My Chemical Romance in Kerrang! and Rock Sound today!

Today's issue of Kerrang! Magazine featured an article about My Chemical Romance. MCR.Com user _Apple posted scans of the two-page spread on her blog.

In the article, Gerard Way explains the new breed of angst in and meticulous process of this album, which he says is NOT a concept album as would almost be expected from MCR at this point. With this band, however, one has to learn to expect the unexpected.

Gerard Way says of the upcoming "dirty rock 'n roll" album: "Oh, it's filthy. That's what I love about it!"

If there is any semblance of a concept on this album, it will probably have to do with MCR's "being the best My Chemical Romance [they] can be" and falling into a more definitive place in music.

The band members seem to have remarkable confidence in this album, and I have remarkable confidence in them.

"And now, [Gerard] continues, "there's angst, but it's different. I think we're rebelling now as a rock band. We're trying to keep it pure, but we're not playing victims anymore."

The article also mentioned many of the songs Ray Toro listed in his blog post yesterday, and gave short lyrical samples from each.

From "Save Yourself, I'll Hold them Back"
"You can leave this world/Leave it all behind/We can steal this car if your folks don't mind/We can live forever if you've got the time..."

From "Still Alive" (written from the perspective of a bottler at @ festival show)
"We came here to rough up everyone we see/Get off the stage and ask yourself, 'Am I still alive?'..."

From "Death [Be]fore Disco"
"'cause all the good times, The give you cancer..."

From "Trans Am"
"Gravity don't mean much to me/Is this our destiny?/This world is after me..."


In addition to in Kerrang!, MCR also made an appearance in an online article from Rock Sound today.

In this article, Gerard Way expresses the honesty of the new record and shares his high hopes for it and a certainty that fans will love it.

He says that he feels this upcoming album "is more raw and honest and a better snapshot of the band" when compared to previous works.


PS: -faints-


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