They call us crazy: An ode to fans

Illustration by Matt Anderson

To everyone who has found a home in, has been inspired by or has felt a part something through it, music is more than just notes: it’s worthy of being a lifestyle.

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Danielle said…
Reading this article you have written really gave me a feeling of a connection. I feel the same way about music and shows in general. I don't have friends that listen to the same kind of music as me nor do I have friends that are as passionate about it as me. So when I get really enthusiastic about a new album coming out, or the fact that I feel so high on music after a show, no one really understands... or maybe I just feel that they don't understand. There have been times when music has brought me out of my lowest lows. When I go to a show, I lose myself. Normally, when I take along a friend (because really, who wants to go alone?) their reaction to me afterwards was "I've never seen you like that before...". Not because I went crazy, but because of my passion, I lose myself in the music, in the atmosphere and in the band. (I've seen MCR twice, and they have given me the feeling that I was actually alive and worth life each time) Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for the article. It made me feel like I'm not crazy and that other people do feel as passionate about music as I do and that I don't have to feel ashamed for talking about a band a lot, or embarrassed that I do get lost in the music so much. Thank you. :o)

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