Yet another Glimpse at My Chemical Romance working on new material?

UPDATED: March 28 @ 7:35 p.m. EST
In case you've missed it, Frank has posted additional photos, and a new photo album on the band's Facebook page has been added to keep tabs on all the studio pictures the guys post!

Check out the "Untitled Album" on Facebook!

ORIGINAL POST: March 22 @ 8:23 p.m. EST
My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero has posted yet another photo that looks like it could be a hint at new MCR material. It shows the the structure of a song scrawled on a whiteboard:

Verse x2
Chorus x2
Verse x4
chorus x2
verse x4
-dropout to (full weird part!)
chorus x4 w/change[...]

 He also tweeted a picture of several discarded setlists.

Is anyone else sensing a pattern here?

Last Thursday, Frank posted a different picture of a whiteboard with a computer in the background. The Thursday before that, Ray Toro also posted pictures that appeared to be from a studio.



Carlos said…
This post has made me extremely giddy XD

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