And's 'Story of the Year' award goes too...

At the end of every year, we "Rock Lobsters" at Ohio University's All Campus Radio Network ( hold a small cookout at which we distribute awards to characters within our group. Awards include: "biggest scum," "Lobster of the year," "Best DJ Name" and "Biggest Lush."

With the addition of the Editorial Department this school year, a new award was created for "Story of the Year," and I -- somehow, with all the amazing content that gets posted on the site -- managed to snag the title!

Check out the story that was deemed worthy of my gold record prize:

"They Call Us Crazy: An Ode to Fans"

To everyone who has found a home in, has been inspired by or has felt a part something through it, music is more than just notes: it’s worthy of being a lifestyle.


PS: Also, I have moved my way up within the Editorial Department. I am now Cassie, ACRN.Com Blogs Editor!


The A.G.B said…
Congratulations! It was well-earned.
Thank you so much!


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