Busy Bee Blogging!

I have a lot to blog, friends... Shall we count the things?

-Senses Fail Show Review
-An Ode to the 9-3-7
-Things You Will Never See in my Blog
-Winter Quarter ACRN CD Reviews

Ah! Busy time! Shall I even mention that I have exams this week and am leaving for vacation immediately after them? There may be a bit of a delay on those up-coming entries, but they will be coming, and there will be pictures and videos from the Senses Fail show.

I promise.



The A.G.B said…
Look forward to it! ....even if I'm too lame to know who Senses Fail is.
Senses Fail is probably the definitive band of "screamo;" at least in my opinion. They were really "big" (as big as a band can get among a small demographic) in the early 2000s and have lost a bit of their following over the years, but they are still great and are highly under-appreciated by this newer demographic of kids in the "scene." Look 'em up. :]


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