New My Chemical Romance merch: 'I don't support anything' bracelet

Recently, many My Chemical Romance fans were surprised to find, upon searching their local Hot Topic stores, that a new MCR merch item has come into unannounced, sudden existence.

The item, a large rubber bracelet, reads: "MCR I don't support anything" in the band's new, block font. The ironic message has stirred mixed reviews from fans, but guitarist Frank Iero reassured curious fans that it was all the band's idea.

Those who had hoped to purchase the bracelet may have a tough time last week when it was available only in physical Hot Topic stores, but it is now available through Hot Topic's online store for the (kind of crazy) price of $6.99!

The bracelet is the very first piece of wearable MCR merch to feature the band's new typeface (if you do not count the very similar text back of the 2008 T.Oro shirt). Those who are familiar with past merchandise release decisions for MCR may not be surprised by the quiet Hot Topic release, recalling the 2006 "We Are The Black Parade" shirt chaos.

Check out proud MCRmy soldiers chainsaws_cascading and MCRTrocks sporting their rubber bracelets!



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