Becoming Little Miss Slack-y Pants.

So, about that promise I made to blog more frequently, and moreover - to even match the massive amount of blogging My Chemical Romance now do on their website... Yea, I lied. You can go ahead and call me a liar.

Excuses are lame, but I have them. The week I made that promise, my father suffered a heart-attack, then I got super-busy. Currently, I have writer's block, and have been focusing on my art and "creative writing" as a means to focus my emotions. I am also busy helping pick the new round of MCRmy Medics- an anonymous group who work through e-mail and the My Chemical Romance street-team to help those who are in emotional need. This time around I'm even more involved with the medics than I have been in the past. I couldn't be happier about my position, because I love helping, but it does take a lot of my time and attention as it should.

Despite my other obligations, I will pick things back up on here. I have a list of topics I have been planning, and -not to mention- that extensive Taking Back Sunday and Envy on the Coast show review!

Some other topics include:

-How to prepare for a concert! My expert Tips
-Why the "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" vinyl is cooler than anything on Earth
-A guide so that no one ever has to ask Gerard Way about his hair ever again!
-My favorite concert venues
-Guidelines for writing the perfect punk song
-My favorite obscure band
-Lyrics of the week, perhaps?
- and more...

No more Little Miss Slack-y Pants!



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