a DVD, CD, or Book. The times, they are a'changin', eh?

I'm off to pre-order now. Click here and you can too!



MikeYabs said…
Actually, I've seen the USB drive approach before. Not as the only way to get the songs like this did.

Rolling Stones had a USB drive in the shape of the trademark tongue logo that had the "Shine a Light" soundtrack and other bonus features on it. The Mars Volta released their latest album on a USB with extras, and if I recall there was a pre-order package with Fall Out Boy for Folie A Deux with a bear shaped USB.

But the bullet is still pretty cool

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