"Dallas" Did not Disappoint.

In my previous post, I discussed excitement for the start of the second series of my favorite comic The Umbrella Academy.

Today, I made the usual thirty mile drive (yes, thirty) to my favorite comic shop to pick up the first issue of the Dallas series, titled The Jungle, and let me tell you that I can already see my future's being filled with month-to-month obsessing over the next issue's release.

In interviews prior to this release, Umbrella Academy writer Gerard Way foretold that the series would reveal more about the mysterious, time-traveling, and long-missing "boy" of the 'Academy: Number Five. The character, who showed up in the first series, Apocalypse Suite, after decades of being trapped in the future, is: stuck in a child's form but is living with knowledge of a grown man, has a love for coffee, shot his adopted sister, has some sort of knowledge in regards to the Kennedy assassination, and he mysteriously destroyed a gang of strange robotic creatures in a diner in the last series.

The Jungle already leaves the reader's head filled with questions and more knowledge about Number Five. We know what those mysterious robots in the diner were, and we begin to grasp how he destroyed them and what that may mean for the future of The 'Academy.

We also get glimpses of how the rest of the heroes are coping since the near-end-of-the-world in Apocalypse Suite. We see how The Rumor is communicating, where Spaceboy is hiding out, how angry The Kraken is, how out-of-it Vanya is, how smug The Seance has become, and are reminded of how dead Pogo is.

What else will future issues reveal? Only time will tell.
The second issue of the series is set for release on December 24th.

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