My Chemical Romance Discuss Next Single, Video: "Bulletproof Heart"

In an interview with MTV, My Chemical Romance confirmed that their next U.S. single will be "Bulletproof Heart."

Don't get too excited about its video's giving answers about where the one for "SING" left off just yet, though, Killjoys. According to Gerard Way, the band are unsure if they want to pick the story back up so soon; as, the fiction elements are secondary to what they portray metaphorically.

Of spacing the parts of the Killjoy story, Way said, "I like a gap. I think it should be a gap. And then I think that when you do get that final part, when the right song comes along, I don't know that it'll make perfect sense. It's not supposed to."

"Bulletproof Heart" was previously set to be the first single from Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Plans changed when the "Art Is The Weapon" pre-album trailer was released with "Na Na Na..." in it to massive fan response.



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