My Chemical Romance Set to Record! Producer Announced!!

As I promised in my blog last night, MCR news has erupted, oh- about three minutes ago. According to the newly posted blog on the band's site, MCR will be starting the recording process within the next month. For this album, the band has chosen the producer Brendan O’Brien who has worked with bands such as Killswitch Engage, The Offspring, AC/DC, Billy Talent, and Stone Temple Pilots. It's a very interesting choice in producer, to say the least.

With a producer who deals with a more mainstream sound, what is to be expected of the next My Chem release?

Fans who have heard the two new songs that the band played when they were last on tour already have a feel for what the new sound could be, but MCR have always been kings of shocking fans. So, the fan-titled songs, "The World is Ugly" and "Stay", could sound nothing like this new album. The band has also hinted that the album may take on the more gritty feel of their "Desolation Row" cover. Another hint as to what the album may sound like came from bassist Mikey Way, who cryptically asked "Sister to Sleep?" on twitter a while back. For those unfamiliar, "Sister to Sleep" is a rough song that MCR used to perform that was never recorded. I have had the song in my musical collection for years, and know very well that it is hardly listenable with its unintelligible lyrics and fierce, roaring music, but something about it makes me listen to the song over and over again. Fans certainly will be pleased if we finally do get treated to a recorded version of "Sister to Sleep". Only time will tell.

My Chemical Romance announced in February that they had begun the writing process for this upcoming album.


PS- In other news: Gerard Way, frontman of My Chemical Romance, became a father today. Congrats, Dude!


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