Bill and Trav's Bogus Journey Tour [Part V]

The Epiphany

Welcome to my fifth and final installment in my Bill and Trav blog series.

In several of my blogs, I have expressed what drives me to want to work within the music industry, and this show helped me discover even more reasons why.

If home is where the heart is,

this feels a whole hell of a lot like home.

Being able to see the crowd from where I stood was one of the best parts of the show. All the people in that audience were there for the same reason-- in the moments of their favorite songs, they were one. We were all united through music.

I. love. fans, and I want us all to be united as we are during those moments at the shows, or when we've been standing in line outside in the snow together for 12 hours, or when we turn to complete strangers in the audience while singing along to our favorite lyrics and feel as if that person is our best friend of several years.

We, as fans of music, are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We are in this together, and we never have to be alone. Music can unite us by helping us make sense of ourselves and of the world when nothing seems to make sense, speaking for those who aren't strong enough to speak, and helping us grasp our interconnectedness.

As Penny Lane from "Almost Famous" said, "If you ever get lonely you can just go to the record store and visit your friends."

So, this blog goes out to everyone in the picture I posted, everyone I have ever queued with for a show, everyone I have ever shared a crowd with, every band I love, everyone who loves every band I love, every note of every song that has ever inspired me or anyone else, and the girl in the front row of the Columbus stop of Bill and Trav's Bogus Journey tour with the tattoo of a treble clef on her wrist who sang along with every ounce of her being and brought a tear to my eye as I grasped that this is what I love, and this is what I want to be a part of for the rest of my life.

Thank you.



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Heather Farr said…
I feel like we're alike in many ways! First, thank you for the Penny Lane quote (I was Penny Lane for Halloween); it was very appropriate! Second, you described perfectly how I feel at every concert I attend. It's so much more than you could every imagine it to be. Also, I have a bass and tremble cleff tatoo on my ankle and can usually be found singing with everything I have at concerts!
Loved your post.

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