The New MCR Site : Communication at its Creepiest.

I'm just going to throw this out there: Twitter is kinda creepy: Advanced internet stalkery that can be automatically updated via cell phone from anywhere to tell your "followers" exactly what you are doing at that very second. Yea, it's creepy.

I just received a text message letting me know that the drummer of my favorite band's dog was hungry and from the singer telling the band members to update via this creepy Twitter. Earlier, I watched -- through my text messages -- their conversation as the drummer drove to the singer's house and asked him if he wanted anything from Coffee Bean (he did- an iced white chocolate mocha). I feel like a creeper. But I'm not alone.

Through My Chemical Romance's new website format, we fans can feel more intimate with that band than we ever have. Even moreso than in those moments when we smelled their post-show stank as we posed for pictures with them, or when we were in the front row of a crowded small venue for one of their shows. We now can know what the members of My Chemical Romance are doing all the time...

--Another Text arrives--
"From Twitter:
gerardway: updeet"



Anyway, the surveillance camera in the corner of the room which serves as a background for the My Chemical Romance site seems very appropriate with the band members' blogs in the middle of the page and their Twitter feeds at the right.

Talk about getting news the moment it happens... Way to go, My Chem, way to go. This is social media at its creepiest.

And I like it. :]

Follow the members of My Chemical Romance on Twitter:
Gerard Way (vocals)
Ray Toro (lead guitar)
Mikey Way (bass)
Bob Bryar (drums)
Frank Iero (rhythm guitar)



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