Cassie's Weekly Recommendations: Week Two

1. "Neat Neat Neat" [The Damned Cover] - My Chemical Romance, LIVE

The lovely Carrie, a long-time MCRmy bud of mine, was kind enough to share this great quality video of MCR's performing The Damned's "Neat Neat Neat" at the show she attended in Des Moines, Iowa.

The intro is hilariously awkward, but the cover itself is full of piss and awesomeness, and I love it. I was stoked when they played it during the show and at the soundcheck in Cleveland on April 17 and I got to see it for myself.

Not many people knew the words, it seemed, so heads-up to future show-goers: This is becoming a staple in their World Contamination sets!

Three cheers for MCR's doing classic Punk covers!

2. "Best Places to be a Mom" - Taking Back Sunday

Best Places To Be A Mom by adamdamnlazzara

Taking Back Sunday released their video for "El Paso" this past week and the band, who returned to their original line-up last March, have a new self-titled album set for release on June 28.

Many moons ago, vocalist Adam Lazzara posted the above clip on Soundcloud, and I have since listened to it many times. If you like "Best Places to be a Mom," you can purchase it by donating to Japan's relief efforts through Download to Donate.

3. "Planet Earth" - Duran Duran featuring Gerard Way, LIVE

It is late March, during my spring break from school, and yours truly is sitting in a car on the way to a casino where her mother wants to spend the weekend.

Imagine my relief when a Twitter message arrived that would give me something to do that night: Gerard Way would make a guest appearance at a live, streaming Duran Duran performance directed by David Lych on Vevo. Yes! I'm glad I brought my laptop!

This video saved my sanity for a while that night, and I still love listening to it. You can feel Way's excitement as he takes the stage, and he makes a lovely contribution to the song.

4. "Nausea" - Matt Skiba

Damn, Skiba. You sure do make a demo sound ace. I add this to my list this week mostly because the members of MCR got stoked about the SKIBA shirt I was wearing when I met them last weekend. Gerard mentioned that he's a "fucking awesome guy."

I agree.

Skiba's Demos, which was released last August, may be receiving new life soon. According to a tweet from the artist himself earlier this month, the new SKIBA record is complete!

5. "Bastards At The Gate" - The Architects

Described by vocalist/guitarist Brandon Phillips as "the best kind of song about the worst kind of people" at the recent MCR shows I attended, this song was among the best of opener The Architects' set.

The Architects, who are signed to MCR rhythm guitarist Frank Iero's Skeleton Crew Records, will continue to open for MCR for the duration of the North American Tour.



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