Photograph of Gerard and Mikey Way to be featured in traveling art show to raise Parkinson's Disease funds and awareness

When photographer Allan Amato posted, "Just wrapped a lovely shoot experience with My Chemical Romance in old man pajamas..." MCR fans were--to say the least--intrigued.

It has now been revealed that said shoot was for the benefit of the organization Illuminate Parkinsons, which aims to raise awareness about Parkinson's Disease and funds for charities.

The photograph (above) of Gerard Way and Mikey Way is one of many by Amato that will be featured in a traveling Illuminate Parkinsons gallery show to raise awareness for Young Onset Parkinsons.

Prints of the photo will also be sold to benefit the cause.

Check out Illuminate Parkinson's Kickstarter page to contribute!


Below are two other photographs of Gerard and Mikey by Allan Amato:


mcrmom said…
This is makign me crazy. I can't see the picture any bigger than it is right here. *sigh*
^ I'll make it bigger and remove the click-through when I get online. :}

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