An open letter to my friends: My Chemical Romance

An open letter to my friends:

I know a lot of you don’t understand how I can love a band this much. I know many of you think that it’s funny because of how often and blatantly I express it, or you think that it’s something silly I waste my time on. I’m a “walking billboard,” I’ve been told because I wear something MCR-related every day. That’s what you see on the outside. In a way, it is funny, but - on the other hand - it’s nothing close to a joke to me. Those clothes on the outside are like armor, badges I wear in honor of something that has helped me infinitely.

The truth is, this is what gives me the will to get out of bed every day. This is the reason I lived past the age of 14. My Chemical Romance inspires me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to better myself, to try to better the lives of others and reminds me that I should never settle for anything I’m less than passionate about.

My Chemical Romance gave me the power to change my life and inspired me to make something of myself. Listening to My Chemical Romance inspires and teaches me something new every day, even after almost 7 years.

I’m not the same person I was before I discovered them. They’ve shown me how to be better—-how to be more caring and accepting of everyone; How to be fearless; How to live bravely through anything the world throws at me, how to “stand up fucking tall.”

So, call them what you will and call me what you will, but nothing in this world makes me prouder than these four men and being their loyal fan.


Thank you for creating such a beautiful video, RosaLui.


krisikrash said…
i couldn't possibly put into 140 characters on twitter what i wanted to say, so i decided to comment here instead.

thank you! for putting into words what me and a lot of other fans feel. this is so true. many people or well...quite possibly anyone who isn't a fan like we are, doesn't understand the love for mcr. i know my friends don't. i know my family doesn't, although they have accepted, after a lot of speeches from my side, that this is more than "just" a band or a boyband crush ala take that.
i think for many of us mcr is a lifestyle. that's as close to explaining it as i've ever gotten.

keep it ugly.
Francesca said…

There's really nothing more to say.

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