My Chemical Romance cancel Soundwave Festival appearance

“We are really sorry that we’ve had to cancel this tour, and apologize for any inconvenience it has caused,” says singer Way. “The last thing we ever want to do is cancel shows, but we’ll be back to Australia to make it up to the fans as soon as possible.”

A post from the Soundwave festival site has confirmed that My Chemical Romance will cancel their appearance on Australia's Soundwave Festival. Jimmy Eat World will replace them.

My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero posted a blog entry explaining that while in the studio, singer Gerard Way had started to have vocal problems that did not go away. Way's doctor advised the singer to forgo the upcoming tour and to receive treatment. Iero assured fans that Way is "getting the best treatment possible and is going to make a full recovery."

The Soundwave website encourages fans holding tickets to the MCR / Get Up Kids show in Sydney "to contact their point of purchase to arrange a full refund of their tickets."

"When we started this band all we ever wanted to do was write songs that meant something to us and play them live for as many people as we possibly could, and now in our old age all we want is exactly the same thing... and thats why canceling shows kills us so much, playing for people is what we live for. Your off-time applause, your beautiful dirty faces, your raw energy, and your wretched little voices singing our lyrics back to us fuel our fire, you make us feel alive, and we love every single one of you for that.

So know that as excited as you guys were to see us, we were even more excited to see you. But in order to make sure that we can continue to create music and play it live for all of you for a long time to come we need to give G the time he needs to heal.

We are incredibly sorry for bumming anyone out by canceling, and we hope you find it in your hearts to understand. We promise we will be back in Australia to make it up to you guys/gals as soon as possible. We miss you.

Until we meet again, xofrank

P.S. Please send all angry letters to:

Gerard Way's Throat
666 Coffee and Cigarettes Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
-Frank Iero

Get well soon, Gerard. :'{

::UPDATE:: For worried fans and rumor-spreaders, a twitter post from Umbrella Academy artist Gabriel Bá:



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