Interview Quest 2010

In my experience as a writer so far, I have done only a few interviews with bands. I want to get experience; so, I am compiling a list of potential bands to attempt to interview before the end of 2010.

You see, I am sickeningly shy, and I mean that literally: I am so shy and nervous that it often makes me sick. The wise lyics of The Smiths' "Ask" warn, "Shyness is nice/ And shyness can stop you/ From doing all the things in life you'd like to."

I am not about to be stopped.

Lately, I have been seeing bloggers, who have even smaller followings than I, getting interviews with some pretty wicked artists, and I feel like I need to step the fuck up; seeing as, I write for a radio station Web site and am going to school to be a journalist while these kids are, like, 17. Ha-ha!

So, let's do this thing! Here's where you come in.

I want your suggestions for bands to interview. Simply comment with the name of any artist you would like to see interviewed, no matter how out-there you may think it is. I'll add to this list as I receive suggestions. Everything is worth a try!

I would prefer it be a band that has something timely going on (an upcoming release or tour), but I'll take any of your suggestions. Seriously-- any band you want to know more about or are dying to hear from in some form of press.

Realistically, many of these will probably just fall through, but I also think some unexpected and great things could potentially come of this little project.

I hope I can get some sweet interviews for you guys!

Possible Bands to Interview
Suggestions so far...

-The Academy Is...
-Aiden/ William Control
-AM Taxi
-An Horse
-The Architects
-Barely Blind
-Black Veil Brides
-Blood Cells
-Brand New
-Bring Me The Horizon
-Circa Survive (suggested twice)
-[Craig Owens' new band]
-Creature Feature
-The Creepshow
-The Downtown Fiction
-The Dear & Departed
-Emilie Autumn
-Emily's Army
-Enter Shikari
-Envy On the Coast
-Escape the Fate
-Get Scared
-The Horrorpops
-I Am Ghost
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Motion City Soundtrack
-My Passion
-Pierce the Veil
-Rachael Cantu
-The Scandals
-Trauma Deville
-Vampires Everywhere
-Vertigo Whales
-We Are the Ocean
-The XX
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-You Me At Six (I've already posted a partial interview. I could post the transcript. Let me know if you're interested. :])

Big Ideas/Long-term goals

-Alkaline Trio/ Matt Skiba
-Avenged Sevenfold
-My Chemical Romance
-Taking Back Sunday
-The Used
-Lady Gaga (LMAO! This one is just crazy talk!)
-Green Day
-White Stripes
-30 Seconds To Mars



Anonymous said…
An Horse
Rachael Cantu
The XX
Avenged Sevenfold.
Good luck.
Ellie said…
The Architects! (S//C represent..)
xmcrxravenx said…
How about Anberlin?
Anonymous said…
The Used!!
Circa Survive.
The Academy Is.
The Downtown Fiction.
Tera said…
Gonna try giving you lesser known bands, probably easier to meet up with/interview. =]

Blood Cells if they ever decide to leave Seattle:

Dear and Departed:

The Horrorpops:

The Creepshow:

Circa Survive:

Emilie Autumn:

I Am Ghost:
Anonymous said…
err how about Trauma Deville?
Kate said…
Emily's Army
They're an unsigned band and their band name is named after Emily's Army a family run foundation to fund and find a cure for CF, a life-threatening genetic disease affecting approximately 30,000 people in the United States.
They're a kick arse band and don't sound like a lot of the music you hear around.

Have a listen and see what you think, I would LOVE to see an interview.
Anonymous said…
brand new
mindless self indulgence
Anonymous said…
brand new
mindless self indulgence
Daniela said…
The Academy Is...
Taking Back Sunday
My Chemical Romance
Deedee said…
-The Dear & Departed
-Enter Shikari
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-I Am Ghost
-We Are the Ocean

And for the long term goals-- go for all of them, dude!
Ellie said…
HAAAA, if you interviewed BN I'd fucking die.

Another s//c fave: The Scandals
they have a new album out due this summer or so.
B. Byrd said…
Motion City Soundtrack
Vertigo Whales

I wish you the best of luck! I'm mainly following you because I love your writing so much and you are such a determined girl! You're gonna go far.

-Brittany @
Anonymous said…
Alesana. Barely Blind. Pierce The Veil. Good luck with your long term goals!! :)
Thank you SO MUCH for all the suggestions, you guys! And thank you for supporting my goals.

In reality, a lot of these will probably fall flat (Teehee!), but I feel like some great things could come of this project!

I'm going to get started contacting bands on the list who have more timely things going on right now, hopefully, tomorrow.

Thank you so much again!

Hannah said…
Dude, one day you /will/ interview My Chem. Positive. *Looks through iTunes* Green Day, White Stripes, 30 Seonds To Mars...?? Got them? xD
Anonymous said…
How about Escape the fate? They're going to release a new album in fall. Haha!
William Control AND Creature Feature?! Awesome!!
(BTW I am VERY surprised I found anther CF fan!!!!)

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