My Chemical Romance Post More Mysterious Videos

A second strange video has appeared on the My Chemical Romance youtube channel.

The video, "ZONE SURVEILLANCE 1C," came with a tweet from the MCR-related Twitter character, Dr. Death Defying:

Oh man, when did this zone become the fuckin' Valley of the Draculoids?!

Those who have seen scans from September 30's issue of Rolling Stone will remember the masks those "Draculoids" are wearing as the one guitarist Frank Iero hides behind in the photograph accompanying an MCR article.

This video comes a little less than a week after the appearance of "ZONE SURVEILLANCE 1B."


Shortly after 1C was posted, 1D appeared:

Both videos are featured on the screen of the WKIL frequency on the Transmissions page of the My Chemical Romance Website!


Anonymous said…
Oh my GOD
Anonymous said…
Oh my GOD
Anonymous said…
The guy on the far left who appears for a second is CLEARLY Mikey Way.
the others.
no idea.

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