Interview Quest: Update Two

A couple days ago, I got the contact information for William Control (A.K.A, WiL Francis of Aiden), the second artist for my "Interview Quest" series, and have heard back that an interview is possible for next week.

The exact date has yet to be set, which is the same thing that's going on with Black Veil Brides interview I told you about, but I do have the confirmation that it will happen unless something goes awry!

So, again, I'm opening it up to fans: Is there anything you are interested in finding out that you would like me to ask while I have the chance?

I can't guarantee that every question will make it into the final interview, but I'll give it a try!

Leave suggestions in the comments!



Unknown said…
OMG. If only I could be so lucky to interview wiL. Did you ever have the interview?
I, too, wish I were that lucky, "gfdsagdsagf!" Ha-ha!

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented it from happening.

I'll probably send out a couple more Emails to try to get it sorted out before moving on, but it's looking more like it wont happen.

Bummer. Oh, well. These things happen. :]


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