"The Final Countdown" for Upcoming My Chemical Romance Release?

A new image posted by My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro, displays a screen capture from a music-editing program with the message for the "Bouncing To Disk" process on-screen.

According to The Knight Digital Media Center, "Bouncing to Disk," in programs like Pro Tools, is a way of exporting a file so that it can be, in short, shared-- whether in the form of a compact disk or uploaded to the Web.

Other sources say that a "bounce to disk" can be a way of compressing tracks so that more can be added.

If anyone is in audio production and wants to give some good insight, that would be fabulous.

Regardless, could this be a glimpse at some of the final steps of MCR's recording? I have a feeling we will be finding out much more very soon.


Earlier today: WMG says MCR album is set for Fall release


Noelle said…
They're using GarageBand in that picture from what I can tell :] It's a Mac music composition program.
Anonymous said…
dude, its not garageband! Its ProTools HD. Music industry dont use a crappy software like garageband
Ha-ha! That's what I thought, Anon, which is why I looked up ProTools jargon.

Thanks for the insight.

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