Gerard Way says Upcoming My Chem release will be 'a breath of fresh air' for fans

In an interview from Kerrang!'s '50 Albums You Must Hear in 2010' issue, singer Gerard Way compares My Chemical Romance's upcoming release to 2006's The Black Parade.

"There's chaos, but I think it sounds just as ambitious as The Black Parade," Way said.

He notes that the band has maintained their 'angst' and 'attitude' that is apparent in past releases, but that there is a more positive element that went into the upcoming MCR release that makes it different.

"This was a record born out of positive energy and The Black Parade was opposite. You make such a big theatrical death fantasy, and you have to go to those really fucked up places to get there, and I think only bad shit is going to follow that. It always felt like there was a bit of a curse on The Black Parade tours," Way said.

Way has said in the past that the upcoming album is a sort of self-protest, but he reassured Kerrang! that it is for no sort of style points.

"...This isn't a cred record. We've never been interested in that. We don't give a shit what people with credibility think about us."

Of the album's sound, Way tells Kerrang!, "The songs are really empowering and, at times, they're really funny too," mentioning that whereas the over-the-topness of The Black Parade was more theatrical and serious, any parts that seem over-the-top on the upcoming album "(are) there because they made (the members of MCR) laugh."

In the end, Way says he feels the album is going to be "a breath of fresh air" for fans.

"I think they're getting tired of seeing people in costumes. Not that we didn't look good! (Laughs) That thing got done to death. I mean, obviously there have been tons of people before us -- Bowie or whoever -- but at a certain point, we were at the forefront of that kind of thing and, then, I think we were sick of it."

Quotes and image source: Kerrang! Magazine



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