My Chemical Romance Clue Fans in on Material for Upcoming Album. Announce Tentative Titles and Mixing Completion of Nine Tracks!

My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro posted a new blog entry announcing with whom MCR are mixing their upcoming album and gave insight to a few of the nine completed tracks.

Toro writes that Rich Costey, who mixed MCR's 2006 Life on the Murder Scene, is working as mixer for their upcoming album. He also notes that the mixing style and ultimate goal they and Costey have followed for this album "is to make it loud, and then make it louder then that."

Some song titles Toro mentioned in the post are:

Still Alive
"very drum and bass oriented"

Save Yourself
"mix of Judas Priest metal and 80's arena rock"

The Only Hope for Me is You
Has string arrangements from David Campbell

Trans Am
"an epic take on 'Born To Run' in 4 minutes"

Death Before Disco
Played at The Roxy shows

Kiss the Ring
Played at the Roxy. Also known by fans as "Kiss the Rain" or "LA Heavy"

Black Dragon Fighting Society
"ode to Misfits punk"

As you will note, a couple of these were discreetly revealed to us by bassist Mikey Way in an earlier post. Just don't get too comfortable with these titles. Toro said, "FYI any of the song titles mentioned are still tentative, you know how we like to change things up!!!"

If any of you remember the drama around "Shut Up and Play/Pray" / "Disenchanted" or that "Welcome to the Black Parade" was once titled "The Five of us are Dying," you will know that MCR are fans of the working title and tend to surprise us with their end results (My favorite MCR working title is "Boy Division").

From Toro's descriptions, it seems MCR are not shying away from risk on this album. Have they ever?

I can't wait!



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