New My Chemical Romance Album set for Fall Release, According To WMG

According to a tweet from Warner Music Group, fans should "keep a lookout for [My Chemical Romance's] new album, due out in the fall."

My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way had also said the album was likely to be out this fall in the May issue of Nylon Guys.

Another false alarm? Let's hope not! Fall can't come soon enough!



Emma said…
Roll on Fall!
Anonymous said…
I've kind of lost touch with MCR for a while, to be expected though during a prolonged absence.. but now, it seems as though I've truly grown from them and possibly even the fans I once related to. Things change consistently, and some things are meant to come to an end. I suppose we'll see how much we've all grown once the new album drops. I'm willing to give it another shot. :)


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