Bands and Online Games!

It's more popular than one might think for bands to use video games to grab the attention of fans. For instance, there is the now legendary Emo Game which features bands such as The Starting Line, Cursive, Alkaline Trio, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Hot Water Music which was created by starvingeyes, the same guys who brought you the more modern Fall Out Boy Trail. Those of you who are like me and have been into My Chemical Romance for a while probably also remember the Helena and Sweet Revenge games that used to be a feature of My Chemical Through the various layout changes of the website, the games were lost as a feature, but can still be played for the sake of nostalgia here: Sweet Revenge game AND Helena Game. Now, Taking Back Sunday have added a brand new addition to the band-game frontier- check it out:

I'm soooo terrible at the snow level, but it's cool. Just gets me more hyped for the show on Friday!

Have fun!



The A.G.B said…
Hahah I totally do remember the Sweet Revenge and Helena games
They were soooo sweet! Ha-ha! The Helena game was really easy, but I always had a tough time beating Sweet Revenge.

Online Games said…
that was a funny game ...
post more other Online Games ... hahahaha

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